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  1. Hello everyone, I decided to share my maps, they are not great maps, but there will be people who like them or collect them. [DM] Tomas v1 - Forbidden Voices - Video - Download [DM] Tomas v2 - Turning - Video - Download [DM] Tomas - iSG Skills... - Not Video - Download [DM] Tomas - Mini Map Skills - Not Video - Download Feats [DM] Gerc ft. Tomas ft. BenjaZ - Boundless Nature [FIX] - Video - Download [DM] Gerc ft. Tomas ft. BenjaZ ft. SikariO - Boundless Nature II [FIX] - Video - Download [DM] Tomas ft. Gerc - Gradually [FIX-2] - Video - Download [DM] Gerc ft. BenjaZ ft. Tomas - Vulnerability - Video - Download [DM] Tomas ft. Gerc - Invoke Softness - Video - Download [DM] BenjaZ ft. Gerc ft. Tomas ft. Dioni - Dunes - Video - Download [DM] Tomas ft. Gerc ft. Gteatero ft. Facuuzz - Gradually II - Video - Download Other [Hunter] Tomas - Fuck is it - Not Video - Download
  2. Hi all, I hope u have a nice day/night !! Hello guys, I will present this second part of Gradually, the first gradually was my most played map, we do a map very similar to the first part, so I hope u like this video Best regards iW//Tomas'# Skype of Gerc : gerco1998