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  1. Don't get me wrong now, but only thing which bothered me while I was in Sixth Sense is that 6s always got to find some sort of excuse of their lost match. Man, does it really matter? It' could've be done both ways, but you have to admit that Zenosyne was better this time. The unstoppable exuses really bothers me. Is anyone else's fault that you didn't prepare enough or wasn't motivated enough to win against us? That's a problem you have to sort out. You simply lost because the other team was better. You can talk a lot about bugs and such stuff, but again you have to admit that Z had more of that than you. And the score really doesn't show the real state of things now. You should've lose with higher point difference. But yet again, 6s always had that something to comeback, is it luck or something else, I don't know. Admit the defeat like men and go on with other things mates. You know I love you all. No hard feelings.
  2. With antidelay ydoyot
  3. I just can't play again against you
  4. TfF main, without antidelay
  5. Do you love me?

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      No, i not gay. :D

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      I'll love you for 20$.

      Not gay, but 20$ are 20$.

    4. Gonzalez~
  6. Like we didn't know it you ydyot
  7. Congratz guys and my son! 6s, may the year 2018 be the year of real change!
  8. top2 tho, but without fucking shitass driftnubassbug.
  9. First of all, congratulations 6s, well played. I must say that Im sad that we lost, but Im glad that you won. You all are still my homies and I love you all. It was damn weird to play against you. Notice that this is our first WFF clanwar and we were aiming for the win, but we definitely didn't train enough, I've got no time for that, you all know why that is so. My goal was to gain 20 pts, but can't be sad with this result and the amount of training I've put into this. Zoilo was amazing yesterday, I must say that I didn't expect that. This was a good match for us, to see where we actually are. Thanks once again for the clanwar and I hope for a rematch in some time! Cheers!