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  1. 2 lucas por cuenta rut y un completo
  2. nice jr would steal donations again 10/10
  3. gj sharing idiot
  4. We are still up to play this clanwar.
  5. good channel
  6. From my point of view, the path you have decided to follow this year is the correct one. Hopefully, everything will go well with both your clan and server (which by the way looks really neat and the new colour code fits it perfectly!). Keep it up, waiting to see more from you and I hope to finally have a cool DM server to play on because as we all noticed, MTA lacks DM servers recently and I think there's no better moment to release a good server than now/near future. Congratulations to the new trials.
  7. Thank me as well I told her to invite you . Is sad to see this great clan passing away, good luck in the future!
  8. omg abuser? please check logs and delete this toptime, ty bb
  9. I think we all had this idea of showing how much mta has changed, (I had a similar one a few years ago which was based on showing different styles of deco tho, not the same yet similar). Well done, it's one of those few maps which are unique, even if you say that there's nothing new the concept is new by itself. Keep it up.
  10. gz kids keep it up
  11. uma delicia
  12. gz chein capo
  13. driver l2m