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  1. No need to post here @InfiNity. We can see those on 9 ouf of 10 maps in ffs.
  2. pufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  3. Took me by surprise here. Gotta say I somehow liked you from the very first time I saw you in the server but didn't expect you to apply here. I believe you're worth giving a chance so I vote positive for you russian ;p
  4. Post it in ebay, higher chance I suppose, if any.
  5. Bear in mind this won't happen. I don't remember seeing you, although you've been in known clans. Maybe it's due to the time difference. Good luck tho.
  6. Accepted as trial/cheerleader. @Maka your turn to arrange the promised friday night fights.
  7. Accepted as a trial, hopefully will greatly contribute in our oldschool team. Welcome ;p
  8. Denied, sorry, you may try again in the future. ;p
  9. I have no idea how you made it look this beautiful @Invent Keep it up. About the clanwar, it was quite enjoyable. Obviously I was prepared and took advantage. Decent performance from my team as well and an amazing way to start the new year. Hopefully it continues like that. Thanks goes to the refs as well - @FoXik* & @FreeZon3. Worth to mention the following YEAR updates: Clanwar results topic - updated. (12W 1D 11L - 2017) Overall player stats topic - updated. Player of the year: @crystal (58 wins in 17 clanwars) Players stats 2018 - updated. Sincerely hope everything is calculated correctly. If you happen to find a mistake do not hesitate to write me a message.
  10. Denied due to obvious reasons.

  11. Denied due to obvious reasons.