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  1. I'm positive. Very friendly, skilled and calm guy. Good luck my friend!
  2. I don't know you so i can't tell if it's a trolling join request or a very poor and cocky one. However, elaborate the 3 last questions or consider yourself denied.
  3. I'm happy about our result in Lucky Seven. Even tho i think it could have gone abit better if we didn't get to play on unsuitable dates etc. Nontheless, i'm proud of my team and i think we can do even better next season! I'm also excited with the new members that joined MAD the latest months, you guys have been amazing so far! Last but not least thanks to Crystal for taking some weight off of Kamen's shoulders since i won't have much time in the next couple of months! Best of luck in WFF!
  4. H a p p y  B i r t h d a y ! ! !

  5. Accepted ofcourse since we planned to do both OS CW and DM CW (WFF). The date and time seems fine by the looks of it, but i will check with the rest. Also, if we were to play on DDC Main i assume our banned players (like Sniper) will be unbanned to play the clanwar. If not, we play on MAD CW Server. Other than that, i'm looking forward to it, will be fun! (If you would want to change the "CW style" to L7, the offer is still open).
  6. Best of luck with your exams and everything else!
  7. More than one year later and i've got very similar results, cool.
  8. Knas is Swedish slang for crazy/trouble/funny/fool, Krippa (nickname for Christopher) is what my friends called me since i was six years old. Knas+Krippa=Knaskrippa and capslock happend to be on one time and i stuck with it.
  9. apetor never dissapoints!
  10. Well played everyone, it was really a team effort, some played better than others obviously but still, good job! I'm not happy with my own performence, but atleast we won and i had a great time with some funny moments (especially on Serenity).
  11. Final Score (|6s - xN#): 74-66 MVP: F3NN
  12. Best of luck guys, i hope you win!
  13. Best of luck to both. Worth mentioning, i don't think you should underestimate xN. They are always very dedicated to their clanwars and especially now after Dizzaster added the "ping checking" script. Which calculates the time reached hunter minus the ping. So your ping advantage is pretty much gone. (Same goes for us vs XpR )
  14. More luck than skill obviously, i'd be mad if you did that in a game that mattered lmao. But good job! Ps: Why don't you post it in the CS:GO Community Group instead?