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  1. Thanks for the seizure, you'll hear from my lawyer
  2. Ignas is an idiot
  3. What a legend
  4. ..So I should have made like 30 topics already? Trial failed
  5. We invite everyone to make a JR except you
  6. [ VIDEO/AUDIO ] (optional) What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Basti, I'm too old and I live on planet earth What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: When I started playing and made MTA a much better game Have you been in any other clans?: Yes What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: I expect that I'll be the leader within one or two months to get rich with all the donations How would you be useful to us?: I can take the donations and trustfully invest them Something more to add: Please accept me again to boost my ego
  7. First I thought that Qualiti was meant with "Tony" and I was left super confused
  8. Pretty fucking sad that this video received almost 10k views
  9. Rather sell your dads' computer equipment and you can pay the bills for 20 years
  10. Hey there, as most of you probably know I've been in 6s before and been mostly absent since I left the clan. For the new people here, my name is Basti, I'm 19 years old and I'm from germany. Because the reasons for my leaving were and are not clear to everybody I'll address them here again. During my time in the clan I spent the most time streaming and editing videos and because I was the only one doing that at the time I felt overloaded with work, hence it massively influenced my activity in a negative way. Adding to that I had massive problems IRL around my family and some other shit, so I had that and the clan on my mind which was too much for me to take at the same time. Furthermore I never felt recognized for the time I put into the clan which was one big misunderstanding after all. Lately I had a few conversation with FiNN and some other members to talk about the problems I had and we managed to solve all of them. I never disliked the clan in any way and still feel attached to the team which is why I want to become active around the community again. Now where the server is not in the best position and I have enough free time on my hands I'm highly motivated to help the clan wherever I can to get back up and rise the activity around the server and forums. Thanks for reading ;d KATSU
  11. I remember the first time hearing "Let Me Oh" on Impel Down and listening to his music ever since. It's really a shame that he died so early, one of my all-time favorites, RIP.
  12. Cobblestone What's your favorite RotMG class?
  13. :c yes he lied @airplaNe And of course every time ronnie said that sube has the brain of a dog (never gets boring honestly)