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  1. some cool JR xdd
  2. @Gteatero you could at least copy bit better my parachute part xdd
  3. Great join request.
  4. @RoNNiE# for president!
  5. Name of the map: Parachute 3 Author: @ESKADIVI & @RoNNiE#

    Join my discord channel
  7. heyy . Decided to share most of my maps. You can download them here. Enjoy!
  8. Topic can be closed, thank you!
  9. heyy . Tried to make a speed track for first time, ye I need to fix some stuff. ^^ If you want to finish this map, write your skype in comments and I will contact you. Enjoy my shiet video. x) P.S. Part whre is script, I failed bit, but gonna fix it. Cosa_Nostra: трек прикольный, кстати говоря)
  10. heyy . You guys might know me, but anyway gonna say it again I am Sk2, yeye that lazy 'n shit mapper. ^^ My name is Ilgmars and currently I live in Latvia. Already for a few months I'm working as web developer ( python + django and bit JavaScript ). If you're interested to play with me some games you can add me on STEAM. Also time ago on Photoshop I made concept for main panel, you can check it here and if you wonder how it would look if I put panel down, you can check it here. If you noticed @NitroN mentioned in his introduction that he is working on Parachute 3 video, I hope you guys will like it, made it together with @RoNNiE#. That's All Folks !