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  1. As long as Sixth Sense is growing up a professional clan it's such a shame witnessing such immature behaviours like this. Dear DogZone: Even if you have a reason or not you should definetly not treat people this way. Even if its a joke or not you should behave a little bit better, respecting each other is an important quality so try to stay cool with every member in the forum. This is not your community.
  2. I miss my vacations.

    1. BliZarD


      Who wouldnt? :D

  3. No more monkey jumping on the bad..

  4. Join request By CheiN The main purpose of this join request is demonstrating the interest I have of being part of your team. I believe the experience and skills I have accummulated with the pass of years allow me to fulfil my responsabilities in a highly effective manner. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is David, my most known nickname is CheiN and I was born and currently reside in Colombia. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: The most important part of my MTA career is being represented by the communication I've made with the MTA community overall with the pass of years. Being a very communicative guy allowed me communicating ideas, receiving and sharing experiences, also improving the way I see this game. Mapping brought myself to another level of creativity since it allowed me to understand how to create different things which users would like to see, in part I'd consider this as one of the most important parts of my MTA careers. Mapping somehow is like cooking something, you will need the experience to correctly please the user's necessities even if its about decoration or track, the way you develop a map show how organized is your mind, and the way you decorate/track the map expresses the concept you have about quality. In fact mapping helped me organizing my ideas and perfecting my concept of what quality is. As a conclusion the map editor marked a before and an after in my MTA career long time ago. Another significative part of my life was joining Sixth Sense, as I belong a latino community I've been told not to try things which seems hard to do such as try joining a team like this one. Trying to join Sixth Sense for a period of two and a half years helped me by making me realize I should definetly stay in the pursuit of my goals, happiness and self realisation, thanks to this, I managed to completely understand what a team is a how to work with a development team/the team overall. Thanks to Sixth Sense I got myself encouraged to try different things and to explore different paths even if its in-game or IRL. Have you been in any other clans?: Fight For You (FfY) INT (I don't remember what INT stands for) Social Gamers (|SG) ePic! (e!) Sixth Sense (|6s) What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: I expect to have hard working colleagues who share their ideas in order to keep a correct management of the incoming server, events and the forum. I expect Sixth Sense to be the ideal ideal cyber place to share opinions, make friends and reinforce the ties I've made with people I met long time ago. I expect Sixth Sense to release their server and be one of the most popular server in the MTA overall community, I'll be proud of the team even if it success or if it doesn't, that's what I call being part of a family. How would you be useful to us?: I am a passionate software and video-game developer who is studying his sixth semester of Multimedia Engineering, the experience I have obtained in the programming area allow me being a quality colleague with a strong concept of quality and team work. Sharing and receiving experiences is a strong attribute of mine which allow me conceiving different perspectives for the development tasks also, understanding different opinion helps in the improvement of the idea making process. Coding in Java and C# is one of the most strong attributes when it come to programming languages. I have used them when it comes to develop software, despite I tend to Java, I have adquired the experience to manage logic in order to code in any other programming languages. Blender is a free 3D modelling software which function is materializating ideas into virtual objects, modeling and texturing simple objects is a task I can fulfil in an effective manner. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are the applied tools in the image editing and the image vectorizing labor, despite I am not into a graphic design major, the knowledge I have adquired with these tools allow me representing 2D stuff. As a former Sixth Sense member I know what the community needs in terms of administration and interaction with the users, in that terms I'm a fully efficient candidate to manage the forum correctly and providing a friendly atmosphere in it. Something more to add: For the case found on another community, I'd like to express my apologies to the Sixth Sense team as I know I brought them into problems and it was clearly not my intention, I accept I was completely wrong and the things I did were wrong and were totally unprofessional and definetly not ethic. I'd like to apologize with everyone I affected with that action and also with @Alin who is a guy that I'm cool with and I got nothing against him. We humans commit mistakes, it depends on us to avoid them or to face them and I'm a very serious human being who wouldn't avoid this kind of situations. Thanks for reading, Peace out. "In this sad world of ours sorrow comes to all and it often comes with bitter agony. Perfect relief is not possible except with time. You cannot now believe that you will ever feel better. But this is not true. You are sure to be happy again. Knowing this, truly believing it will make you less miserable now. I have had enough experience to make this statement." - Abraham Lincoln.
  5. Hello Copy! and welcome to the Sixth Sense community. It seems you don't really know about the gaming clans section so i'll leave down below the a link for you to join into the zero fear gaming clan and post your join request there. LINK: Hope you to have a good day and remember if you have any question just join here: or don't mind asking an admin. Have a nice day/night/afternoon!
  6. Lovely map guys I really like what you did there, track and deco are hella good <3
  7. Welcome buddy, enjoy your stay!
  8. It's a pleasure to have such masterpiece being showed here in our forum, thanks for sharing it with us, I totally LIKE it!
  9. Lovely map, thanks for sharing it here!
  10. Hi im d3lete from Colombia
  11. My lucky number: 32
  12. Thanks for sharing your map with us, it is a lovely map. Don't worry about this .