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  1. The server is nice but complicated. e.g. I hate the fact that a you have to watch all the animations (plane and stuff) before joining an arena. It looks good but it's unpractical and it gets boring if you play daily. You should eliminate stuff that's useless, unused or unnecessary. The server will be less "special" but the overall experience should be better and you'll be able to concentrate on things that are beneficial for the server. Also you guys are kinda absent. I know your real life commitments are taking away the time you need to dedicate here, but you also can't make people wait years for an update. You have the community, you have the potential player base. Use them. Just being honest. I'm currently inactive from this game because I also have my own problems but it would be nice to come back one day.
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    my birth
  3. Turks.
  4. torene x12
  5. Oooh now I get it. You put a kaby lake processor in a motherboard that only supports skylake ones. Updating your bios will make it work, but you need a skylake CPU to do that. I suggest changing your motherboard to one that directly supports kaby lake CPUs.
  6. Try running with one stick of ram. If it doesn't work, try with the other stick. If the computer doesn't post with either of the ram sticks, then you probably have a faulty motherboard or cpu. PS: do you have a buzzer? if yes, try connecting it and see if it beeps.
  7. Wow, so many new things! I actually wanted to suggest adding daily rewards but you got it by yourself
  8. Well this was kinda unexpected. I wanna put aside what happened lately and thank you for the time we spent in this game: it was a pleasure to play with you guys. I wish you the best of luck in your future!
  9. Jokes apart, I really want to thank the developers for building up a great server and for fixing the bugs we found and reported while playing the beta. It's so nice to see that you actually care about this community. Keep up the good work.
  10. Ur lil l8 m8
  11. yeah but when server launch
  12. Yes, it's a federal offense