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  1. Uhm .. That's something is so annoying , Why only paypal is available , I'm 14 i still don't have paypal or anything, Could you please add something like SMS ?
  2. Closed.
  3. Closed.
  4. As i know , you have to be contributor to make a clan
  5. Closed.
  6. I was playing in my mta server (local) in freeroam with jetpack , and i got a new idea , what if we combine between Race and Run i mean if players got jetpacks and racing , and they can shoot while running too and there is heart in the map idk if its good idea or not , but i just got this idea so i wanted to share it with u guys
  7. Noovl , its good that u want help maan but in my opinion 6s wont "take" a script They have perfect developers as u can see they developed the server , wont be nice if they took another one's script or idea wont be good for new server needs to be famous ! btw its too similar as Crazy Taxi
  8. It's better if the skin of infernus changed for the christmas then it become as it was after it Here you are my infernus skin If you accept this idea , contact me on skype : zeadhekal22 Note : Hock was just telling me his opinion
  9. Waiting the response .........
  10. .
  11. Your in-game nick: ZeaD22 Age:13 Location: Egypt , Cairo Why do you want to join No Limit?: because it's a experience clan and it doesn't accept unskilled players then all members in it are skilled and professional playing , i love to join pro clans cuz i want to change my self to better and i was in this clan but kicked for being inactive about month for my exams Have you ever been in other clan? (if yes name them): i joined a lot of clans when i was new player and i don't remember it but lastest clans was sS , sW(Silent Warriors) and Hyenas About yourself: My name is : Zeyad , i love to be the first in anything i do it like sports , studying ( because that i was inactive for a month ! ) and anything i join it and now i joined mta then i love to be the first then i am trying to join good clan to get theire experience and learn from them and then be like them !
  12. [ VIDEO/AUDIO ] (optional) What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is : Zeyad , My nick name is : ZeaD22 , my age is : 13 Year and my Location is : Egypt , Giza What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: i'm sry my english is meduim i translated this question and i'll answer it as i understand the translation , it was to be professional Sh play and to be famous and to help people idk when i be professional how i'll help people but i love helping people and i was working to realize my dream Have you been in any other clans?: Yea , i joined alot of clans before i become a good shooter play and i don't remember it and the newest clans was sS (Stringing Strokels) and nL (No Limit) but i kicked for being inactive cuz my exams What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: To join a professional clan you have to learn somethings then if i got accept then i feel that i am good if i got decline then i'll ask why and try to fix my mistakes and change my self if i got decline because something in my character How would you be useful to us?: you will get good shooter play and loyal and friendly guy and if someone needs me i'll be next to him , i love helping people Something more to add: Please if i got decline tell me my mistakes to fix it because i want to change my self to better !