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  2. Movie: The Pianist Series: Game of Thrones
  3. - Feat Request - Hello to everyone today i come to present another map "Ft Request" of my friend LinK, he is looking for 1 or 2 mapper that can finish this map (Decoration and a bit of track), i hope you like it and if anyone is interested in continuing the map don't hesitate to contact you with LinK by skype: facebook:keibel.parra Facebook: 1080p is advised Searching for a recorder? Contact us in skype: ◘ Chipy's skype; juan.videla314 ◘ ShuX's skype: 2profgamer
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      holy crap, that infernus is fucking osom m8, where do I download it LOL

  5. Not really a top1 but I dont count pussies using big shortcuts as a top so
  6. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location? My name is Omar, Live in Saudi Arabia in Yanbu, 24th years. My nickname is Gonzalez~ What are the most significant parts of your MTA career? Well, I'd list the dates from the beginning of my career to at the moment 2008: I’ve started playing this game on a different region of servers. Such as Arabian servers “ProGamer & eSport..etc” and International server “FFS, VIP, EPG, DDC..famous server..”. and been active till 2011 2011 I’ve joined to an Arabian clan called Double Power a.k.a. -[DP]- clan (was |GangS| before) and I played different roles of clan management, Like lead the clan, make CWs .. etc, this clan took my most part of my career MTA because I stayed on it for three years. Then I left due to having lost of activity 2014 I've joined to Elite Players a.k.a eP! Clan which was lead by Qualiti. I played some roles on it such as Event manager which can manage the CWs and Tournaments and stayed for 1 year approx. Also, I started mapping Race maps and published them 2016 - at the moment Those two years were one of the most beautiful and powerful years on my MTA Career. After I left to EfE# Clan (Eye of an Eye), Martis offered me to join to eP! clan #2 (which was closed on 8th October 2017) and I accepted his offer. I've been got tons of challenging from each side of the clan, Forum activities, and Tournament activities. Both activities are improved my skills and became better than old. Also, I've started mapping DM maps and few Race maps Have you been in any other clans? -[DP]- - Double Power Clan (2011 Co-leader) EfE# - Eye of an Eye (2014 Member) eP! - Elite Players Clan (2014 CW manager, 2017 member) What are your expectations in Sixth Sense? I expect this clan to be organized well and worked hard to improve the forum and clan well. Also, i expect its members are very polite, loyal, helpful and thinking more what the clan would be after a long time. How would you be useful to us? I'm responsible, motivator and very reliable person. Since I'm not a perfect developer, I'm very helpful in HTML language I'm a good organizer on CWs manager and matches. Expert in Race mapping and organize the race room and DM room. Very Helpful and active on social media. Would like to help teammates on Clan Wars. I behave well on solving problems and reports. Something more to add: Since I've become an Electrical Power Engineer, I'd share this pic for u Sincerely, Gonzalez~ / Omar
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  9. @xDarK1nG You were saying?
  10. My best and only TopTime 1
  11. @FanTa @TurBo and @D3lete
  12. when people ask who the best player is @Naval
  13. Meeting FanTa in MTA:PUBG Solo


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