Reflecting on our situation

    By FiNN|6s, on
    The beginning of the New Year is seen as a transition for many of us. It's a time to step back from our predefined plans to reconsider what we've been through and where we want to go. Some of us are naturally inclined toward introspection and reflection at this time. There is a poignant awareness of the losses and struggles that occurred.
    It would be easy to jump quickly into our hopes for the future. Hopes that the changing of the year's digit will rescue us from the past holes that we have dug for ourselves. To dream of changes that will make us happier and more successful. To make a list of resolutions in the hope that our willpower will be strong enough to launch us into a new way of living.
    But in moving from one year to the next, we decided to take a pause. Pause to reflect and to see what we can learn from this past year. Reflecting on past happenings is a powerful process, but without realizing it we never think about the waning hours of the year and the rare opportunity we get to excavate ourselves and reconsider what we wish to do with the time we have left.
    To begin with, we apologize for unjustified scarcity of interaction with you. We should have been more informative and useful. Various difficulties got in the way and we had to take some time off to analyse the situation ourselves first. Likewise, we wanted to reinforce our internal management after the resignation of 10 valuable staff members.
    Speaking of the members who stepped down, in particular the ones who retired, we respect their decision and even though we understand that the pivotal reason of their departure was our luckless growth period, we are still grateful for their allegiance. Others just turned their backs on us for reasons we have no interest to disclose. But thanks to these events we are left with staff that's a one great and energetic unit which courageously intends to restore this project.
    Obnoxious Implications
    One vital aspect we had to reflect on was our main server. Just after the grand opening it was literally flooded, but then all the numbers went downhill very rapidly. In the next week we made it bug-free and also introduced some minor but engaging features which we hoped would bring us a slightly higher attendance. Then we decided to host a Christmas Event with a money prize, which worked well but still wasn't a success since our players count throughout it has never reached a third of what we had on the opening day.
    As a consequence of all this we've lost a significant number of competent applicants. When we thought we were already facing tough times, they became even tougher. That fundamental support we needed was not given and instead our applicants moved elsewhere. It's a freedom-of-choice game wherein everyone strives for the most stable place to stay in. Their exit has further advised us to open our eyes and start making changes.
    Activity wise, we have reached the lowest ever post counts in the last two months. Our average content registers have decreased enormously. Below's a statistical graph of monthly posts made since our launch.

    Eventually, we realized how unobservant and nonstrategic we were whilst developing our server. We seem to have ignored some essential and influential factors of a successful server, f.e:
    Taking in account that players possess well-progressed statistics and ranks in other communities Having a little or none of common features with other servers Creating something entirely unique to keep players returning (arenas, interfaces). These low attendance rates we experience now are unquestionably beyond our minimal expectations. And there is nothing but our lack of thought to blame. The server is indeed functional and smooth, but very unfortunately underrated.
    We have a solution
    All of these happenings over the past two months have convinced us to stop expecting for a miracle and pushed us to make quick but strategic decisions as a response to this challenge. We have already made our adventurous response - it will be gradually introduced until summer. We ask you to be patient and have faith in us.
    Touch of vitality
    Moreover and in relation to the game's activity, our team has been invited to participate in a clan-based tournament that follows the principles of WFF called Lucky Seven. It consists of 7 ruthless teams, 6 of which will be our opponents. There is already a set up schedule for the events. As a matter of fact we will be one of the two teams that will kick-start this tournament on 25th of February. This is an utter chance to show our competitive spirit never falters and we sincerely hope to bring the victory home!
    In summary, this announcement was directed to reflect and look into our current situation, the unforeseen circumstances which have engendered it and how we will hereafter deal with them. Once again, please accept our apologies for being so unsociable and uninformative. We promise to share new content with you a lot more frequently now!
    Your upset but forever truthful,
    Sixth Sense Personnel

    Server Enhancements, Map Uploader and The Festive Week

    By FiNN|6s, on
    Server Enhancements  | Map Uploader   | The Festive Week  

    Just over two weeks ago we have launched our server. As expected, moments after the clock has turned 20:00 CET, we were under DDoS attacks. We encountered with some issues within the core too. Nevertheless, these notorious waves didn't shatter our sea wall and therefore our opening can be classed as successful. Just before the DDoS attacks have turned irrepressible, we reached a whooping 288 players online. It's an unsolvable mystery to predict the number of online players we could have actually reached without these unwelcome disturbers.
    With the release of our BETA version we were aiming to eliminate all of the persistent bugs. We managed to annihilate the most jeopardizing bugs, but knowing how aloof and distant some of them are, we did not eradicate all of them. As a result of this, the past two weeks kept on challenging our players mentality as some of the remaining bugs were really silly. But the bothering comes to an end today! We have just released a patch with solutions to every bug, including:
    Consistent outputs of "You have been unmuted" Vehicle changes (getting stuck in the track when taking vehicle pickups) Respawning when joining an arena would not work Improper unloading of the racebace (inability to join a room because the server assumes you are already in it) Enormous sizes of race checkpoints Inconvenient race spawns (usually of a wrong rotation) Jumping in Shooter would reduce your HP The patch also includes the following addons:
    Shortcut commands to open any app (/maps, /stats, /garage, /demo, /settings, /music, /teams) Rewards for finishing maps in Race Temporary solution to support the Scoreboard for Low Resolutions Disabled Anti-AFK for DD Arenas Gaming clans (and teams) now update every minute As server updates will now be more frequent, announcing them in a form of a topic is no longer necessary. We much rather keep them packed together in one place, highlighting the ease of access. Go to Server Updates
    IMPROVED! Attribute Calculations
    The lack of growth in users points and money has lately been a really hot subject. We have enhanced our formulas to boost up these attributes. The key differences being:
    Previously we would reward users $10 for every player they beat (in the deathlist). Now they get $20
    - Round winners would get $20 for every player they beat, now they get $30 Previously players would be rewarded a specific amount of points using the formula - beatenPlayers / 6
    - Players are now rewarded using a new formula - beatenPlayers * 2 Previously round winners would be rewarded a specific amount of points using the formula - beatenPlayers / 4
    - Round winners are now rewarded using a new formula - beatenPlayers * 3 Rooms with lower player limits now have fresh multipliers that increase the values of points and money
    - To illustrate, rooms with 32 players get 20% more points & money for the same position as they would in a 64 player room  
    NEW! Daily Login Rewards
    To encourage our users to visit our server more often, we are introducing a concept named Daily Login Rewards. The rewards are based on money and free maps.
    The concept is very basic. You have a daily login streak and as you build it up, you receive bigger and bigger rewards. Let's say it's your first day online. You get a reward of $1,000. Now you continue to log in everyday for the next 5 days. On your 7th day, you will receive $10,000 and 3 free maps. The next day we are back to $1,000 again. The first 6 days always repeat and give the same rewards regardless of your streak. However, the seventh day is the Jackpot Day. This day doubles the multiplier. On the 14th day, you will receive $20,000 and 6 free maps, on the 21st day - $30,000 and 9 free maps and so on.
    The free maps are just like tokens, if you don't use them they will remain in your pocket for the future.
    NEW! Userpanel Translations
    As userpanel is the heart and the most interactive part of our server, it is important that it can be well understood. One road to misunderstand it is the lack of English knowledge. Our userpanel is now available in several languages (more languages will be added eventually):
    English Spanish German Portuguese French Croatian
    NEW! Userpanel App - Translator
    This application allows users to translate words and sentences between different languages. Players no longer have to minimize the game, open up a browser and navigate themselves to the translator just to get these couple of words understood. This app provides a straightforward access what thereby saves users valuable time.
    NEW! Chat Mentions   
    Players can now be mentioned in the chat just like in our forum. Mentioned nicknames are highlighted in green and that makes them stand out and catch attention. Usable via the '@' symbol.
    NEW! Clan Settings
    Although these settings were only supposed to appear in the version 2.0.0, we decided to extract them from the update as clans are now being updated every minute and it is important that clan owners have full access to every aspect surrounding their clan. They can now manage new settings located on the left hand side.  
    Note that the new stat bar is completely optional and is following owner's preference.
    Directory: Clan Homepage   Clan Management   Clan Settings

    NEW! Map Uploader
    Map Uploader is a fundamental system within a gaming community which hosts a server. Everyday introduces us new creatures that we are very eager to try out. But how do we try them out without an access to them? Uploading maps manually is too time consuming, especially when you receive tens of maps per day.
    The map uploader is very straightward, tho under circumstances of struggling to upload a map - you can follow the map uploading process guide located right next to the uploader.
    There are some basic statistics displayed too (if clicked on the maps uploaded badge)
    Go to Map Uploader
    NEW! Uploaded Maps

    Search bar allows users to easily find any maps. Search queries are looking at the map name field.

    Sort by status is a little add-on to the system whose primarily aim is to group maps with the same status.
    Maps you upload are highlighted.
    Go to Uploaded Maps
    Hosted by FanTa|6s & Berni|6s, starting from Sunday 10:00 CET all until Sunday the 25th of December, 23:59 CET, this competition will challenge players activity and skills throughout the period.
    At the end of the period, the top three participants with most points in every arena will receive gamemode based prizes.  
    Three grand prizes will be given out to top three overall most points having participants.  
    The event has already started, so if you haven't yet joined the competition, make sure you do so now!

    Gamemode-Based Prizes
    1st Place  
    300,000$ & 3 weeks donor status 2nd Place  
    200,000$ & 2 weeks donor status 3rd Place  
    100,000$ & 1 weeks donor status Grand Prizes
      1st Place
    40€ Cash, 1,000,000$ & 3 months donor status    2nd Place
    500,000$ & 2 months donor status   3rd Place
    350,000$ & 1 month donor status  
    The Next Step
    Expecting to have a successful community by living in the moment and not making any plans for the future would be foolish. This said, we are working vigorously towards the next updates which should further expand the currently-narrow server and forum interaction, introduce server statistics page which is probably the most necessary right now, add a whole new series of donation methods and much more!
    Celebrating and respecting all religious festivals together helps us to understand the harmony across faiths irrespective of our diverse backgrounds. As this is most likely the last news for the year 2016, we would like to use this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, may the magic of it gladden your hearts with the joy of the season and we hope your next year will be as fragrant as roses, as brilliant as the sun, as colorful as the rainbow and as cheerful as the lark!

    Best Regards,
    Sixth Sense Administration 

    The Grand Opening

    By FiNN|6s, on
    Our development team is delighted to announce a public grand opening of our gee-whiz server featuring 10 game-modes which expand to 20 diverse rooms. This momentous day will take place at 20:00 CET on 2nd December 2016!
    Our much anticipated opening comes after nearly twelve months of planning, construction and supervision. The project has benefited from a monumental 8,712 hours (363 days) of developers volunteer input underpinned by our community's upstanding feedback.
    Allocating a path to our creation and having it fully open will be an exceptional moment and certainly a building block in a new future for the Sixth Sense. It is a testament to the tenacity, proficiency and dedication of the development personnel, our generous project sponsors (people who supported us financially and/or via any promotional means) and of course an army of volunteers including our wonderful staff members who helped us to pull this off.
    Having our package ready, we will soon step into the competition among other leading communities. Regardless of any obstacles interfering our flow of progression or attempting to impinge our position in the competitors list, we have no intentions to amend our designated track and adjust our long term goals. This said, we are not just turning the page to a new chapter and letting the fate do the rest, we are ready to fill this chapter with fresh constructions of the latest plans we have already laid out on our whiteboards. Don't digress!

    The Server  
    Maintaining a large server requires a lot of processing power, memory and storage. We will shortly transfer our platforms to the following machine:
    CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K 4 Cores/8 Threads (4.0 GHz/4.4 GHz) RAM: 32 GB DDR3 1333 MHz Disk: 2x 240 GB SSD in RAID Bandwidth: up to 1 Gbps (dedicated 250MBps) Anti-DDoS Pro
    We look forward to the big day and we hope to see every one of you witness the noteworthy grand opening of our server. #6sopening

    Sixth Sense Development Team

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