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  1. Very good but Sheldon shouldn't have joined imo
  2. two good friends of mine nice nice gj
  3. crap
  4. Meh
  5. Holy shit almost all my bros joined. Congratz
  6. I know your maps. HEY
  7. Text: Something related to EPG (#0fc0fc) and my nick Mood (Dark/Speed/Happy/etc..): speed 3D or 2D: 2d Links of photo's or images you want me to use: EPG logo if you can surprise me
  8. You do realise the dm gamemode isnt revolved around top 1s..
  9. A server doesn't become better if you take ideas from ffs
  10. Area: Busted Evidence: Steps to reproduce: Police have* won this round --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Area: Busted Evidence: Screenshot/Video: Steps to reproduce: More of a suggestion. Adding an arrow at the top of the police cars which point towards the robber's vehicle if the robber hasn't been marked for some time.
  11. Very good! I hope you guys succeed.
  12. Username: ProGear Country: United Kingdom Gamemode: Busted Contacts (Skype/Discord): crysis.mta I feel like im qualified enough to test busted since I've made a similar CnR map in the past so i can trace down the bugs more efficiently and inform room for improvement