Advanced Timeline

  1. Foundation Day!

    June 20th, 2015

    June 20th, 2015 the day this community began its journey under a name of Sixth Sense. The name was chosen and given by FiNN - community founder.

  2. First Recruitment

    June 25th, 2015

    June 25th, 2015 was the day Sixth Sense experienced a massive increase in terms of members. At this day, Sixth Sense became more than a community!

  3. Website License

    October 30th, 2015

    October 30th, 2015 the day this community has made a major step forwards by purchasing a web license. Until this day, every clan member tried to contribute as much as possible (even the last penny!). We managed to save $500 and invest them all just in order to serve an amazing user-friendly website to our visitors!

  4. First Clan War

    November 14th, 2015

    November 14th, 2015 was the day we have taken on our first official clan war. We thank our opponents Empire Street Riders for this civil and enjoyable match.

    We're glad to have started with a win for our side, and a score of 14-6! Our opponents have taken the score from 5-0 to 7-3 in the first half, but the hunter fights all throughout the match settled the score in our favor.

  5. Public Introduction

    December 4th, 2015

    December 4th is the 338th day of the year! This day will remain significant for a very long time. It's the day when Sixth Sense community was introduced to public 5½ months after its foundation day - 20th of June!

  6. The Christmas Visit!

    December 25th, 2015

    December 25th was the day this community has celebrated its very first Christmas together! Along with this special time of the year, we have introduced Donations System, Advanced Timeline and Sixth Sense 1.1.0 Forum Update.

  7. Introduced Sneak Peeks! Latest Event

    January 31st, 2016

    January 31st was the day we began to slowly introduce our server to the public by providing various sneak peeks.
    #1| Sixth Sense: Sneak Peek (1/10) - Login Panel
    #2| Sixth Sense: Sneak Peek (2/10) - Deathmatch Arena
    #3| Sixth Sense: Sneak Peek (3/10) - Old School & Destruction Derby Arenas
    #4| Sixth Sense: Sneak Peek (4/10) - Race & Sprint
    #5| Sixth Sense: Sneak Peek (5/10) - Hunter, Shooter & Catch
    #6| Sixth Sense: Sneak Peek (6/10) - Gladiators & Busted Arenas
    #7| Sixth Sense: Sneak Peek (7/10) - Training Arena & Scoreboard