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  1. Movie: Falling Down Series: The Sopranos
  2. We are pleased to share with you our YouTube channel where we will try to stream every MTA event related to MAD. In order to stay tuned, check for the next stream below. ---LiveStream schedule--- ---Upcoming--- ---Old--- Event: [WFF DM L7] MAD vs B# Date: 13.08.17 Time: 18:00 CEST Link: Stream Event: WFF 15 Group 9 (Kamen, Japa) Date: 24.06.17 Time: 20:00 CEST Link: Stream Event: WFF 15 Group 12 (Crystal) Date: 27.06.17 Time: 19:00 CEST Link: Stream
  3. Best of luck to you. I hope you can find your place.
  4. Congratulations! You are accepted as trial. Feel free to wear our tag and for the further information, we will contact you privately.
  5. What cable are you using to connect your monitor? If it's HDMI then try to use DVI cable or VGA.. Sometimes HDMI isn't working.
  6. Well, those stuff are way more important but hopefully we can still see you on MAD whatsapp. GL hf
  7. hot

    He got kicked from MAD before he even got here to post. So we are not responsible for this kid. You can ignore this clown, he comes from DDC circus where these jokes are still relevant.
  8. Leaders Kamen Council kNASKRIPPA Maka Hitsu Virtuos ChaosJoy Manager Valentino Members Archie Beast Devisun Element GjentiB KITT Kostolom LipiSiQx Japa N0PE ProjectX Sara Sebaz Smirnov Szabi WeeD WinD Flare Marcus Sarah ShoK Vintagus Trials CarmY Infinity Kanzy QuadraK NB! The sign at the back of the nick means that the specific person is currently inactive.
  9. Let us have tables and custom color. The editor needs some attention as well. It gets problematic sometimes. It may stop showing the images I insert or wont insert a new line when I press enter.
  10. Thanks man for such good words. I am full of myself after reading this.
  11. Well done! Much grateful for adding those table functions