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  1. Can't tell I'm happy with the outcome after coming back twice, our hunter teamwork was unbeliveably low, but anyways, the thing that annoyed me the most was that we had no chat restriction which resulted in people distracting me on few maps who made me die, and I believe I was not the only one. We know what we have to work on for the upcoming clanwars. I believe we would have taken the victory home if we were not lacking of hunter teamwork, which was extremely low as I have already said, excluding several silly throws. Anyways, congratulations to Zenosyne for their victory, you fought hard for it and you were clearly better. I am hoping for a rematch in a future, and hopefully we will be more prepared and ready for that one!
  2. And you?
  3. Sadly it didn't go quite well as we have expected, seems like lack of training, anyways, you have played really well and I'd like to congratulate you on your deserved victory, no excuses. Can't say I'm not disappointed with the score, it really is a disaster, however, we will comeback stronger, I'm expecting a rematch anytime soon. Good luck in your future matches!
  4. Final Score (|6s - XpR): 75-65 MVP: Zoilo
  5. Welcome back Bari and Sheldon, and congratulations to all of you, especially Martis, we're together again These 2 months have passed so quickly, I'm really glad to be part of this family. Let's hope we have a better and more successful year than the previous ones! #feel_it_too
  6. You should give him a try!
  7. Thank you a lot for the opportunity, I can't describe how happy I am right fucking now, I will not disappoint you! Well done for the video Azula, you have done a great job there, now let's fucking rock! #feel_it_too
  8. @DRiVeR @Torene @Partyz
  9. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Kristijan, in game also known as Wanz. I am 16 years old living in Croatia. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: It has all begun in the late 2011. Since then, I have been playing with my friend, trying out everything and just enjoying the game until he stopped playing. That happened at the end of 2012. During that period of time, I have been trying to find a suitable gamemode for me, that I wanted to focus on and increase my skill. I found server named Twisted Gamers that you all know already and started playing shooter. I have met some players with a great personality, we have talked and helped each other, but most importantly, enjoyed the game. At the end of 2013, I decided that it is time to move on. I moved to For Fuck Sake, where I started playing the gamemode that I have been playing till today, DeathMatch. In 2015 I have joined the popular team inside FFS called Upper Class (later Essence of Speed) that really affected my skill. I started gaining toptimes, getting better in DM overall. Meanwhile, one of my friends invited me to his new project, which ended up in merging with Empire Street Riders. I wasn't really satisfied with that, so I decided to leave the clan 2 weeks later. A month later, August 2015, I got invited to the clan called Down with the Sickness by Oxy. I don't exactly remember who was inside the clan, but the atmosphere wasn't bad at all. We were about to play clanwar against the well-known Twisted Gamers. I left the clan while the clanwar was running because of some arguments with the clanwar manager. In January 2016, the clan with a good past, that I used to be a fan of, re-opened, it was Elite Master Players. I applied and got accepted the same month. Soon after, I realised I made the biggest mistake I could have done. All the members were inactive, there was barely someone talking and it was overall "crap". I have decided to leave 2 months later together with Luka_ce, NesoN and Hamster. Time was passing by, and suddenly I heard rumours that Elite Players is re-opening. On 16th of October 2016, the day it was officialy re-opened, I decided to write an application. I successfully got accepted into the clan on 17th of November. Warm welcome from everyone, I was really proud to be one of them. I have become more than a player, and a person. From time to time the clan became quite inactive. One day, our leaders have decided they wanted to close the clan, because of lack of activity, and at the same time they had to leave the game for some reasons related to the real life. On 8th of October, eP was officialy closed. End of an era. Today, I am here ready for new challenges, ready for something new, the new family that I'm willing to be with till the end of my career. Have you been in any other clans?: Yes, as I have stated above: Empire Street Riders - EsR! Down with the Sickness - |Dws| Elite Master Players - Emp| Elite Players - eP! What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: What I expect in Sixth Sense is a great atmosphere since all of the members look mature, friendly and funny. I expect from members to help, respect, and motivate each other in hard moments. I expect from it to be well organised with high standards. How would you be useful to us?: I have to be honest, I'm not really useful in many ways. I'd like to help you in any way, in development, solve reports, motivate you, or any kind of stuff. The only thing I could be really useful in is clanwars since I've got much experience which I gained through this year. Sincerely, Wanz.
  10. This team will forever be my favourite, considering I didn't really know a lot about the first one. Thanks to Qualiti for giving Martis permission to re-open this team, and also, thank you for everything you have done Martis, you have been the greatest leader I have ever had, together with Madlife. Forever in our hearts!
  11. End of an era. :Crying:



    1. FiNN


      It was a nice run, gentlemen. Mind disclosing the reason?

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