Families Day & New Family Members

    By Randy|6s, on
    Today is the day of the families; "International Day of Families", is observed on the 15th of May every year. The United Nations is promoting a different part of a family to be observed each year. The focus of 2017 being the education and well-being of a family. Not a day we hear a lot about or celebrate worldwide, but nevertheless a meaningful day. Happy families day!
    For us, Sixth Sense is a family. It's instinctive for every family member to want to protect and improve their household. And this is exactly what we are doing in Sixth Sense. We care for this family and seek for others with a similar attitude to get a room in this grand house. As the new recruitment system dictates, we set on to hold recruitments far more frequently than we ever have. Keeping up with our word, I would like to present our new family members and welcome back a returning member... or two.
    Welcome to Sixth Sense!
    Ahead of You *R!der*
    A veteran of Destruction Derby Master
    Tested & Tried DD-master SheldoN
    Son of BreAkeR D3lete
    Keen-eyed Shooter  
    Bad news follow good ones.. @KATSU is retiring from the team as he is not able to dedicate his free time to us, thus failing his trial period. You're a first, Basti! Be good!
    Sixth Sense Administration

    New Faces of Leadership

    By FiNN|6s, on
    New Faces of
    First step towards new and improved hierarchy
    Personal growth, more creative outcomes...
    New Faces of
    First step towards new and improved hierarchy
    Personal growth, more creative outcomes...
    .leadershipBG { font-weight: 500; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; white-space: nowrap; vertical-align: middle; padding: 2px 10px 0px; border-radius: 3px; border: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.1); background: #cc0000; color: white; } For almost two years our clan was supervised by a solo leadership. In these two years, many people have come across the wish to be promoted and thereby create a partnership with me. However, those people were too transparent with their deceitful intentions. Make no mistake, I had some immense requirements for personal characteristics as well and I wanted people to develop organically. Today, although still a little rushed due to personal circumstances, I am ready to finally establish a partnership between me and two more individuals. Hard times always reveal the true colors of people and they have certainly climbed up their way and proved to be two earthy and patriotic souls whose commitment to this project goes in parallel to mine.
    Both of these human-beings (sincerely hoping they're not machines) have been monitored by me for over a year and I must confess their eagerness to help, guide, take initiative, motivate, support and create were beyond my expectations of a regular clan member. Please congratulate the following new leaders of Sixth Sense:
    airplaNe|6s - a new leader to supervise the development side of the project. Having a truly rare ability to collaborate with the coders, and now with boundless permissions, you can finally use each and every tool of your creativity set to make our second chapter much more successful. Randy|6s - a new leader to supervise the internal side of the project. Enthusiastic, patriotic and already esteemed by the team for continuous contributions since the first arrival to the clan, you can finally be that rigorous figure of the team you have always wanted. Tasks involve: management of the team, incl. roles, internal goals, promotions & demotions and new moderator recruitments.  
    Benefits to the community:
    Better perspective - no more reliance on a single point of view, we will now use the experiences and points of view of three leaders, consequently producing better outcomes. Better delegation - instead of keeping the power of making a decision to one leader, we will now figure out who the best person is to handle a particular situation, and let him take the lead in that respect. Better direction - encouraged diversity in thought, attitude and action. More discussions will be encouraged and considered. The new approach will foster creativity and will strive to expand teams' collective knowledge. Better environment - solo leaders collect followers and people who look to them for guidance, potentially resulting in an atmosphere of "fear of falling out of favor." As team leaders we will seek to empower the talent that exists around us, leading to a feeling of freedom to express ideas.  
    I will remain a versatile leader, continuing to break down barriers for our magnificent carriage and performing diverse tasks behind the scenes and publicly, but it's worthwhile mentioning that when I return I will have a lot more time to do something I enjoy - web developing, and bring this community to a whole different virtual-environment later this year.
    Kind Regards,
    Sixth Sense Leadership

    New Recruitment System

    By FiNN|6s, on
    Recruitments are a critical function of the community and it is as important as any other function. It is a part of continuous improvement and it undoubtedly delivers increased productivity by a huge margin. When recruitment takes place, communities get access to a poll of talent under one roof. Candidates that are best suited for the community's needs get selected.
    For over a year we used a recruitment system that is the most common across different MTA communities. Throughout its use, many flaws have come into sight and eventually we came to a conclusion that it is no longer efficient. As a result of this, we designed and gave effect to a new system where these flaws no longer exist.
    Before starting the recruitment process now, we will analyse the criterion that is required to consolidate our team's proficiency in different fields. Based on that the misfit candidates will be rejected right away. This will be a reciprocal act, bearing on each of two parties equally - we will be able to concentrate more on the eligible candidates and the rejected candidates, who genuinely didn't stand a chance, would be forced to use their time more wisely - perhaps join a less experienced team to gain the necessary knowledge, and later come back to us with much greater chances of joining.
    The key update in the new system will enable us to accept people we need in different fields instead of accepting multiple candidates with similar abilities. A greatly increased diversity of the new trials with an intent to build a serious dream team one day!

    Previously we used to select new moderators from a range of different applicants. Most of the time, our selection would be based on the number of trials we would intend to recruit rather than the areas of the clan which required assistance. Sometimes, we could not support different areas of the clan just because we didn't have applicants who could actually help us. Invitees are essentially our solution to these problems.
    Invitees are people who we invite to apply because we believe they would be of great use to different sections of our clan. The number of invitees per recruitment will not be fixed and may vary.
    Once we decide that a particular clan section is in need of a new member, we will create a list of suitable people. We will then internally discuss them and narrow down the list to one or two people per section. At this stage, we will perform the invitation process and as an outcome of it we will either give away an invitee status or keep looking for more suitable people. Invitees must also apply in the regular manner.
    Invitee Status
    Invitee status provides an 80% guarantee to join us. The remaining 20% are not given because there is a countless number of ways invitees can mess up in! Another reason is because sometimes regular applicants might be more suitable than our invitees and so we decided to maintain a tiny possibility of invitees getting rejected as well.
    Invitee Badge
    In order to add more significance to a gained invitee status, candidates will have a conspicuous badge attached to their post content area. The badge is used to draw attention so the community would observe invitees more as they are 'likely-to-join' candidates.
    The badge is also clickable and hence can be expanded to display a more comprehensive set of information regarding their Invitee Status.
    Invitees also have a special forum group to stand out from the crowd.
    Invitees Color: #9A309A  

    Tests are a part of the invitation process which are used to evaluate the knowledge, experience, performance and reliability of potential invitees. Tests will help us to determine the most suitable individuals to whom we will give the invitee statuses to. Please note that not every clan section requires a test, f.e a test for Event Organising is unnecessary because to best evaluate one's experience in event organising is to look at their past and/or current relation to various tournaments.
    Clan Sections
    Click on icons for more details
    #elUploadingProcess > li[data-number]:after { left: -7px; top: -4px; } #elUploadingProcess { border-left: 3px solid #a0a0a0; } #elUploadingProcess:before { background: #a0a0a0; } #elUploadingProcess > li.sSmallHeader:not( :nth-child(1)) { border-top: 1px solid #b0b0b0; } #elUploadingProcess > li[data-number]:nth-child(2):before { background: #c1df9f; } #elUploadingProcess > li[data-number]:nth-child(3):before { background: #b5d98c; } #elUploadingProcess > li[data-number]:nth-child(4):before { background: #a9d279; } #elUploadingProcess > li[data-number]:nth-child(6):before { background: #9ccc66; } #elUploadingProcess > li[data-number]:nth-child(7):before { background: #90c653; } #elUploadingProcess > li[data-number]:nth-child(9):before { background: #84bf40; } #elUploadingProcess > li[data-number]:nth-child(11):before { background: #77ac39; } #elUploadingProcess > li[data-number]:nth-child(13):before { background: #39acac; } #elUploadingProcess > li[data-number='8']:after { content: "\f085"; font-family: "FontAwesome"; left: -10px; } Key Section   
    Developing Key Section   
    Designing Key Section   
    Event Organising   
    Coding & Web Developing   
    Social Media Management   
    Map Management   
    Video Editing   
    Sound Designing   
    Concept Making  
    Now that we have introduced you to the main properties of the new system, you may be wondering how will they impact the principles of our recruitment. Below is a step-by-step process of the new recruitment system. Note that the new system is not a complete replacement of the old system, it's essentially the same system with some fresh features and a few changes in the framework.
    Recruitment Process
    Behind the scenes We identify clan sections that require assistance We search for a few clan-less individuals who we deem would be suitable for these sections We discuss the options privately and narrow down the list of suitable people to one or two per section Invitation Process We perform the invitation process - reach out to selected individuals and under their agreement give them a test (if obligatory) If the invitation process is successful, we issue Invitee statuses. Otherwise, we go back to Step 2 Decision Making We pick out best join requests (from regular applicants) and begin internal discussions regarding them
    Simultaneously, we formalize our invitee choice Recruitment Takes Place We accept a combination of regular applicants and invitees as our new moderators. Step-independent Factors Regular applications will remain completely valid
    Recruitment periods will be much shorter, from 1 to 3 months.
    Number of recruits will not decrease due to more frequent recruitment periods. The number will entirely depend upon our needs during that specific period.
    Via the use of the updated system we hope to become a less restrictive team with a smaller range of limiting factors. We want to be more interactive and less hesitant. We believe we shall all be more collaborative and enjoy the multiplayer together without these long waiting periods.
    Furthermore, complaints about our new moderator choices should stop as well since with this system we identify the sections we will be trying to fulfill. This said, if a candidate who specialises only in one particular field gets recruited, it should not be a surprise. One of our main objectives is to reinforce the team to the maximum and Invitees are certainly one way to do so. We tend to believe some great candidates have never applied because they assumed we weren't looking for people in fields they would specialise in. It has never been the case and it is crucial to point this out. We highly appreciate the diversity of applicants!

    Best Regards,
    Sixth Sense Leadership
    This section involves the development of main and events servers.
    Test for this section is obligatory  
    OK This section involves graphic, interactive and architectural designs. These are three types of designs that are involved in our working environment.
    Test for this section is obligatory  
    OK This section involves the organisation of various events, including clan wars and tournaments.
    Test for this section is negligible  

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