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  1. Hello fellas; back at it again here with a new thing a feature with my mate Tampoon that helps me with small things that made the car looks somehow different, I hope you guys gonna like it; just wanna mention that I used Dodge Charger SRT From Fast and Furious 8: HERE ; FOR DOWNLOAD LINK & More screens GO HERE:
  2. Share random photos here if you want to ...
  3. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: First I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you all, I'm BlueRay, you can call Ameer, I'm from Palestine - Isreal and next month going to be 19 yo. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: So I started playing MTA back then in 2010, as any normal player, I was searching for many servers until I found DM/DD server and I love playing DM, maybe Derby too And I have always loved to play with "NEW MODS" so I tried to edit the most loved, used and fastest vehicles in the game so I edited the "Infernus". After my first achievements, I tried to create something new for the beloved game and I started modding and creating mods since 2013 and I have a lot of mods that I want to share. from that time I started to get closer much more to modding and I really enjoy making my mods so much. Have you been in any other clans?: No never. What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: well, my expectations already great and amazing friends and feed back for everything you share here, and 6s clan can improve more and I'm sure about that, i loved to join the clan because of the friendly guys here and everything that they do. How would you be useful to us?: I'm a modeller, and as I know, modding forum start to die, and I'm not the best, I always learning new things, and I can help you guys to improve more my skills and your community, so yea, don't like to give much about me maybe you can check out my mods, but don't judge me I've always got something new to share . Something more to add: I just wanna say that don't get mad at me because of my bad English, sure I can improve more in this clan, and I hope you guys enjoyed reading my Jr. My strength is self-confidence and good thinking I am good at working with people I also have a respect for other people. I am working hard and I have a disciplined towards people I am working with them that's what my life though me.
  4. Update: now you can download it from GameModding Website
  5. nice job dude keep it up amaze me with designing for me, simple and not so many colors ^^
  6. thanks for all the feedback guys
  7. Hello Everybody, I'd like to present you my new Infernus, so I know a lot of you guys are going to say "nothing new" but the reason I'm sharing this mod is because the modding forum has almost died, so I tried to keep it little bit alive, in addition to that I was bored and I don't play MTA so much, so I tried to make an Infernus in my free time and keep it simple as much as I can, here is it: MORE PICTURES And here is a video 1-min long: If you want the Infernus please contact me on skype: Amer.Max2. or just you can download it from > GameModding Website < Best Regards BlueRay'
  8. Hello fellas ; so as some of you know I've created my last mod and share it , so I was think about share other mods before I leave ; so I'm here to day to share with you guys special mods that created for guys that request for me that , there they are hope you like them MY Private MODS : 1st : Infernus V.10S 2nd : Mix of V9,V10 MOD Created for Reflex : edited from the inside too , but no pictures at the moment , will be added later MOD Created for Troy : 1st YouTube vid : 2nd YouTube vid : photos will be uploaded later ... DOWNLOAD LINK Best Regards, BlueRay
  9. its grey , they already look white ^^
  10. this thing get me out of my mind , couldn't find the prefect wheels ...
  11. HELLO Fellas !; its been along time ,so I'm here to present you my V11 Infernus which is my last mod that will be created ,and yea hope you like it guys Photos: with my Edited ENB: Download link :!kRg0wKxb!mihfaNS0xPb43kgrYbNfvLhVedq3CsNUp-bWZHGAkg4 so yeah wish you all the best and hope you guys enjoy it , maybe I'll catch you later guys CYA ! Best regards ,BlueRay
  12. expected much than this in 2 years !.. best of luck mate ! nice work keep this thing up ! never back down