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  1. Hey Shinex, nice introduction comrade !
  2. Holy, that's really astonishing O_o i love Maze Runner series, one of the reasons why it literally stunned me. It is very much different than a regular map, as a feel a small combination with race in this map, and i feel like you really put effort and love into it, that's so rare nowadays and i loveee it! That inspiration.. just awesome, unfortunately didn't get the last part as i didn't read the book This is pure epicness, i wanna watch the movies again
  3. Literally no comment! Thank you so much for this opportunity, it is really great honor to be in the family. I'll show you that you have chosen the right guy for anything that awaits me! Congratulations to my trial colleagues as well! Maybe dark past, but surely bright future!
  4. Ah pity BoW is out, although it seems like Black Box are gonna defend their title, will be interesting match. If possible publish the date please when it takes place, i would like to watch it ! Good luck to the finalists!
  5. Damn, that's so impressive! Not only this one, but the previous mods like Buffalo, Sanchez and Infernus as well ... really astonishing O_o Thumbs up!
  6. Welcome Falten, enjoy your stay in Sixth Sense
  7. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My real name is Adam, but in-game you might know me as Deamonik. I am 19 years old and I live in the heart of Europe, in Slovakia. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: The very beginning of my path in MTA have started in 2009. My first steps tasted community Ownage Owls. However, for some unknown reason I ended up in the server called SHC, there I spent a while, during their heyday. Nevertheless, after it merged with FFS, I took a break from MTA. To this point, I was primary familiarizing with the stuff in MTA. It however changed in 2012, I decided that I will give it the last chance, and my story of Destruction Derby player starts here. I have been gaining experience over the months, and when the opportunity came, I decided to create a DD clan – Extreme Forces. It had a tremendous success and we became slightly powerful, and not many could defeat us indeed. That was leading of creating Academy of Extreme Forces, which purpose was seeking and training future DD players. It gave me really great Destruction Derby and leadership experience. Two years later, many players decided to join prestigious clans, and that was leading to strength and morale decrease in the clan. Extreme Forces eventually went apart and I decided to retreat into the shadow. In 2015 I found a lovely place of amazing people in Neon Multigaming community. There I eventually ended up as a member, and spent my time mostly moderating the server. My time here was very pleasing, as the players and community is very unique. Nevertheless, my path ended there in the summer 2017. The clan has became highly inactive and there was unfortunately nothing I could offer to them. Have you been in any other clans?: -EF// -> Extreme Forces (Founder) [Ne] -> Neon Multigaming (Member) What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: What I expect in Sixth Sense is to have a friendly atmosphere, and to be a part of well leaded and organized community. That already came true though, I believe. I expect Sixth Sense to be a serious clan, that’s what I am looking for, long term obligation! Being in a clan with cool folks that have their own spot in the clan. As I used to say - Every member is a piece of puzzle, each of them has strengths and skills to share. And when they link their individual strengths together, they are invincible. How would you be useful to us?: I might be useful in Sixth Sense in several ways. I have been playing DD for many years. I have large experience in it, I would be able to help establish the DD squad, and improve it’s existence. I believe Sixth Sense might utilize of that. I consider myself as a versatile player, i am quite good in race, trying to improve in DM as well, but thats not very significant part of me yet. However, I would be helpful in any way you need. I am quite familiar with the moderating, I’ve been doing it a few years. I think that would be useful in the upcoming server, to take care of some particular section. Something more to add: Thank you for reading my join request. If you are curious about something, do not hesitate and feel free to ask. With sincere appreciation, Deamonik
  8. Welcome in Sixth Sense, comrade
  9. Final score (|6s - [MAD]): 74-66 MVP: Partyz
  10. Good luck folks, show them the powah !
  11. Team name - Neon Multigaming Team leader - Deamonik Contact (skype) - adamkmet68 Team members / location: [Ne]Barbawix (Germany) [Ne]MiT0 (Spain) [Ne]Dani (Hungary) [Ne]Deamonik (Slovakia) [Ne]AxEroX (Hungary) Reserves: Foxik (Poland) Hero (Egypt) [CwC]Shift (Hungary)
  12. Hello, not sure if it is written somewhere and i overlooked it, or is uncertain so far, but is there any approximate date, when this tournament might start?