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  1. Final score 14-6 for 6s MvP: our perfect trial called DRiVeR
  2. God, im impressed by Tampon’s graphic configuration! Also this infernus skin looks very original, never seen it before. The map seems to be very smooth to drive and deco fits the track. Everything looks so clean and I’m giving it high rate but I hope that it wont change after playing it on the server. Good job!
  3. I hope that first map from list will be de-stressing for everyone and fun will be the thing who no one forget about. Have a nice battle!
  4. All the true about FFS has been said by FiNN, nothing to add. I believe that our community will never stop growing. Congratulations to our new perfect trials!!! Have a nice weekend
  5. Never seen it before, looks dope
  6. Hello Ruby! Have a nice stay!
  7. I really liked first one and this map looks even better. Cant wait to play this! Good job all of you
  8. This track looks just amazing! Well done
  9. Welcome my friend! Have a nice stay here =)
  10. Looks really nice, good job
  11. Hello since ill have more time to play since tomorrow i want to join this tournament and im looking for great and experienced team. Im good in everything Cheers, St0pk4
  12. Not bad but in my opinion would be better if someone who spectate you will record your game. Good job
  13. Warm welcome Waxy!
  14. Good job Never!