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  1. Awesome record, not lagging at all, and that pro turbo passed the hardest map in mta ever made KAPPA
  2. XDDDD
  3. you were by far one of the BEST leaders mta communities had, very passionated for the clan, very unexpected for me, best of luck man. I m curious to see how sixth sense will continue without a leader like you. Adios!

    1. Pablow


      ´what happened


    2. ImpacT


      he retired i guess

  4. 69 Whats your favourite sex toy
  5. happy 2nd birthday 6s, i wish the best for the community and i hope it will last long
  6. Thats not even your infernus mod, give some credits to the owner who made this from gtagarage and appreciate him instead of saying it is yours by 100%. Say that you have worked on it making physics & handlings but not the skin itself. Thanks to @ATr1X for figuring out this.
  7. bro these aint look nuggets XD!!!!!!!!!!! nice try XD!
  8. i think ronaldo found his new love xd, gg guys awesome map!!!!!!!
  9. very nice map and record my BROTHER.
  10. sorry for the full picture, i was too lazy to cut it.
  11. Good luck both sides, i m looking forward to see how sheldon will play today. Unfortunately as i see breaker wont play on this one and thus i m guessing that mad will win this!
  12. Great one, still have some complaints to do i hope you dont mind hear them. Uhmm, in my opinion it should be less like 3 v 3 + 3 reserves(not necessary) because not everyone has a lot of players to match with especially when its about 5 different gamemodes. Hope you make somethign similar in the future with less amount of players
  13. What the fuck, i saw delete and a few minutes later i was like wtf why he doesn't have the 6s tag ?? Later on, i realized there was another delete from Croatia and i was like damn dude i m stupid XD! . Congratz everyone enjoy your stay!
  14. More drama because u didn't got accepted in xrz see you soon.