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  1. Actually now I'm not able to choose the team I want but nvm
  2. well you can make that there can't be more than 1 player more in opponents team. When there are 2 players in grey and 1 in brown next player can only join brown team.
  3. I will write here my idea about gladiato. SO there is a random team pickup. It would be much better if we can choose whether we want to join brown or grey. TY
  4. Thank you for reading but I still think that its better max. 10min videos and after 2 videos you can add your another video.
  5. Ok now since cinema is working fine we had lot of problems today. Not tehnical one but lot of players added same videos 5-6 times in a row and if there wasnt guil|6s to skip it we could easily leace cinema. So... my idea is that 1 player can add only 1 video and he must wait 2 players to add his video ( or after 10min). I think that we also need /vs- vote skip and it needs 90% of all palyers to be skipped, but only after the video was been played for at least 2min. And if it could be possible to make a limit of max. 10min for every video. There are lot of video compilations with 1h and more. Thank you for reading.
  6. 1st idea: I've noticed that there's not k/d score when you press TAB in shooter so I think it would be great that we can see k/d of other players and ofc your own k/d stats. My 2nd idea is related to a new game mode (Please read it to the end). I think it would be fun to have a ''Heist arena'' similar to GTA V where you have to rob banks, kill people etc. The arena should be made so that you need 2-6 players for the heist. I was thinking about how could make that the criminals can get busted or escape from the cops. If it is possible you can make the police to be BOT's and payers can choose between Easy-Medium and Hard lvl. You can also make that other players are in police but then here should be 4-5 ''mini arenas'' with max 16 players (max. 6 for criminals and 10 for cops.) I hope you like my ideas (even tho the 2nd idea is a bit hard to make) and feel free to write your opinion what would you like to add to the possible new arena.