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  1. Will be banned permanently soon
  2. The pictures explain everything
  3. @Qualiti
  4. pickups + name player + training

    Hey there, i can skip pickups When going down to training does not show any objs While returning from training does not appear any name from the names of the players bug in tab "scoreboard" Hope that it will be fixed. ty guys for help me even told about it @Moro, @#SILVER , @#N|M|S Hack
  5. happy Birthday @nGear happy Birthday Guys @Zeke - @MaRtiiN - @RixoN - @Zilion
  6. Nickname(s) of the player(s): Mor0 Transgression(s): camper Date and time: 11-8-2017 06:06 PM Evidence: Additional comments: -
  7. gl bro
  8. welcome
  9. Happy bday dude ^^

    كل سنه وانت طيب يا برو

  10. Sixth Sense - Your Favorite Arena
  11. Where is my food?
  12. nice remix
  13. Happy Birthday breaker!

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      Thank you!

  14. good job bro
  15. I sent you a message and told you the required server development It is an example:. idea on Forum 1- Development > Bugs > Forum/Server/ new Map 2- add Unban/Unmute Requests Requests with Reports 3- add Monitor for all arenas take in "id player+name+name clan+money+flag" 4- add gallery idea on Server 1- change the lobby or make new lobby 2- change user panel 3- store > add new in store like new skin,Edit on ped skins 4- make clan in 6s through 1M 5- shooter > Change his mind Beginner, etc and add on by levels 6- cinema > can buy any video on youtube through 15K 7- DM > fix Water problem When taking any Vehicle such as Dumper,Vortex,Dune,nrg I die instantly 8- Maps > don't accept any maps there is bug,sc,bad and repair all existing maps within the server 9- Music > add new mod can buy any music on youtube through 10K etc,etc,etc...... but you told me here These are some of the ideas from the side people playing in server they are arabs, they told me it was a good idea to implement these ideas and develop the server and some invitations until the soul is returned to the server again. Thank you for this topic Thank you readers Best Greets,Hack