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  1. You answered already. You usually choose a laptop only when you really need that portability, otherwise desktop is better in everything else.
  2. I had the pleasure to play this map and it's amazing! I really hope you find a suitable partner to finish it!
  3. Damn I love it. Great job!
  4. @DogZone @Xizen @Zeke @SuhaibZ received a 2 day contributor status for guessing the MVP correctly. Congratulations!
  5. i was already forum banned jokes on you xddd
  6. @xSimas
  7. It's correct: this is our second WFF clan war.
  8. Speaks about coherency, talks shit about 6s one hour after trying to join it
  9. Final Score (|6s - XpR): 78-62 MVP: @Zoilo
  10. niggas dis advanced shit
  11. @xSimas @Zoilo @airplaNe @Partyz @SheldoN
  12. Things I'm going through.


    1. Zocki


      nigga goin thru a lot rn :(