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  1. Welcome abord @MunK7! I'm so envious about your location... I mean... You're living in Las Vegas! Lets hope my future plans to come true, so I might move to the USA then Feel free to ask us - the community - whenever u're in need of help ( no matter what kind of help ).
  2. Wow congratulations to all the new and old members for all the achievements you've achieved so far. What a nice choice of new Trials. They all deserved it! Let's hope for another shining year of 6s and another 300 700 wins to make the 1000 complete, since I'm pretty sure 6s will make it far! Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all who didnt reach my message yet!
  3. Wow what a dark video u got there. Well, I wish u the best of luck for this map, since I really enjoyed driving it some years ago! It definitely deserves some brilliant minds - Good luck!
  4. Well, I'm not a fan of too many invisible parts and your map got plenty of them. On the other hand I have to say, that I really like the atmosphere you create inside your own small world up there. Still looking forward to get my hands on it to test it out. Nicely done Spotty! U impressed me the most of you 2
  5. Hey, sorry for bumping this thread, but I would love to see another feature as well. I'm massively missing the BBC-Editor. A button, that shows ur formatted text as BBCode. Example: It would make things easier for some guys I guess - I've always been a fan of that feature.
  6. Oh wow... I was expecting something completly different, when I read the map's name (Heaven). What a clickbait
  7. Damn, I loved the decorations u used on your spawn! I wish you would have gone for that style all over the map - Would have been amazing in my eyes! Well... I'm not a fan of the track you made there, because it simply looks unsmooth in soo many situations, but the first view might deceive. It's still a cool map in my opinion. I'm already looking forward to your v10 when u hopefully give ur spawndecorations a shot and impress all of us!
  8. What a lovely job u've done there!
  9. My favourite number: 8
  10. Join Request by What's your name, nickname, age and location?: My name is Nick and I am 21 years old. I live in a small city called Brandenburg an der Havel, which is not too far from our capital city Berlin. I am currently trying to take up a job as a referee in the professional eSports scene, after I already collected some experiences as player there (semiprofessional only). I am a sociable and well organized person who is always available for any questions, and I will answer them to the best of my ability. My hobbies include football, going to the gym, gaming, going out with friends, spending quality time with my girlfriend and of course MTA. I would also describe myself as a helpful, loyal and kind person and will always help when or wherever I can to the best of my ability. I am known as BliZarD Ingame, and I've been using this name since I started playing MTA. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: It was on my birthday in 2012 that I purchased GTA : SA and installed MTA. I have always wanted to play on a role-play server so I decided to give it a shot. During November of 2013 a friend told me something about a race-mode server however I thought it was just a drive to the checkpoint type of racing so I never really gave it much thought. On the other hand, the server I was playing on went offline and it was during this time that I decided to give this race-mode a try and it was just amazing for me. After a few weeks I had passed nearly all the maps on this small server called TerraTex-Race. During those few weeks I made quite a few friends, One of which showed me a really nice server called DSR (Drifting Stunting Racing). Comparatively, all the other players were like gods to me. However, after roughly two months playing this server I had significantly improved my language skills and also race-skills to begin to write my first join request. After a long voting process and even longer probation I was a full member of DSR. My leader, Samy, wanted to do a big tournament with awesome prizes. I was the referee for most of the matches, and during the tournament I had met guys like BuDyA, ALV, SebaS, BreAkeR and FreaK. During this tournament with more than 90 people my clan leader had horrible connection issues and then moved to Romania, which shut down DSR. Clanless now, I raced on random servers to once again improve my skills. I also wanted to improve my mapping skills and started a terrible v1. I met many good people during this time and it turns out this was the start of something great. After a longer while I had found PiA's (Pros in Action) server, where I played for some months. I had many good times on this server but it soon became monotonous. After lack of enjoyment I made the concluded decision to leave the server, which my old colleagues were not very happy about. I switched over to TfF‘s server and continued to enhance my skills and found new friends there, which kept me entertained on this server for a long time. During this, I joined ffs sometimes to practice my Hunter Skills and play some different game modes. After an extended period of time, I quit MTA for a while. As soon as I came back to MTA I directly joined FFS again and was literally overwhelmed by the nice and supportive community and continued to play there and also tried to apply, but never been able to make it in. It came the way it has to come and I leisurely got rid of MTA again caused by too many disappointments. I am still not back to MTA yet, but I am looking for something that brings my interest back to MTA and I feel like Sixth Sense will be that special thing! Have you been in any other clans?: DSR | Drifting Stunting Racing | Community Manager | Closed PiA | Pros in Action | Co-Leader | Left /TfF\ | The Favoured Few | Event Manager | Left .:DR | Death Racer | Co-Leader | Fused with -ftw- -ftw- | For the Win | Cw-Manager | Left & Closed -nFw- | No Fucking Way | Member | Left /TfF\ | The Favoured Few | Member | Left |6s | Sixth Sense | Soon? What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: I extremely enjoy playing video games. I highly hope a clan like yours will help to consoloidate my passion again to play a game like MTA. I would relish the chance to make use of the possibility to learn from the already experienced moderators, mappers and player in your team. It is hard to explain my real expectations in Sixth Sense, because I am missing the words for it, but that is not caused by my missing language related skills. There are not any fitting words to describe it. Your clan got all I am looking for. I’m searching for a clan which has a familiar atmosphere inside, a clan which respects the fact, that a game should bring fun to everyone, a clan which is full of friends to arouse the highest possible amount of fun. I still can't explain what leads me here and what I really expect, but I still hope you guys can understand me. How would you be useful to us?: I am not that type of person that likes to embellish its own person just to achive something higher than he deserves. Based on the sentence above, I am starting to answer your question as honest as possible. Since I was already able to collect some experiences in administrating servers and leading communities, I can proudly look forward to become useful in any organizational stuff that might come up. My ability to understand and develop new techniques will surely be helpful in several situations in future and I can easily put forward ideas. I’m a young, dedicated, ambitious, target oriented, well organized, open and commucative person who is searching for a new sphere of activity, to unfold himself and that might be what you are exactly looking for! Something more to add: At this point of my application I have to apologize to all of you guys. I was talking bad about Sixth Sense sometimes and most of you didn't even know it. Heavy mistakes were made by myself and even if it hasn't been much, I still haven't been the person I normally am. Some tough situations in my real life lead me to overreact alot sometimes and I weren't able to control all my feelings. It's not an excuse! It's been all my fault and I highly hope you guys can forgive me and give me a chance to make those things good again! On the other side I would like to thank almost everyone of you! I was leaving MTA and didn't make a big deal of it, so many people didn't even notice it, but most of you done. You always supported me in whatever I tried to do. I tried to join another clan - you supported me. I tried to find apply to a real job in my real life - you supported me. I was in need of someone to talk to - you guys had an open ear for me. Whenever I've been in need of anything have you guys been here on my side to support me. No matter how dumb, annoying or even unpolite I was, you guys pushed me back on the right track whenever I was slowly leaving it. Even without accepting me here - Thanks for all! Sorry for beeing this emotional in an application, but it had to be said! Sincerely, BliZarD.
  11. Your database is corrupted... And not just a bit. Gonna fix it for you, but next time dont delete your whole editor if u ask for help >.< Can be closed