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  1. the current server his a little bit "to much"
  2. Tut mir leid meine herren lemme know when that kiddo is able to answer, dont forget to open google translator @spotlight
  3. k
  4. Nickname(s) of the admin(s): Spotlight When a VIP Fan starting to rage at tff server, pretty mature behavior.
  5. Not allowed during CW and im out of WFF and my clanmates dont want to use the "risky" cut so Im sharing it. kisses to your mom
  6. Sport
  7. Believe me :'D he started to insult me and to insult the clan cuz he didnt got accepted as co lead or smth poor life.
  8. Spotlight got accepted :'D you will regret this after few weeks. Hes probably the most reta'dest guy I've ever meet. To the others, congratz.
  9. It makes no sense to post such topics, 90% of the community wont even read this whole stuff (im one of the 10% -.-), but well, let's hope sixth sense will comeback one day. You should recruit some youngstars.
  10. Stop School, Stop Work, Stop Wife, play mta.
  11. Good luck for both teams, but I see Sixth Sense here clearly more experienced as eP and I bet a closely win for 6s ( 11-10 ).
  12. keep it up mate
  13. #hidin #skaarj #finn #airplane