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  1. I would like to congratulate @Asphel and @Dragon for proving that they indeed deserve to be in Elite Players. I am quite sure they will not disappoint you. I would also like to congratulate @Solly, BarT, Pawn and Illus!on for succesfully joining Elite Players. Your next step is to pass your trial period, so stay strong and prove that you are useful and you deserve to be in Elite Players. I am quite disappointed that Elite Players' forum has gone away. I truly liked it, and I guess everybody liked it as well. Despite the fact Elite Players lost a significant amount of players, I believe Elite Racers is still a stable clan which will always be a challenge in other clan's eyes, therefore I would like to wish you all the very best.
  2. Hi Stieg, I am glad to know more about you. You seem to be a nice person at first sight.
  3. I have the same thinking about Marcola. He has been agressive to other players without any reasons. I also have to tell that playing with Marcola in the same room is very bad because he is lagging all the times and if you kill him one time, he will follow you until you leave the room.
  4. I have never talked to any of you, but I have heard nice things about you two. I hope you will achieve what you want to, and I hope you will have a great future. Goodbye @Quantic and @Zoilo.
  5. I like the way you are thinking, but it would not be a great idea to lower the jump in Shooter Delta. It could be easier if there would be a script that does not damage your car when you land correctly, and you only get damaged if you land on your roof.
  6. It is nice to see you after a quite long time.
  7. I totally agree with @DarkyZ, it is unfair if a player kamikazes near you and he or she gets healed. An anti kamikaze script would be really useful to avoid this problem. Therefore there would be less fights, so I absolutely recommend anti kamikaze.
  8. I am amazed. This map and video is a masterpiece. I am looking forward to see your upcoming maps, I am sure that they will be very popular maps because you have icredible mapping skills. Good luck with your upcoming maps bud!
  9. Hi Arda, it is great to know more about you. You seem to be a nice person at first sight.
  10. This volume 4 seems cool! Also the video is amazing, well done Relax.
  11. Good luck! I hope you will find an ideal partner soon!
  12. Good job, Chipy! This map seems awesome, and the video is amazing too. Well done @REFLEX.
  13. I am Barcelona fan. Atletico Madrid beat Barcelona, and then it won against Bayern Munich too. In my opinion, Atletico Madrid deserves to win this cup, because it beat two very hard opponents. Real Madrid did not really have difficult matches. The only difficult match was against Manchester City. I hope Atletico Madrid will win! It will be 3 - 1 for Atletico Madrid. Waiting for the match, see you guys!
  14. Hey my friend! Enjoy your stay in this awesome community!
  15. This map seems very cool! Awesome feat, well done!