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  1. The clanwar finished in our favour (80-60). It was challenging all the way to the last maps. I watched the streams and I can say our performance could be better on some maps. Still, I am glad to see us winning, without myself and @OfficialSzabi in the playerlist. Below is all the information about the match. Players (some might not be correct due to changes during the match I could not follow) Hunters (Thanks to @Element) Full results and scores: Our MVP: @Pablow with 5 wins. Huge thanks to everyone who participated and also to the referees @Anwix and @ReazZon. I'm sorry for the problems that occured.
  2. Cancelled by the author.
  3. Lucky seven is back and the guys from Project Beast are our first opponents in Tour 8. Here's the information about the match. Good luck ;p Clan name: Project Beast Clan tag: B# Color code (RGB): 255 85 85 Clanwar Type: WFF DM OS Date & time: 13.08.2017 // 18:00 German time Server: WFF/L7 Referee: @Zoilo, @ReazZon Players: MAD players: Crystal Szabi Derox Pablow Valentino QuadraK Archie Shacle WinD Element Beast players: Vishal Siisti Rhypz beatZ Oxy Ruso Maps: 1. ARmada Vol.2 - Rumble (6s) 2. BuDyA ft MegaN - Ukrainian Style (MAD) 3. CooN ft. V1sh4L - Coosh4LProject (Beast) 4. TNT ft. Hermes ft. IntreLeX - Below Us (xN) 5. VantaGe ft Deadline ft Royce - Dreary Mountains 6. StiveN v3 - Amazing Driving (XpR) 7. SIISTi v3 - BLOW II (eP) 8. Zeist ft. Zaja - Project Z (FFS) 9. JameS v7 | Cooler Than Me | 10. KacaK - Save Your Heart (Beast) 11. Andro vol.9 - Revived (FFS) 12. Norbi v5 - Empathy (6s) 13. Vortex ft BaTTaNiiK - Celestial Sarcasm (xN) 14. norbi ft. Andro - Untried III (TFF) 15. SymoN v7 - Deep Power Paradise (eP) 16. SymoN v8 - Deep Power Paradise II (XpR) 17. Siisti-C V1 - Blow (TFF) 18. ThisGuy v4 - No JuJu 19. Esp4wN v.5 - DevotioN (MAD) 20. Darius v2 - SimpliCity Rules: WFF
  4. The clanwar went as expected, way too much trouble, clear confirmation the shc is the same toxic clan as it has been ever since Tomba joined it. Non stop provocation from his side. We had no access to their server until 30 mins before the event, we couldn't train the maps there, see if they are the same, get used to fps and all that stuff. You might have better hunter players than ours, but your clan is nothing apart from that. Funny how you are proud of beating a clan who hasn't played a hunter clanwar since 4 years. Score 18-2. Thanks to refrees @Naval and @RuSO, you guys did well. Message to future shc opponents: play in your own server(or at least not in theirs); mute Tomba for the whole event.; check their unclear rules beforehand. Then you might have a peaceful clanwar.
  5. Sorry but I am negative as well, some of the answers did not satisfy me.
  6. Accepted. You will be contacted so we can discuss the other stuff.
  7. I was joking, denied. In case you are indeed interested in being part of us feel free to make a new application and please put more effort into it. Spending time usually pays off, unless it's simas v9. Edit: He paid.
  8. Accepted & updated, maps and rest of the players will be added shortly, looking for a referee.
  9. Race squad ---> @FeNsTeR ---> /accept Wanna wish you a happy birthday on behalf of the whole MAD family. Let the third year be even more successive just like the third shit, if you know what I mean. yeah it's coming.
  10. Considering your date of birth I highly doubt you can get in the U17 team of your country "soon" ;d Thank you for your application tho and good luck ;p
  11. Hi, here to support this join request. Guy's a decent player and also loyal, dont know why he left xN but I am sure he will fit in your dm team, you wont regret having him. His english also seems to be alright having read this application, even though he's latino. His brother is in mad, @negatrou, too bad they only have one pc afaik xd. Well, that's I wanted to tell ya. Posi's worth giving a chance.
  12. Hello community, it has been a long time since we shared any news with you so I thought we should start informing you much more frequently about any kind of updates we make. In this current post, I will try to sum up what actually happened in the past few months. To start with the members update, there have been a lot of changes. @Cravelz and @Archie are the latest accepted members. I hope you will enjoy our company as much as we already do. @Pablow, @DeRoX, @Japa and @OfficialSzabi have successfully passed their trial periods. All of them showed us they are active, loyal and willing to participate in events. Our current leader in the clanwar stats, @crystal, has been promoted to the position of clanwar manager, not only due to his consistency, but also because @kNASKRIPPA has recently been busy and I am in need of a help. Wish you good luck with your new responsibilities mate. Last but not least, lots of members have been noticed inactive. You can have a look at our family roster and see the full list of those. Meanwhile, as you probably know, MAD have been invited to participate in the Lucky Seven Tournament. Its first season ended last week, and I am happy to announce that we became third, behind FFS and xN. Here are the results of the 6 matches we played. 12.03.2017 MAD v eP (74-66) 02.04.2017 MAD v XpR (82-58) 15.04.2017 MAD v FFS (50-90) 06.05.2017 MAD v EPG (116-24) 28.05.2017 MAD v 6s (67-73) 04.06.2017 MAD v xN (81-59) These results, as I said above, achieved us the third position in the final table you can see here. As we showed a great performance, some players were rewarded as follows: @crystal, for becoming 4th in the personal standings with a total of 120 points. Myself, for becoming 6th - 94 points. @OfficialSzabi, for becoming 9th - 81 points. @kNASKRIPPA, for winning the LS Bets with 26 points and for being a collaborative organiser. Congratulations to all of you, well deserved. We are all looking forward to the next season where we hope to show even better performance and surprise even more people with our true capabilities. Well, I think this is it for now. Some of us will concentrate on the upcomming WFF 15, as this is the biggest tournament this summer. I wish my teammates good luck and I hope to see you in the final hahaha. Best regards, Kamen & Mafiosos
  13. Accepted, @Maka, you can add him to trials. @Cravelz, welcome mate, I am looking forward to knowing more about you.
  14. Surprise surprise, lots of changes after this match. I can gladly announce we have finished this Lucky Seven tournament astonishing. We beat the unbeaten. And in addition to that, we got enough points to earn ourselves the 3rd place in the final classification. Congratulations go to every team participating, each and every clanwars was so fun and challenging. The best tournament I, personally, have taken part in. Results are below. Players might be wrong on some maps. Those are hunters, if you can't get it for some reason. Thanks to @Element MVP is @OfficialSzabi, with 4 wins. GZ
  15. Bought Lenovo Y520, feels so weird to upgrade mta from 720x576 to full HD. I'm done.


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