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  1. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location? My name is Ilgmars and my nickname is ESKADIVI ( but most of you know me as Sk2 ). I am 21 years old, from Latvia. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career? I started to play MTA:RACE, first versions around 2008-2009. Then after half a year, left it. Then in 2012 started to play it again with my friends, we found some Race server and played there a month. Later we started to play in HoT when Zyte was founder, after some time me and my friends joined the HoT clan. In HoT server we managed to learn how to drive these deathmatch maps, it was so confusing at first, when you don't know what to press. ^^ Later when Zyte closed server and clan, we started to play in ER and again with friends joined into clan, after months of playing there, I started to improve in deathmatch and also got promoted to leader. At 2012 september, Gallardo closed ER and merged with WTF clan. There I met new people and good friends like Cosa_Nostra. After few months Gallardo closed WTF and re-opened ER, me and Cosa_Nostra started to play in FFS, also we tried to join FFS clan, but they declined me. If I am right, spent a year in FFS server. Then Gallardo decided to invite me and Cosa_Nostra to ER, we accepted the invite. Then in 2015 august, I left ER and started to play other games, but after around half a year came back to MTA and joined EFE a.k.a now TFF. Then left it, because of some members and joined PiA and in 27th may they closed it. Have you been in any other clans? Throughout my almost 6 years of MTA, I have been in 5 different clans: HoT - Forgot full name WTF// - What The Fuck ER - Empire of Riders /TfF\ - The Favoured Few ( New one, with EFE leaders ) PiA - Pro's in Action What are your expectations in Sixth Sense? My expectations here are to spend time good in clan. At all Sixth Sense is already a great community, of course there are some litte things which need to improve. How would you be useful to us? I am organized and responsible person. Also I love to bring some fresh ideas in design aspect and games/gamemodes. I can be useful as admin, help people in forum/server and as mapper, would help with mapping stuff. I could help to expand prize pool for tournaments hosted by Sixth Sense. For example Steam Wallet code, Games etc. In my opinion, more people would be encouraged to join the tournament. I'm also working as DevOp, so I can help with server stuff. ahh yes, started to record. Also if you want to contact me: STEAM or ESKADIVI #5608 ( DISCORD ) Best wishes, ESKADIVI
  2. @Gteatero you could at least copy bit better my parachute part xdd
  3. Great join request.
  4. @RoNNiE# for president!
  5. Name of the map: Parachute 3 Author: @ESKADIVI & @RoNNiE#

    Join my discord channel
  7. heyy . Decided to share most of my maps. You can download them here. Enjoy!
  8. Topic can be closed, thank you!
  9. heyy . Tried to make a speed track for first time, ye I need to fix some stuff. ^^ If you want to finish this map, write your skype in comments and I will contact you. Enjoy my shiet video. x) P.S. Part whre is script, I failed bit, but gonna fix it. Cosa_Nostra: трек прикольный, кстати говоря)
  10. heyy . You guys might know me, but anyway gonna say it again I am Sk2, yeye that lazy 'n shit mapper. ^^ My name is Ilgmars and currently I live in Latvia. Already for a few months I'm working as web developer ( python + django and bit JavaScript ). If you're interested to play with me some games you can add me on STEAM. Also time ago on Photoshop I made concept for main panel, you can check it here and if you wonder how it would look if I put panel down, you can check it here. If you noticed @NitroN mentioned in his introduction that he is working on Parachute 3 video, I hope you guys will like it, made it together with @RoNNiE#. That's All Folks !