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  1. Congratulation guys. It was an enjoyable game with a really good atmosphere and without any issues. I would like to thank everything to my team for the hard preparing. Cant wait for the rematch.
  2. 6s - XpR : 70-70 MVP: @Partyz
  3. Congratz @SheldoN
  4. Very nice job. It seems really good and really really easy to use.
  5. Gg both teams. @Partyz kikre gondoltál?
  6. Bad player but good player. Best of luck.
  7. Congratulations to the new trials, well done guys. I have no words about the new stuff. I can only say good luck in the future and wish you the best of luck!
  8. @Torene @Pablow @Gteatero @FiNN
  9. See you on L7 Swalox Congratz guys!
  10. like a boss

    1. Pablow


      bad content

    2. Partyz


      yay i was there hi mom

  11. Survive II Supppp againnnn, this is what happens when you have the whole day to do nothing.. Two videos in a row, don't get used to it, probably never going to happen again Anyway, what to say, first time i played this map, loved it! It is so smooth to play that you won't have troubles to finish it! Decorations are just perfect for it, a great work from this two talented mappers! Song: Station Earth - Age of reason Follow me on Facebook! • Infernus MOD made by Micra • ElCrowMvs logo made by LeKreatif • LED LiGHTS ReqPack v1 by NitroN Best regards, ElCrow.