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  1. user experience ain't friendly, kinda hard imo (design doesn't fit with mta standards), the harder the experience by players uses to be, the more they will not be interested in trying doing something else instead of playing random maps (which will surely get boring sooner or later) - as far as I recall, there was a bug in old school or any other room, like we couldn't touch the water otherwise insta die; - level/rank up system, the more you play, the more you unlock car upgrades; (an easy way to earn money as well) - redesign the user interface, that's a priority since I can see a bunch of people saying the same thing right up above, that's annoying due to the difficulty to be used, make it enjoyable (intrelex fdp) that is no longer an easy task to increase a server playerbase nowadays as it used to happen back then, many players has already their favorite server, the one they are filled with money and exp, your only way out is to innovate as much as you can, somehow making things that people haven't ever seen in MTA before, instead of the generic mgm with a ton of overused features, the server was clearly hyped in its release date, but people were around only because they wanted to know if there was some pretty innovation just like will happen to the upcoming other servtcers. we wanna haf sum fun bois
  2. Awesome stuff as always mano, keep it up.
  3. I couldn't delete this post then I edited it, sorry.