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  1. What a nice quality! you did a perfect hit!
  2. How to forget when mayweather used Sixth sense's hunter song for his entrance

  3. You need a good blur, it seems kinda clear and makes it look rigid and somehow boring, despite that I like what you did.
  4. Wow this is real, dsalkdnaslkdnasndadasnldnasldknassnakdalsndlkan.
  5. Okay here we go: In first instance the userpanel is way too complex to understand for users, that means it was kinda hard for we users (and 6s members i think so) to explain other guys to press U and then Up key, in my opinion that was way unnecessary. Some arenas such as hunter and shooter are not made for our latino ping (how sad) or ppl with high ping. That means we were kinda "insta banned" in those arenas. The features such as "replay" system were not well implemented, users just knew there was a fucking window showing off in the screen and sadly they didn't know what it was for and how to open it and close it. Maybe the fact we users have to PAY for a team is kinda unfair and imma explain why: If you want to get a big player base (or a decent one) you gotta make em' stay the most in the server so, if u tell users they gotta pay (getting the donator status) for getting a team they gonna do it and thats it, in other words, they aint gonna stay a lot of time playing to "buy" a team. The money system is way to poor: Okay, im not super skilled at all but in my whole experience in the Sixth Sense server I had to play a lot (literally a lot) to get 250k to buy the car skin I wanted and thats kinda boring cus I remember days i just had to stay 3 - 4 hours just to make like 15-20k (if i had luck) The car skins were too poor: Fine,I like skins and such addons but the skins were way horrible and i just kept with the one which looks like a galaxy (talking about the design of the skins) A good way to get money was "gladiators" and it were just 1 map, thats why nobody used to play that gamemode Catch was also a poor gamemode since there wasn't any features for the catcher and the other guys (and the few maps it had also made it a boring gamemode) I didn't like the fact i had to stop playing to open the shop. It was kinda new for users to get how to join an arena I stopped playing because there was nobody to play with (sometimes I join and play alone cus i like the server)
  6. Portafolio update: vectorization of Vegeta SSJ4 (Chibi style)

    the one I made is the right side one.



  7. Good map and great recording vishal
  8. Cool map my fut mate
  9. Map is fine, sadly expected a lot more of you guys. Keep on improving with the deco.
  10. I really like this map to be honest it has a lot of cool deco, as a suggestion try not to make invisible track like jumps and that (Its kinda annoying) About the record its fine but sadly the recorder didnt take serious your map or idk If hes just recording a gameplay for youtube but honestly i would not let someone who keeps drifting unnecessarily to record my map, Thats a lack of respect towards the map and mappers.
  11. I like the start, gl finding
  12. Amazing Lightshow budya i love it
  13. Bye zomi, enjoy your life cowboy
  14. Nice map buddy, there Is a few things you should improve about your track but seems playable, nice work. Keep improving man
  15. Im totally in love with this map, Its a wonderful show of colors and somehow some illusion thing that combined the track makes it amazing. Its just incredible.