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Join Request by xDarK1nG

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What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?:

My name is Ahmed, nickname is xDarK1nG, I have turned eighteen few months ago and I live in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?:
Like almost everyone I started to play in a lot of the default servers that have been there at that time, i also have been travelling around these servers until the day I found an old-school server called GTA.Ru, there had been a lot of players! In fact it was difficult to join the server since it was 32  out of 32 slots, all the time. I played there for like 3 years straight. I was given the task to Super-Moderate the server during that particular period of time. Time has passed and I got bored of that gamemode pretty quickly, my friend invited me to a harder version of OS which is called DM, he invited me to TS(Twin Stars) and I eventually got in after trying for a good while. As far as i remember that was at the end of 2012. I tried to make that clan popular with a good reputation but the members were dramatically leaving and then Astat decided to shut it down(that was in early 2014)
I decided to leave MTA just because it was too boring for me. In the middle of 2014 my friend, Michael(who was the leader of Emp at that time) asked me whether i want to come back to MTA and join Emp, I agreed in an instant! After 6 months the leaders had the idea of merging it with EPG, so i left after that happened. After few months Dannic invited me to VIP so I made a join request and got in. VIP was hell of a good clan with not the best leadership of all time. In august some of our leaders took all the paypal money and ran away, therefore our second leader Xiti decided to close VIP and re-open his old clan which is TC, I went with him with the most of VIP members did too. I left TC because of lack of orginazation and the way the clan is going in general. After that one of TfF(The Favoured Few) leaders invited me to join the clan, I agreed for the fact that most of my friends were there and the clan looked friendly. However, initially everything was going so smooth and the clan was really active but after some time few members were ruining the atompshere by daily fights, and the ones I joined the clan for left so I decided to give it another chance but still the atomsphere couldnt get any better so I left 6 weeks ago.

Have you been in any other clans?:


What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?:

After thinking whether I should apply or not for roughly a month, I realized that Sixth Sense is the most impressive community in terms of origanization, thats something I could not find in my previous clans and I am expecting the leadership to be opened towards its members and welcome every and each opinion/idea from the members, speaking about the members I feel like they fully comprehend that you should act seriously in such times and that, again, is something I could not find in my latest clans.

How would you be useful to us?:

I am pretty sure that my skills in DM/Hunter will help Sixth Sense competitively and if you did not notice, I have been the CW Manager in almost every clan I joined, which means that I am really experienced when it comes to managing as I would be more than glad to help you in any way possible. I also like to participate in all of the clan activities such as giving ideas/fixing bugs and helping you to organize tournaments.

Speaking about tournaments, I have organized/been a part of numerous ones such as

  • TC's TTW(The Third Wonder) -  Founded by me
  • VIP 2015 Olympics
  • ER's Hunter Tournament
  • TFF 2017 World Cup


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