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  1. This is what I call "a few words to think about", thanks for sharing stuff.
  2. Clan name: Xtreme Racers zCool Clan tag: ~xRz~ Clanwar Type: Deathmatch Oldschool Contact: Skype (Kamen has it) Date & time: 08.07.2017 // 19:00 German time Server: MAD's cw Referee(-s): Players: MAD players: Kamen Japa Derox ~xRz~ players: SmoK Swidrox Audi B4ND1T Meraxes Maps: MAD maps: - TBA ~xRz~ maps: - TBA Rules: WFF
  3. Area: Userpanel Panel Evidence: Steps to reproduce: Having every possible option attached on the top of the screen, the last two (Settings and Music) display covering the day and time. Simply as it is, placing them after the day and time would make it look much better. Area: Userpanel Panel Evidence: Steps to reproduce: I don't know if it's meant to be so or not, but every single "i" letter is replaced with a big one "I". For instance "NIckname" instead of "Nickname", "PlaytIme" instead of "Playtime".
  4. Username: SmoK! Country: Poland Gamemode: Oldschool Contacts (Skype/Discord): tomaszek9755