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  1. I'm happy to be here again, thank you for giving me a second opportunity. Also congratz to the other trials too, they all deserve it.
  2. Welcome back
  3. Congratulations to the new leaders, you deserve it.
  4. Score: 13-7 for Sixth Sense MVP: JoinT
  5. Hey Robert, Sorry for making you wait. Let's start with the fact that when I was checking the forum I was impressed from the ''New Recruitment System". It fits perfectly about my standards as a DDer and as a member. You know very well DDers and their criticism about the period of waiting, making it shorter will affect on their desire to join. Also I miss some great guys over here and the atmosphere of Sixth Sense. I don't think my attitude towards membership changed. I always respected them in everyway. There are new clan members who I expect to be nothing less than the old ones because I know you choose them very strictly. About new hobbies I'm actually playing table tennis very often which became one of my hobbies as well. Well, I can't know if Sixth Sense members lost their trust on me and I don't know if I will join again or not but what I surely know is that I disappointed you and the team in all aspects. I am going to prove once again that I'm not like most of the DD players who leave their clans after a week. For those 4 months I haven't changed so much but I learnt new things about respect and I became calm person and more balanced than before. I'm ready to ''revive'' the DD in Sixth Sense again. I already told you my opinion about the New Recruitment System and I guess this time will be different and there will be more DD players in the near future. I can't make you 100% sure in any ways that I will not leave but all you need to do is to trust me. Let's make DD great again! Thanks for reading.
  6. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My real name is Daniel, in-game I'm known as Master, I'm 18 years old and I live in Bulgaria, Rousse. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: My MTA career started at 2011 in -|TG|- server. My friends informed me about this game and I started to play with them Destruction Derby game-mode. Since that day I'm playing just and only Destruction Derby game-mode. When my friends got bored of this game I started to play alone in FFS server. I really liked that server and I became rank 1st in the Destruction Derby mode. I got bored from it and I said to myself that I'm too good to play there. Then I started to play outside FFS in a public server called SMT (Serious Masters Team). It was actually the best DD server at this moment. Then one day some players saw my potential and started to invite me to their clans. I wanted to try myself in a good team and I successfully joined FOTL clan. I had some problems there and after a few months I decided to leave the clan. I was playing over and over till JoinT invited me to his clan called Wild, at this moment it was one of the best Destruction Derby clans with a promising future. I was loyal and stayed there till JoinT decided to close it and try his luck to join Sixth Sense. After then my next goal that I was determined to reach was Ganja Squad clan. It was the best clan at this moment. I was accepted there and we were defeating every single team. I stayed there for about 5 months and left it to build my own clan. I created my clan called RLX and I was leading it some months, we were one of the best Destruction Derby clans and over 100 players wanted to join us, when I felt unmotivated because my whole team decided to leave, I left MTA for some months and closed my clan. I came back to MTA when my friends told me that they have an idea about re-opening >VIP< DD Squad. I agreed and stayed there till Dogzone decided to close it. I was in some other small DD clans but I presented to you the most famous clans that I have been in. Another significant of my career was when I joined 6s, I felt amazing wearing 6s tag and being involved in it's community. We have played many clan wars and won so much known clans, basically I had a great time there but I decided to leave Sixth Sense because of a bad reason which I'm regreting till now. Have you been in any other clans?: .tg {border-collapse:collapse;border-spacing:0;} .tg td{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;padding:10px 16px;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;} .tg th{font-family:Arial, sans-serif;font-size:14px;font-weight:normal;padding:10px 16px;border-style:solid;border-width:1px;overflow:hidden;word-break:normal;} .tg .tg-baqh{text-align:center;vertical-align:top} .tg .tg-ek9r{font-weight:bold;font-family:Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif !important;;vertical-align:top} .tg .tg-z2al{font-weight:bold;font-family:Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif !important;;text-align:center;vertical-align:top} .tg .tg-75qh{font-weight:bold;font-family:Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif !important;;vertical-align:bottom} .tg .tg-yw4l{vertical-align:top} Clan Tag Clan Name Rank [FOTL] Firestarters Of The Land Member [Wild] Don't Mess With Us, We're Wild Member [G.S] Ganja Squad Member [RLX] RELAX Leader >VIP< Very Important Players DD Manager |6s Sixth Sense Assistant DD Manager [GF] Green Force Member What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: Sixth Sense's community is known on her unique scripts which are shown on the server and the outstanding atmosphere which will surely be perceived in the forums are really great. The community has friendly and cool people, team members are very mature and responsible, each one is extremely skilled and unique on his own behavior. How would you be useful to us?: I can help with everything that is needed for. I have a lot of knowledge in Destruction Derby, therefore I could help organizing Destruction Derby tournaments and make the arena perfect to have a better game-play experience. I also know when and how to use my moderator rights, I have been moderator in a couple of servers and I got some experience with moderating. I would also be willing to help in DD clanwars since I have played a lot of Destruction Derby clanwars in my career. Something more to add: I know that I have already been a Sixth Sense member, and I want to take part of this amazing team once again. I had a bad decision about leaving it time ago, but I hope you can forgive me and give me a chance to rejoin the team. Most of it is copied from my previous Join Request with added new information. If you want to know something more, feel free to ask me. Yours faithfully, Master.
  7. Finally the wait is over. I'd like to thank the whole team for the hard work and the effort you put into this. I feel really excited and can't wait anymore
  8. Your application has been declined. Next time be patient and don't play for other clans.
  9. I saw you joined another clan, therefore your join request has been declined.
  10. Area: Destruction Derby Evidence: Steps to reproduce: In some rounds I have only 1 color, for example: My color must be rainbow but I see it orange and other people see it green as you see on the ss.
  11. Just WOW.. I'm so impressed from the server, I can't wait to nolife there.. Thumbs up for the devs for the amazing work and also to @airplaNe for the freaking video.. GOOD JOB!
  12. Nice game, really addicting and pretty hard.
  13. The map seems to be nice, can be used for stunts too. Good job!