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  3. I just came here to see the whatsapp convo which posted by torene.. anyways congratulations everyone! especially swalox <3 rip driver
  4. Oh boy... Now this is what i wanted to see long time ago *trials* Congratulations everyone y'all good and @DeLeTe you made it bud :3 Also i believe that you are making the community way much better airplane, great job and keep it alive ! cya.
  5. Expected names, but also unexpected. Congratulations to each of you, don't disappoint.
  6. BIEN CTMMMMMMMM VAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Congratz to everyone! more to chein hermoso Swalox <3
  7. Hello, This is my friends' new map, I hope y'all enjoy it... 1440p60 is advised **PS: If you guys interested please contact NezC and #RS their skype are: irolex999 and escada-mta
  8. Well done guys, I'm so proud of you all.
  9. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, I won't disappoint you. Also congratulations to the other trials!!!
  10. Yesterday
  11. Congratulations everyone well deserved!
  12. Congratulations Guys and Welcome gij @Swalox
  13. airplaNe finishing UP with style ( director's uncut cut ) 


    1. DarkFly#


      Did you really do that? I thought you were joking :D

    2. Mr.Hack


      he pro player

  14. Newbies are always welcome, congratz
  15. I'm glad to be part of this team and thank you all for giving me this chance,i wont waste it
  16. @Torene I swear I miss you, my public apology.
  17. Guys... we're here to be happy and congratulate trials and not to show some unnecessary hate towards eachother. I think nobody wants you to continue this, so cut the fight here and don't ruin the news. Thank you and once again congratulations!
  18. At least i've never disrespected you nor insulted any of you until I realised you were a bunch of rats tho I still respect you Progear something that should be the same for you towards me cos who kept UC alive more than once
  19. torene calling someone a rat when he ditched us for andrea xDDD
  20. Wonderful. I see you didn't make the same mistake we did before. Don't mind the naysayers. Congratulations to the new members!
  21. Welcome guys! You all deserved it, and I can't wait to work with some of you on our future projects.
  22. Is onli a game y u hef to bi med?? joking dont take it seriously Congrats to the new trials. amk
  23. thanks for giving me that wonderful opportunity guys Congratulations for the other fellas.
  24. Congratz torene, you deserved it!
  25. @IntreLeX nitrin rsrs?
  26. Welcome!
  27. The only rat here is you bothering the perfect atmosphere here with your arrogance. Congratulations to the new trials. Don't disappoint us!
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