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  1.[DM] this should work.
  2. Decided to share it Mediafire - Map Folder
  3. I wouldn't mind helping aswell
  4. I was right,
  5. How much maps are this? 50?
  6. We are searching for 1 or 2 parter(s) Contact: protiac.mta --- Record Info: ◘ Recorder: XrToR ◘Infernus: vM1cra v5 by Micra ◘Led Lights: TroY's Led Lights By KingofSpeed ◘Song: San Holo - Light
  7. Hi everyone! New feat request by me. -My Skype : live:562f0a48dafd1262 Credits: ◘Song: Terravita - Zeitgeber •Recorder Info -Skype: live:tolga.sakalli
  8. --------------------------------------- ► Click here and subscribe to TobseN! Click me! ► Skype: nico.wissman ► If you like the record or map than leave a like ► 1080p 60FPS --------------------------------------- Getsuei`s Skype: live:562f0a48dafd1262
  9. #PrayForTarkaan
  10. It isn't bugged, tested it for around 25x now, it is just space+d as soon as you get in the air, till you hit the last ballypllr01 If you hit space+d a bit later, it is still possible, just a bit more tricky
  11. By the way, for those who want to see how I decorate, here are some pictures of a different map of me
  12. Searching for an ft partner that is capable of making a bit skilled track, and if needed some decoration. You can contact me on my skype. protiac.mta Video by: Tobsen, Song used: Skrillex & Diplo - Mind feat. Kai (Slander Remix)