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  1. Update: Infernus Download link added, 100% working p.s: infernus made with high quality.
  2. I uploaded the wrong txd file, ill fix that if you want it now, add me on skype: Amer.max2 p.s: will be fixed today on GTAinside
  3. p.s: airplaNe took the pics, he's not using Ultrathing or ENB + Download link available :), enjoy it
  4. "Back to back for the niggas that didn't get the message". I guess the image speaks for itself enough, I don't want to introduce it. I'm just speechless @airplaNe much love mate I'm really thankful for everything <3. Download Link: Cheers! BlueRay
  5. Update: Download link added! enjoy it
  6. Thanks @CheiN


    1. Zocki


      Looks badass! Nice job bro

    2. SubShocK


      Someone thanking @CheiN that's already good progress.:$
      Amazing one!

  7. 2 years ago ...
  8. Inactive for a while, have a great time in here guys.


  9. ساعدوني حسب رايك ؟ يمكن اه اما يعني اني باني نفسي عليهم لا ولا مره انا هذا كل من عندي وساعدني ايربلين بس و هم الناس الي خلوا الشي الي فيي ما يروح هما قوني وبس وهذا شي طبيعي لما تلقا محفز يا اخ "كاسبر"
  10. meanwhile, it's only a showcase, might not share it at all, اسف اخوي يمكن في وقت متاخر غير
  11. YO! As you know me I love modelling and trying new things in Zmodeler and I have fun with everything I create and I love everything I create, I'm here today to introduce my newest Infernus, it's called Deoxys hope you like it. <3 Huge shoutout to @airplaNe for rendering these pics and editing them If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me by a Private Message. Download the mod form GTAinside: Cheers! BlueRay