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  1. Blocked same ... WMG this time
  2. Nickname(s) of the player(s): DogZone Transgression(s): Insulting me out of nowhere probably cus he's bored and has too much time on his hands , sharing out this rotness inside him which is disgusting , im just sick of him already Date and time: 13.3.2018. Throughout whole day~ Evidence: On your shoutbox: DogZone Today 16:18 Zeke so ein richtig dummes spasti kind ohne witz TRANSLATION : "Zeke is such a stupid spastic kid, for real“ DogZone Today 17:27 Zeke ist so ein opfer wie kann man nur so hässlig in reallife sein omg TRANSLATION : "Zeke is such an idiot, how can someone be so ugly in reallife omg" (idk how he seen me anyways but hes stupid so ) DogZone Today 18:52 btw zeke so ein gollum omg alter TRANSLATION : „zeke is such a gollum“ (ugly character from Harry Potter) DogZone Today 18:51 @Dybala# das is insider von paar jungs hier der checkt einfach nix auf deutsch und er regt sich richtig auf in rl :'DD TRANSLATION : „that‘s an insider from a few boys here, he doesn‘t understand any german and always gets annoyed irl :DD“ Additional comments: Please do something , he was warned on ffs today cus of his shit behaviour and i hope so that 6s will do something too , would be delightful
  3. Bike bigger than u (ying yingyiiing)
  4. i dont know where u see saltiness in my previous comment
  5. lmao these niggas dont know about ronnie a but even with ronnie , it was pretty much same squad , remember tff 6s #3
  6. Nigga u lucky we get bugs , one or two passing threshold or even delta heavy , on threshold i got 2 times same bug at waterjump - bounce and then sliding to death , at delta heavy not so common bug but lonnex and me died cus of sudden loss of speed making us fail a simple jump
  7. Nice photoshop @Wanz ( look date)
  8. Final Score (|6s - #Z): 8 - 12 Map Winners: 1. #Z , 6s 2. #Z , 6s 3. 6s , 6s 4. #Z , #Z 5. 6s , 6s 6. #Z , #Z 7. 6s , #Z 8. #Z , #Z 9. 6s , #Z 10. #Z , #Z
  9. , anyways will be my 3rd time facing 6s , lets gooo
  10. 2-3 ? Wtef , make it x2
  11. noo wanz sux seven cox lemao
  12. 2 blowjobs