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  1. Thanks for tilting the text, because the default font is so unreadable. Would highly appreciate if you change the text colour to yellow as well to provide the highest reading quality.
  2. @Kamen GL brother <3
  3. Holy shit, where is that inspiration for deco, weather and skybox coming from?!
  4. Congratulations to all the new faces. I'm really glad to see such a great person as Martis joining the team. Also, welcome back Sheldon, hopefully, you won't go full retard this time and you'll make a good use of the 2nd chance you've received. Happy New Year everyone and best of luck to Sixth Sense, may 2018 be the year of your greatness.
  5. Hey everyone. I've been collecting clips for a while and finally decided to compile them and share to everyone. Feel free to leave any feedback, say what to improve or what to get rid of in (maybe) next videos. Ik quality is shit and low editing skills But still, enjoy!
  6. @Alex Brother ;((
  7. I don't have any unpopular opinion to share but I really want to show my friend's masterpiece.
  8. The competition has just finished with the score 8-12 for nTL. We started off really well, but with the time our rivals were slowly decreasing present disadvantage until they've managed to get rid of it and they used the given opportunity and won the game. Thanks to our rivals and refs for their time. Also big thanks to: - Magnito - Partyz - Moldy - airplaNe for their great willingness and presence throughout the game. Sorry for a short answer to the topic but I'm really pissed off about some things right now. CW in a nutshell:
  9. Greetings everyone. Tomorrow we're continuing our clan war series, facing Nothing To Lose crew this time. It's going to be our first ever encounter, hopefully not the last one. Obviously our expectations towards them are really high, in fact, they picked very hard, a skill requiring maps. Their picks might be explained by our performance in the previous clan war, where the maps were skill-demanding as well. We're not looking for another loss in a row, but on the other hand, I know taking us down is very tempting, which means our rivals are going to come prepared. For the best spectating experience of interested, we've decided to leave the server password-free. You're warmly welcomed! Clan War Information: Date & Time: 22.07.2017, 18:00 GMT+1 Server: Sixth Sense's DM CW Server Amount of Players: 5 vs. 5 Maps: 10 Rounds: 20 Participants' Information: Sixth Sense |6s Maps - SoniX - Fortress - Sealine ft. XzibiT - Adrenaline PuRe 2 - JameS v.7 - Cooler Than Me - Moonlight ft. WodeN - Delta Heavy - Gus V7 - Needed Skill Nothing To Lose |-nTL-| Maps - Zean - Singularity - StiveN v3 - Amazing Driving - dcoy v1 - Improve your skills - SymoN v9 - Phantom Port - Action Vol.5 - Hell Exciting Rules
  10. After more than 4 hours of a tough battle, the clan war has come to an end with the score 8-12 on XpR's favour. Which means they've managed to claim the 'Tirology Title', as it was our third encounter already. We started off kind of 'unlucky', if I can even use that word here. I ended up being the only one from my team passing Budya v9, which is embarrassing. This is where XpR got an advantage and kept it until the very last map of the first half which ended 5-5. Speaking of the first half, overall it was pretty even, we won almost all our maps and so did our competitors - which only shows how good our map choices were. As a fun fact, I can tell that all of our 5 points were earned the same way - I killed Naval (as he was always the last alive from the enemy team and I used all given opportunities to get us a point). After a break, it was only getting worse. Most of us were getting bugs or unlucky bounces. I couldn't stand up to play as well as during the first half. XpR took the wind out of our sails and didn't want to let go until they got what they came here for - victory. Well deserved victory, we can't complain about anything but ourselves and our bad performance, because we could have won even with the bugs. I'd like to thank XpR for being great rivals and making this competition happen without any fights, arguments or unapprovable behaviour. Very rare nowadays. Also huge thanks to refs for taking care of the battle. And the last, biggest thanks to my team - for trying their best, even though everything seemed to fall apart. Hopefully, we can make a 'Best of 5' out of this 'Trilogy' soon. GG WP
  11. Movie: Hacksaw Ridge Series: Lucifer
  12. Glad to see that after 2 years of existence we've never had any doubt moments and we keep moving. It's an honour to be a part of the team and I'm really proud to have such people by my side. May our 3rd year together be even greater and more successful. Looking forward to see our new goals accomplished as soon as possible. Btw I'm going back to business.
  13. He's right at some point, you know? Also, a single screen doesn't prove anything - might be his reaction or answer to a provocation.
  14. Not bad for a first montage. Some nice shots and really great quality. If I can request you something for future montages: - Edit is not needed at all. - Don't call 3v2 a 3v1, 2x 1v1 a 2v1. - Random hunter arena kills are boring to watch. Add some unusual shots (360, upside down, 2 rocket 2 kills, etc.). - The video is too long (2-3min is enough).