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  1. Hello dear sixth sense community What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Mertcan and my nickname is Rocketbunny. I am 17 years old from Istanbul, Turkey. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: My MTA career started in 2012, my first server i've played MrGreenGaming. My first clan was One Celcius -1c-. I was using "DuTcH" nickname when i was in -1c-. I played with my friends in this clan for too many months, I learned some DD skills there. I was changing my nicknames too much between 2013-2014, that's why i am not a very known person in this game. As I remember, I changed my nick to Daniel in the first month of 2015. In 2015, I joined Mutable Monsters [MM], but it was my worst clan i've ever joined. Because the leader wasn't playing without his old friends, I mean he doesn't need to test his players in any clanwar. I left because of it. After all, my old friend Waxy invited me Zero Gravity Stunters [zGs] in 2015 summer. I've played too many clanwars in this clan, and I learned how to play with Foreign countries. I found myself, I learned what can I do if I play with good teammates. As I remember, Waxy decided to close zGs because of school, exams in September 2015. In 2015 December, I was playing in GoD and i asked PunK for join Hungry Cheetahs, he accepted me as trial. Hungry Cheetahs was a turning point for my MTA career. Because i've met new people in this clan. We were strong because of all of HC players were skilled, we had too many high scores versus good clans. After 2 months, I decided to leave because of almost all of HC players begin inactive, only Skillet and me were active player in HC, we can't even play a clanwar, that's why I decided to leave. After HC, I wrote join request to Red FoXes =FoX=. I am accepted as trial. I got kicked after 1 month because of I banned our opponents in clanwar, Woozie had to kick me. But he is still my friend, because he is friendly, he should obey rules. After these times I've spent, My old friend(from 2014) invited me Win., I knew this clan from the past and I said "Why not?" and I accepted his invitation. This clan was good but I cant play with Ziomallinio and I decided to leave after 2 weeks. In 2016, My last career goal was Associated Crew [AC], DeathkisS helped me to join. I played for 3 or 4 weeks in there, but I was playing so bad because of my dad has got a serious illness in summer 2016. I decided to leave [AC] and i decided to be inactive in MTA. I reinstalled the game in January, 2017. I joined the DD community again. I am still playing with my turkish, bulgarian, ukranian, russian, czechian friends. Have you been in any other clans?: As I remember, I've joined [HC] Hungry Cheetahs [6ix] Six Pages [zGs] Zero Gravity Stunters [DL] Destruction Derby Legends =FoX= Red FoXes [AC] Associated Crew What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: I expect Sixth Sense to be a strong, well-organized clan. If I be a part of Sixth Sense in future, I expect we will have nice team work. I expect a serious and fair management in-game or not in-game.I hope Sixth Sense is not going to be inactive in the future. But to be honest, i am searching a serious and old clan, that's why I am writing this join request. How would you be useful to us?: Firstly, I am skilled in cross maps(like S15, Y). And as known as by everybody, Cross maps are the most played maps in MTA DD community. I am not a clan jumper. I will be responsible to this clan. I won't play fake clanwars with my friends if I be a part of Sixth Sense. I am raging sometimes but I will control myself like my Cheetah(: , I will obey the rules of this clan and I am sure about I have enough skills for be a part of Sixth Sense. Thanks for reading.
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