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  1. What i like: cool ideas, seems cool to play what i dont like: the covering with boxes ^^ also the fact that every part is a hold "something" part ^^ i wouldnt call it a failure as you did keep improving i'd like to see more maps from you
  2. you are the weirdest/craziest person in mta
  3. true words, i like them good luck wiht your rl issues, I am hoping it gets better soon
  4. sheldon would have carried, just saying kappa
  5. what kind of argument is this?
  6. FARTS
  7. I mean good luck with getting your job, i know that situation ur stuck in. For me it was kinda depressing on some point but i hope you'll make it. And tbh it's not that big of a problem to have a job and play games
  8. not saying ur dumb, but thats such a dumb question
  9. Maybe im misunderstandig something but this sounds really wrong imo lol gl with what u gonna do
  10. The last screen looks intresting ^^
  11. du spast