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Total Maps Tested: 9212
Untested Maps: 5579
Accepted Maps: 3500
Declined Maps: 5648
Deleted Maps: 64
Deathmatch Maps Uploaded: 11781
Old School Maps Uploaded: 107
Race Maps Uploaded: 742
Sprint Maps Uploaded: 60
Destruction Derby Maps Uploaded: 496
Shooter Maps Uploaded: 110
Hunter Maps Uploaded: 12
Busted Maps Uploaded: 27
Catch Maps Uploaded: 7

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Map Uploading Process

  1. Selecting the resources
  2. Click on Add Maps button and select the appropriate resource files.
  3. Uploading the resources
  4. In case of adding a resource you don't want to be uploaded click on the cross icon to remove it ().
  5. Once every resource is selected and shown in the table inside the uploader click on Start Uploading button.
  6. Testing
  7. When you upload your resources, our map testers have to test them thoroughly before they appear on the server.
  8. You can track the status of your resources in the Uploaded Maps section.

Maximum Map Size
Eligible Format
File Must Contain

Exemplary Resource Name:
[TAG] = [DM/OS/DD/Race/Sprint/Shooter/Hunter/ Catch/Busted]
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