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  1. gz amigosss especially @Zocki, @Sebi
  2. gz amigos especially @Swalox and @IntreLeX
  3. gz guys zoilobmww bg bro
  4. Username: Mezzeky! Country: Algeria Gamemode: Deathmatch Contacts (Skype/Discord): ramy.world1
  5. Good luck bro
  6. bggg merci micra
  7. Merci toretto bg
  8. Nice map bro
  9. Damn good job
  10. Good job man
  11. Amazing!
  12. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: Hello guys , I am Ramy Imessaoudene, I am 17 years old from Algeria. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: Well , I started playing OS + ( Some rafinha ,sebas.... etc that old maps ) in [O.o] ownage owls it's really a good server , I find out how to drive there ..... it was so hard at the beginning , Then i become a medium player that I can do some toptimes , I got some cuts .... Then i heard about good servers like FFS , TfF , TG, I went there , I joined many clans , Then my skills improved a lot ... !! Have you been in any other clans?: XpR (Xtreme Pro Racers ) Dws ( Down With The Sickness) ED (Eski Dostlar ) DG ( Divinity Gamers) What are your requirements in Sixth Sense?: It's really a good clan with awesome scripters , mature members .... i really wanna be there .... How would you be useful to us?: Well , im a really good player (generally talking) .. a nice person , I like to be useful , being pro and at the same time a good person helping people Something more to add: I Think This Clan will be a big opportunity for me to get more experience with the amazing members that are available Thanks For Reading MezZekY