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  1. God saved me from further suffering. Had a little chat with @Moamen in the middle of the map and the break paid off. Ready for public servers.
  2. Greets to My Lord Royce, tell him I miss him )) Thanks On topic, as I played an old school event I happened to watch some os maps and listen to this.
  3. Song and video are really annoying me, looks like fps drops to 0 every second .. Sorry, map is decent, wouldn't like to play it honestly.
  4. Amazingly intense match, we had the lead in our hands, sadly managed to lose in the very end. Unfortunately, this happens but we improved, which makes me positive for the future events. 2 debuts worth mentioning, @Eluzive and @xPinnah played their first clanwar for us, did well enough. Congratulations to FoXX, they played great as well, stronger team now. Thanks to the referees @Clay and @ReazZon. Well done. Kamen (6) - MVP Infinity (3) Elusive (2) Huge thanks to Luminaire for streaming )
  5. Accepted as trial. Welcome.
  6. Judging from his previous clans MAD would close hhhh. Decent join request. Good luck.
  7. I apologise for wasting your time. Will try to make decisions faster from now on to avoid similar situations happen to other applicants. )
  8. Denied. You may try again in the future
  9. Denied. You may try again in the future.
  10. Hey, this is not a place to argue. From now on, please only post your opinion about the applicant and maybe some explanation. Thank you )
  11. Clan name: Force Out Xtreme Clan tag: [FoXX] Color code (RGB): Clanwar Type: WFF DM L7 Date & time: 02.12.2017 // 20:00 Server: WFF/L7 Referee: @Clay, @ReazZon Players: MAD players: Kamen Japa Elusive Archie Wind xPinnah Infinity Carmy FoXX players: AllCapone Sprectrum Stromax Gugas Frankzy ZjK Xizen Thalesz Maps: 1. ARmada Vol.2 - Rumble (6s) 2. BuDyA ft MegaN - Ukrainian Style (MAD) 3. CooN ft. V1sh4L - Coosh4LProject (Beast) 4. TNT ft. Hermes ft. IntreLeX - Below Us (xN) 5. VantaGe ft Deadline ft Royce - Dreary Mountains 6. StiveN v3 - Amazing Driving (XpR) 7. Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory 8. Zeist ft. Zaja - Project Z (FFS) 9. JameS v7 | Cooler Than Me | 10. KacaK - Save Your Heart (Beast) 11. Andro vol.9 - Revived (FFS) 12. Norbi v5 - Empathy (6s) 13. Vortex ft BaTTaNiiK - Celestial Sarcasm (xN) 14. norbi ft. Andro - Untried III (TFF) 15. SymoN v7 - Deep Power Paradise (eP) 16. SymoN v8 - Deep Power Paradise II (XpR) 17. Siisti-C V1 - Blow (TFF) 18. ThisGuy v4 - No JuJu 19. Esp4wN v.5 - DevotioN (MAD) 20. Darius v2 - SimpliCity Rules: WFF + L7
  12. Accepted and edited the clanwar information. Maps and players will be added by the end of the week.
  13. Kamen (1) Infinity (1) - MVP Thanks to the referees.
  14. Clanwar Information: Date: 26.11.2017 Time: 20:00 German Server: WFF server ( Amount of Players: 5 vs. 5 Clanwar type: WFF DM Maps: 20 Rounds: 20 Referee(s): Kacsa, @LamzoR For Fuck Sake: d1Kuba Ronaldo Atom1x Derox Walk Equip Reflex Armexy Skyress Mafioso Auto Drivers: Kamen Kanzy Infinity Wind Carmy Japa Maps: 1. Spectrum Vol.4 - The Place Of Illusions (FoXX) 2. Darmos Vol.3 - Goodness Gracious 3. Gteatero - Noxious Force (DDC) 4. Nice v.1 - Dark Moon (MAD) 5. RuSO | XI | T e a r d r o p | (xN) 6. Naval ft Nakezi - Unmatched Player (eP) 7. Cookie v10 - Canyons of Glory (TFF) 8. Zebra - Vol 1 - Unseen Nature (FoXX) 9. Gus V.9 - Sleepwalker (XpR) 10. Ceeser v3 - Natures Lore (FFS) 11. Gasoil v5 - Malicious Oxygen (TFF) 12. Khakione0 - Dawnbreak (DDC) 13. ShuX Ft. Chipy Ft. DRiVeR ft. Gerc - Calling Out III 14. BuDyA ft MegaN - Ukrainian Style (XpR) 15. Tomas ft. Gerc ft. Gteatero ft. Facuuzz - Gradually II 16. XpR - 1000 Attempts (eP) 17. Rabbit ft. ShuX - Ignition (xN) 18. Damian vol.2 - Take Me Home (MAD) 19. DRiVeR ft. Ronaldo - Presage (FFS) 20. Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory Rules: WFF + L7