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  1. @Kamen you must know this hotties in private lyfe


  2. Congratz guys! Seems that you're better without me haha
  3. Nice caffe bar @Zoilo



    1. Zoilo


      I'm expanding my branch out, you know :monkey:

    2. BreAkeR


      It's going good since I took this picture in Zadar, Croatia yesterday jajaj

    3. DarkFly#


      can I get a beer from cafe zoilo please? 

  4. Finally you made a move... Congratz to newcommers and don't you dare to dissapoint Sixth Sense!
  5. #neverforget @zoilo


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    2. [X]press


      Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the biggest noob of them all? @Zoilo

    3. Zoilo


      I care for the living creatures living under water OKAY?

      p.s at least i was first thanks bye

    4. Mr.Hack
  6. Happy Birthday breaker!

    1. BreAkeR


      Thank you!

  7. WFF 15 Semi Final 1 @Partyz :))


    1. Partyz


      Kheee spec chat :}}}}

  8. Last status update as 6s member.

    “We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

    1. DarkFly#


      Take care yourself dude, good luck in real life :(

  9. Hey fellas, I'll try to keep it as short as I can. This is it, Im out. It's not about anyone or anything related to this clan, it's about me only. I won't be a bitch and say that I'm leaving MTA, Im not, I know from my own experience that this game is not easy to leave. But I guess many of you noticed that Im not an active guy in this game. I play only when certain events is happening and that's the thing which holds me in this game. Im almost 23 years old, it maybe doesn't seem much when you look at it, but it's enough. For a guy who has some real life issues which not many of you know, I can't find enough time to be at least a bit active in this game. Real life is a thing which counts. This is my first step of leaving this game, I hope I'll be able to do it in few months, even tho I know that wff will hold me in here for a while. Sixth Sense, where to start... I want to thank each and every one of you, who was here with me, supporting me even tho I wasn't that useful as a member. Only thing I could help with was LS, but I just can't compete at high level since I just can't gather enough of time to prepare myself to be at my highest level possible. I loved to play with you. Clanwars I played before were more than enjoyable. I hope that you understand me. I specially want to thank Finn, who invited me to join from start of growth of this clan, who was there all the time, trying his best and trying to improve our situation in every possible way he could. I honestly hope 6s will grow and reach it's goal to be a stable clan with many active members on server. You guys deserve it. Im sure I forgot to write many things in here, but I hope you guys feel what I wanted to say. Im sorry if I said or did something wrong to any of you, if I did, I apologize. With love for all of you, BreAkeR.
  10. Love it man! Still sticking to your style, when someone would just release the video of the map without the author, I would know who made the map. Awesome!
  11. @FiNN's madre esta embarazada conmigo!

    This is how he's gonna call me from now on : giphy.gif

    1. DarkFly#


      i don't understand what do you say when you talking spanish. I did translate your text and its looks ain't good. LOL



    2. xAdidas


      FiNN's madre esta embarazada conmigo! translates as FiNN's mother is pregnant with me!

      Hope you both enjoy your baby shower (-: You'll be a great mom.

  12. Good luck amigitos, it's gonna be tough
  13. Happy birthday @Wanz. Don't let the bitches wait up!
  14. .

    Wrong answer mate... Jokes aside, Thank you for your interest to join our squad. But it would be nice when you would say more about yourself, your MTA history and expectations in Sixth Sense. Join request you made looks very poor with words, and we politely ask you to expand this join request with more words and interest. If not, we will have to decline your join request. Sincearly, Sixth Sense Administration team.