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  1. Clan name: The Favoured Few Clan tag: /TfF\ Color code (RGB): @Dmitry pm me Clanwar Type: WFF DM L7 Date & time: 01.10 / 18:00 German time Server: Lucky 7 Referee: @Gonzalez~, @Atomix Players: MAD players: Kamen, CL, Infinity, Facuuuz Valentino Japa TfF players: Dunno, TODO Maps: 1. Ravolt ft. KacaK - Kill Everybody (xN) 2. NeiT Vol.7 - ϟ Backlash ϟ (FoXX) 3. ARmada Vol.10 - the dark massacRe (TFF) 4. SymoN v8 - Deep Power Paradise II (XpR) 5. ScoreX - Incendiary (FFS) 6. Tomas ft Gerc - Gradually (eP) 7. TulioTC ft. Exodo - Magnetic Love III (MAD) 8. Cookie ft. sYKu ft. Flash - Scar Tissue 9. PeiN ft. Micra - Lethal Weapon 10. Ryan ft. Steve - Bromance (DDC) 11. DeLeTe vol.12 - Restoration (TFF) 12. Darius v2 - SimpliCity 13. Gus V.11 - Recess (MAD) 14. Snake v6 - Starlight Skills (eP) 15. Cool'Cat v3 - I Don't Care (FoXX) 16. Sandowski v4 - High Stakes (xN) 17. Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory (FFS) 18. Cosa_Nostra v6 - In Further Blackness II (XpR) 19. Zean - Singularity (DDC) 20. Darmos ft. Swalox ft. DRiVeR - The Essence Of Speed Rules: WFF + L7
  2. Here are the official results. Some comments: It was a fairly decent clanwar, amazing atmosphere, though the bugs we had pissed me off a bit, or not a bit. eP were lacking some of their best players, just like us (we only had 6 in game.. ) yet we screwed the chance we had. Hoping for a better performance next time, a nd a little more luck. Good luck to you too. A thank goes to every one of you who participated and especially to refs, well done.
  3. This clanwar already finished, I just noticed there wasn't a thread, sorry for the late post.. ;d Clan name: Elite Players Clan tag: eP Clanwar Type: WFF DM L7 Date & time: 17.09.2017 Server: Lucky 7 Referee: @Robert_M, @SmoK! Players: MAD players: Japa CL Kamen Derox Maka Szabi eP players: Madlife Foxic Syku D1kuba Bartiez Miha Tony Haxzor Martis Maps: 1. Lemon V2 -_Le_-Wild-_Lemonade_- (TFF) 2. Nice v.5 - Fear In The Valley 3. Voltime - Twisted Fucker Skillz! (XpR) 4. DizzasTeR ft Zaja ft Zeist - For Fucks Sake (FFS) 5. SilverF0X - V3 - Ember (xN) 6. DC v.15 - Fuck You All III (MAD) 7. Darmos Vol.3 - Goodness Gracious (DDC) 8. Gteatero - Noxious Force (FoXX) 9. Sealine feat. XzibiT - Adrenalinee PuRe 2 (eP) 10. DeAdAnGeL Ft. WodeN Ft. PeiN - Ma Cherie 11. NeiT Ft. Gteatero Ft. DK - Serendipity (TFF) 12. SaPpHirE ft. FiNN - Artificial Quietness 13. DC v.11 - Maximal Crazy (MAD) 14. YaMi v4.2 - The True Darkness [FIX] (xN) 15. Andro V8 - Unmissable (eP) 16. Fakedeath v7 - Blackout (FFS) 17. DeLeTe ft. Aisen - Neverland (FoXX) 18. Rafinha ft Lemon ft Naval - We Just Wanna Run 19. Gteatero ft. NeiT - Insidious Deeps III (XpR) 20. Sandowski v4 - High Stakes (DDC) Rules: WFF + L7
  4. We managed to win this (55-85) as we honestly expected even though it was easier than I thought it would be due to players missing from their side. However, our side was not the strongest either, thanks to @Japa, @DeRoX, @crystal, @WinD, @Element and @Valentino(passed more maps than I did o_O) - well played. Thank goes to the ref as well @Zoilo tho some situations were asdasdasd. NVM. GG DDC.
  5. Clan name: Drunk Drivers Club Allstars Clan tag: [A]* or DDC Color code (RGB): @NoHear Clanwar Type: WFF DM L7 Date & time: 09.09.2017 Server: L7 Referee: TBA Players: MAD players: Kamen Crystal Derox Japa DDC A players: Monster Clicky Wingz Inferno Zur Maps: 1. LabiVila ft. Scar - Daylight 2. Andershell vol. 4 - Pure Skills Paradise 3. Rafinha V3 - Black and Yellow 4. FakeDeath ft Bootje - Insidious (VIP) 5. JameS v7 | Cooler Than Me | 6. Osnet ft Zeta ft Vortex - GTX II 7. SaPpHirE ft. FiNN - Artificial Quietness 8. DoPeR Ft SebaS - DS Xperience 9. Cookie v13 - My Old Style (VIP) 10. AbodyRulez Vol.5 - For The Love Of JameS 11. SebaS v15 - Craving 12. NitroN ft. Sealine - Impel Down 13. SaPpHirE ft. PeiN - UPROAR (VIP) 14. Streick ft TNT ft Roald~ - T!MELESS 15. Vortex ft BaTTaNiiK - Celestial Sarcasm 16. Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory 17. BuDyA ft MegaN - Ukrainian Style 18. Vortex_-Vol8-Ultimative 19. Vortex-Vol11-_Time_Vortex's (VIP) 20. Darius v2 - SimpliCity Rules: - WFF + L7
  6. What is your youtube channel? I'd like to see some of your videos/streams. Thank you.
  7. The clanwar finished in Sixth Sense's favour as they beat us 79-61. The score could have been even worse to us, since we didn't perform as well as we would have wanted, excluding @crystal who did amazing, well done mate and congratulations on the MVP. Congratulations 6s as well, good luck in future matches. Thank goes to @sYKu and @DRiVeR for refering, awesome job. Here's a video of the event, unlucky mads (
  8. I am so happy to see you active again, you're 20 now.. really hope you haven't forgotten our times in tg. Glad you to see you with this name as well )
  9. Clan name: Sixth Sense Clan tag: |6s Color code (RGB): (169, 255, 158) Clanwar Type: DM WFF L7 Date & time: 03.09.2017 / 20:00 German time Server: L7 Referee: @sYKu, @DRiVeR Players: MAD players: CL Pablow Kamen Quadrak Derox Szabi Japa WinD 6s players: Finn Ronnie Zoilo Partyz Cykz Airplane Magnito Moldy Maps: 1. SaPpHirE ft. PeiN - UPROAR 2. Osnet ft. Zeta - Speedy Style III (FFS) 3. Sk2 vol.4 - Parachute (6s) 4. ThisGuy ft. Fusionz - Chaos Theory (TFF) 5. sYKu ≡ Vol.4 ≡ Band The Rolla (eP) 6. Pipo-V3-Bastille (xN) 7. SlowSheep V1 - Get Hyper (FoXX) 8. AbodyRulez ft. WW - Dark Glare II (XpR) 9. Simas v9 - Uta (FFS) 10. Nice v.4 - Dawn In The Ruins 11. Simas v8 - Defenders (MAD) 12. D0GGy ft. sYKu - Sincere (TFF) 13. Cosa_Nostra - Uncommon (XpR) 14. Qwince ft. DRiVeR ft. Partyz ft. COOL - Breeze 15. NitroN ft. FakeDeath - Phenomenal (eP) 16. Kamen ft. PowerPC - The dark side of the love (MAD) 17. Quantum v2 - Time 2 Shine 18. Sealine feat. XzibiT - Adrenalinee PuRe 2 (xN) 19. Stoprocent_v2-Move_Up! (6s) 20. DC v.9 - Jamming II (FoXX) Rules: WFF Top 4 get points as follows (3, 2, 1, 1)
  10. Accepted, thank you for your effort, welcome to the team, you will be contacted as soon as possible. @Maka Add this argentino to the family list.
  11. The map is alright, kind of unclear at times but playable I guess. Change the infernus skin and avoid problems like the shortage of music. Other than that it is fine, quality is more than decent.
  12. I dont have anything against him, he will definitely help you in clanwars, but I have to mention the story about his MAD time (which was about a day) - be careful what memes you are sharing in your teamchat when he is there, cos if they include some racist stuff he can't handle it and gets triggered. That's basically what made him leave us just after being accepted. Even though I see now in other chats that he's the one sending them lmao. Anyway, good luck.
  13. Congratulations on your win, you did amazing, hopefully you won't next time xaxa. Jokes aside, good luck in future matches. About ours, I think it will be an enjoyable and a close one like the last time.
  14. Expected names, but also unexpected. Congratulations to each of you, don't disappoint.
  15. The clanwar ended 14-6 in favour of eP but I believe we should stay positive because an improvement has been seen. Playing hunter fights is a whole new experience to us and the score doesn't really matter. However, if we manage drive more carefully next time and reach more hunters, the teamwork will surely improve with time and results will follow. Thanks to my teammates for playing, even tho some of them could have performed better, also thank you eP for the great match, I watched the stream until 15th map and there were no problems at all. I expected it to be enjoyable and it indeed was. A thumb up goes to the referees as well - @Marque and Cold, you guys did great, apart from driving. Info of players and hunters might be added(of someone wrote them down) tomorrow when I come back from work. PS: Stream is already blocked for copyright xd.