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  1. With this message I would likely to cancel my application.
  2. Hello ladies and gentlemen! I’m here today to present you my join request for Sixth Sense. Biography, about me. My name is Stefan and I live in The Netherlands. I am 18 years old and I am currently studying 'green retail' on the 'Groene Welle' in Zwolle. Green Retail is an education where you learn all about plants, how to properly sell stuff to customers and the whole progress between supplier and the shop. I got 2 brothers which just one of them is playing MTA. I am in real life a guy which likes to go out in the weekends and play all kind of games like Dota2, PUBG and MTA:SA. Currently I am working in a garden centre and that’s something I realy enjoy doing in my spare time and wish to make it a future job of mine. In real life i’m a mature, but quiet person. I am someone who realy cares and thinks about people, and if someone needs support I will try to help them. The Netherlands is a beautiful country with friendly and amazing people and that's something I believe is a must in the world, having friendly people around you which support you when you're in need of help. The Netherlands is also a country with a bright future and good education to grow. I am someone with a creative eye on everything and someone which likes to keep everything organized even tho I am a bit lazy some times. My biography.docx What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: I’m quite an old player among the MTA community’s. I started my career 5 years ago in a a roleplaying server called; Community, Integrity, Transparency also known as CIT. It is a cops ’n robbers roleplaying server which is a server where I nowadays have around the 3000 hours of playtime in. I am still playing in that server since 2012 already, the reason for such a long period of playing in that server is because I am surrounded there by such amazing players. After 1 year of playing in the roleplaying server I went to see the other servers that MTA had to offer and found out there were also ‘multi-gamemode’ gamemodes and ended up playing in Twisted Gamers, while I started as a newbie I quite quickly got to know the community already, the server’s gamemodes and tried several gamemodes but at first I started to play alot of Oldschool and advanced some (medium) skills and knowledge about the gamemode. After some time I started to join the gamemode; Shooter more often and advanced myself more and more in that game mode. I started to learn both tactics and teamwork. At that moment I was realy fascinated by the gamemode and focused myself more on that gamemode. After a few months of playing in the shooter room I joined my first team, the team’s name was; Just Sound. It was a realy small team with just 4 members that did play Oldschool and Shooter just for fun, it was unofficial but still worth to mention as it was my first ever ‘clan’. I was part of the clan for a period of 7 to 8 months but I was up for a new adventure as I felt the clan was a bit stuck and did not had that much of a progression. I believe the clan still exists in the server with 2 of the same members which is a funny thing to see actually. After that I was looking for a new team and then that one day there was a clan created by a friend of mine which was called ‘Tyfus Racers’ and I was interested to be a part of the team and at the same day I requested to get tested for the team and got accepted. I met alot of amazing people whom are still around me and good friends of mine. It was certainly a big honor to have been given the chance to have been a part of this amazing clan and I still thank the people nowadays and I still do remember the good memories we had together and always bring back those memories to cheer about. I have been in this clan for I believe just over 1 year, but sadly it had been shut down which was a shock for me as I really enjoyed it. My third clan was FuriouZ Gaming which was related to the mentioned clan above, it had some players from Tyfus Racers and recruited alot of really great shooter players aswell at that time, in that clan I started to know about the ‘high jumps’ and started to visit the 3LiteRacers server after some time because some of my friends started to play there and did show me around there. After like 5 months, lots of news updates were made, a few experienced people joined the community, succesfull developements were being made but unfortunately FuriouZ Gaming did get closed aswell, for being inactive and therefore the leaders had to take the decision to close it rather than continuing. As I mentioned above, I started to play more in the 3Lite Racers server also known as ‘3R’ server and after some time being clanless I submitted an application to the clan 3R in the hope to get accepted and, I got accepted. I have been in 3R for like 9 months and after some time I left 3R because the behavior of the leaders started to change sideways aswell as the atmosphere of the community changed into something I’d rather stay out of at that time. After some time, it was like a period of 2 months of being clanless again I got informed about a clan called ‘Most Valuable Players’, which was a DM and DD team at first. They were about to create a shooter team when I got informed about it and I felt so excited, and I was fascinated about what they achieved already and I realy wanted to be a part of it so I tried my luck and submitted my application, and got accepted. It was a realy amazing project, I realy admired how the members and the community threated eachother, there was such a friendly atmosphere around there but it unfortunately could not keep it’s head above the water for too long, even though the clan was quite far in the development of a new server, opened a Deatmatch server but it did not quite work out somehow because the community did let them down aswell as a few important members because after a quite short period of time people refused to join the server and got to 5 players daily, that is why the members got less motivated, or even lost the motivation to even open MTA:SA and at that moment I felt realy sad, because I had to look at everything that I so much admired and respected went down in the ground and it unfortunately came so far that the leader had to close the team which I were feeling realy sad about. Most Valuable Players had some realy amazing and experienced players and I realy had the feelling the community would’ve achieved a big community and big playbase but it unfortunately went the other way. In 2016, after a period of a month being clanless my eyes got their attention on the following team; ‘The Crew Gaming’. I was realy hyped about the community and team there currently was being build and the same reason #MvP! got my attention for. It was that they were about to start a brand new chapter for shooter players in their team. The team was led was led by a good friend of mine, he told me to submit an application to try my luck to be one of their first shooter members in the team and, yes! I joined the team and was realy proud I made it that far to be in The Crew Gaming. I did leave TC at the start of 2017 I believe, and it was a hard decision to take because I left alot of my friends behind there. The reason I left was because the motivation there was realy low, server’s progress was paused for a realy long time and people did not care too much about all of it and I found myself stuck in a boring community. I was up for a new challenge, new adventure thus I left the team. After that I had a small period of inactivity, and I actually missed to play shooter like the old days with my friends, I decided to come back after 4 months or so and decided to follow my dream to be a part of TG’s team. It was a dream of mine for a realy long time already but never toke my chance to submit an application because I never thought I’d be given a chance, so I just tried my luck because a friend of mine convinced me to submit that application and he was completely right, I succeed to join on my first try and I was realy excited that they gave me the chance to join the team. After a couple of months there were some internal changes been made and I had been assigned to lead their Shooter team. After some time I unfortunately had to witness the dawnfall that was going on, even though I gave all my best to organize trainings, challenge other teams I did not get them so far to give a slight bit of interest and I felt like they did not care too much and therefore I left the team with pain in the hard but I realy felt like I needed something new because I did not have the pleasure of playing like I used to have. I realy hate to see that such an old clan is slowly falling apart. Nowadays I am still a shooter player, after doing a bit of calculations you could say I play the gamemode shooter for over 5 years already. I am also playing Destruction Derby and achieved a medium skillset throughout all the years I could say. I also play some Deathmatch and Oldschool quite frequently but that’s mainly for fun, nor for a competetive gameplay. Significant parts about my MTA career.docx Have you been in any other clans?: (for more information about the history and reason of leaving you can check out the MTA career section) Just Sound Tyfus Racers FuriouZ Gaming 3LiteRacers Most Valuable Players The Crew Gaming Twisted Gamers What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: I expect to see teamwork and communication within the team. I am someone which enjoys to play in a 'family-like' atmosphere and I believe I will and can get it around here. Another important thing I do expect is: ''Respect, Eqaulity and Friendship''. I believe in a community respect for eachother, equality and friendship is the most important thing. I expect to see a well-organized team which can be fun to hang out with but when necessary can also be serious. This team’s activity is phenomenal and that’s a thing that I surely, without a doubt will get in this team and that’s also something I expect to see continuing for a long time aswell. The last but surely not least and for me the most important thing is to have fun, play around, have clanwars and trainings. My expectations from Sixth Sense.docx How would you be useful to us?: I am someone that realy likes to browse forum’s all day, like to write stories, news chapters, doing moderation work and to discuss certain topics on the forums. I can help you guys with the several moderation tasks on the forum aswell as the multi-media platforms. I have been in some big and quite sucessful teams and gained severall skills there regarding administration, internal affairs and group management in general and I wish to share my experiences with this team and help out with the administrational tasks. As I have been Twisted Gamer’s shooter manager I know the ins- and outs of being a leader of a certain team and would love to share that experience with this team and will take the experience with me to maybe in the future help out with the clanwar arrangements for example. I can participate in Shooter clan-wars to share my skills, to lead the team to a vicory aswell as motivating the Shooter squad to improve and learn from eachother. I have been making graphical designs for over 4 years already as of now and I did share my services for that period and shared some of my designs with friends of mine aswell as a few teams I have been in. I will be mentioning my portfolio of my designs below in this application for the one’s who are interested. How would you be useful to us.docx Something more to add: First of all, I would sincelerely like to thank you for reading my join request. If you feel like starting a conversation, or discuss certain topics do not hesitate to contact me on the following platforms below: Mousy#1547 Link to my portfolio of designs
  3. The topic has been updated and got the following updates: Added 'Basic explaination of latency and lag'. Added 'Basic explaination of Ping and a few solutions'. Updated the links as they were from 2016's tutorial and a few were outdated. Added a few new video's Removed a few things as they were highly outdated and do not do so much of an effect on the modern pc's.
  4. Ewaaa fakka, sevn alias ftw :P

  5. Hello there, As the title says, if you have any issue regarding a high ping, low fps or network connections then scroll through this topic to try out a few solutions I provided. If you need any more help regarding something you don't understand or if it didn't help at all do not hesitate to send me a personal message as my pm is always open to help you out! Starting with the basics, problems with a less amount of frames per second or as we call it 'FPS' occurs due to lack of your PC capability to handle the excessive processes which leads to heating of motherboard. This problem is usually faced by laptop users as it has its natural tendency to heat up fast (this won't be the case if you have updates drives and graphic card). Basic explaination of latency and lag. Basic explaination of Ping and a few solutions. As I have a low FPS on my laptop well, I can give you certain steps which can prove beneficial for you to solve this problem upto an extent. First and foremost, you should give proper priority to your computer startup. Some people are so excited to play the game that they don't give enough time to the computer for a smooth startup and end up facing this problem. When you start your computer, wait for atleast 3-5 minutes, so that your computer gets a good startup and you get better performance results. After you are done with startup, go to Start > Search bar > type run > type %temp% > hit okay. Delete everything you see there. There might be some exceptional files, don't worry just skip them. Then again go to Start > Search bar > type run > type prefetch > hit okay. clear all the files and folders in that location. After you've deleted both Temp files and Prefetch files, don't forget to empty your recycle bin. Recycling would remove these files from the computer. Other thing which you may do is, go to Start > Search Bar > type msconfig > hit okay. When the box appears, go to Boot > set the processors to the middle number. For example, if you have 3 processors, set it to 2. If 5, then set it to 3. After doing so, restart your computer. Second thing(s) to help boosting your Frames Per Second (FPS) (recommended to do at first) There are a few things you could do to fix your FPS problems which are playing a main factor in your gaming performance and is the key for low end pc's to get their FPS boosted and they are: Disabling the services and startup applications (Click me to re-produce it) Adjust your pc to use better performance (Click me to re-produce it) Keep your PC clear and fresh so it can use its maximum power to focus on gaming (Click me to download CC Cleaner) These points provided above should give it a certainly noticable boost. These solutions provided above are the 'main factors' of fixing the problem. If these didn't work I got some more possible solutions provided below. Utility's to try. Those are extra programs to let your computer run faster, and to keep the stability. Links: Tune Up Utilities 2014 Glary Utilities IObit SystemCare (Top recommended) Once installed, just click on the option "Turbo, or gaming mode whatever it says depending on the program", then you decide if you want quality or performance. With this program my fps on my laptop went from 20-25 to around 40-60 frames per second which is a significant difference as it is without using one of the program(s). Change mta's settings. Lower your MTA:SA (video) graphics (Set it like this) Toggle streaming memory off ( ESC -> Settings -> Advanced, and toggle the video textures 'Streaming Memory' off) Remove all installed mods because the mods also take a big part of using your ram/graphic performance so it will slow down your pc. At all costs, keep your resolution as low as possible. Play in windowed mode ( ESC -> Settings > Video, and toggle 'windowed mode' on ). Download a few (small) programs. This is a highly recommended step and will surely improve your FPS in any way. Simply download the following programs: GTA Shrinker. GTA Shrinker is a program which removes un-neccesery smoke, grass effect, flares etc and it slightly increases your FPS by disabling them. The program 'shrinks' your gta3.img and sort of deletes or hides the effects so your pc doesn't have to focus on that and it makes you enjoy a smooth fps again. Video on how to use the program (it is not made by me): Click me Link to download it: Click me Advanced System Care 11. Advanced system Care 10 takes a one-click approach for making your pc run like a new one. It boosts the startup speed, optamizes the registery aswell as removing unwanted applications and other useless files which could make your computer run slower. Video on how to use the program (it is not made by me): Click me Link to download it: Click me Driver Booster 5. It is important to keep your drivers up to date so it will not be outdated in any way. This program takes just a single one-click approach and it updates your drives whom are updated. Video on how to use the program (it is not made by me): Click me Link to download it: Click me Watch a few videos: I hope this tutorial/guide helped you to solve your frustrating lag and ping issues. If you know any other working solutions to reduce/lower ping or FPS then post it here or PM it to me and i'll update the topic, it would be highly appreciated! Kind regards, Mousy
  6. Username: Mousy Country: The Netherlands NL Gamemode: Shooter and Catch Contacts (Skype/Discord): stefankoerhuis
  7. Happy birthday and congratulations to you guys, keep going! I am schocked of how much a community could bring in 1 year! Looking forward to another year and more awesome things! Cheers,
  8. Amazing video, realy enjoyed it! prahh