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  1. To be honest, I left the server because the users in decreases day after day but for me the server is really perfect but the main fact of leaving 6s's mgm server isn't that interesting that I feel in ffs from many sides one of them is the events I think you didn't even care about events and I'd like you to add a lottery system instead of adding sudden event which you can write in the display of the players hmm something like "Come DM alpha who'll finish this map will be a donor for 3 days".And I really estimated the plenty time that you've been developing the server to make us glad. I wish in the following days I explore the difference Yours Faithfully, NoOvL
  2. Hello Sixth Sense's community. Today I came with new video about my skills in addition introducing my gameplay. So let's leave you to watch the video. Sorry guys for this horrible quality but I was recording with my old PC so It's like the hell Something more ,I just finished editing the new montage so catch up with my new videos in the channel! If you have any questions you can tell me it in my skype aliaiman.lelo123
  3. Hello Sixth Sense's community. Today I came with new video about my skills in addition introducing my gameplay. So let's leave you to watch the video. Sorry guys for this horrible quality but I was recording with my old PC so It's like the hell Something more ,I just finished editing the new montage so catch up with my new videos in the channel! If you have any questions you can tell me it in my skype aliaiman.lelo123
  4. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Ali. I'm 13 years old and I'm currently residing in Egypt, Alex. In-game I'm known as NoOvL What are the most significant parts of your MTAcareer?: This would take quite a lot of time and space, so I will try to keep it to a minimum. I started my MTA "career" in early 2013, so you could say I'm kind of "stuck" in this game for a long time. I started off in a small Lithuanian server with my friends, with minimal amount of maps and players but we all had fun which got me hooked up to the game. It did not last too long as server maintenance cost money and we, being the kids we were, couldn't afford it. I randomly joined a server which then became my main server for the whole duration of this game - that would be DDC, that's probably where some people will know me from. The first ever clan I joined contained 3 members and it got closed shortly as the founder literally disappeared - never heard from him since. Me and few friends came up with a tag to use in-game and we've been using it whenever we were not a part of official clan, though that didn't last too long. I've gotten into DDC clan in last of 2013 and been only in 1 other clan between then and 2015, which was -DG. I've been playing in EPG in 2015 with a few friends of mine and been playing race in ffs / Shooter servers. The most "outstanding" things I've done in MTA were leading two great clans - nL and |MG|. I am also the founder of WFF tournament, which most of you should know by now. You're most definitely welcome (heh). I've been administrating the forums for the last 6 years, administrating servers for the last 9. Won't go into details as this is the shortest version I could come up with. Have you been in any other clans?: |MG| Monster Gamers , SH Leader -DG| Divinity Gamers , Member uC' Ultra Cavaliras , Leader !nL Never Lose , Founder Die 4 me Noob , Leader What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: Have some activities to do! I haven't been "active" in MTA for the last 2 years and I probably won't reach that level as I had it while leading clans. However, lately I find myself having nothing to do and I was searching for solution - playing games on steam wasn't enough anymore. I found this site quite unexpectedly and decided to check out the lineup you guys have. I saw quite a few familiar old faces, like George, Royce and Leo, as well as Finn and Tifis which I got to meet during one of WFFs. That's basically the reason I'm writing this JR. I imagine everyone has a specific role in a clan and I am searching for one. That being said, I'm fine just "being there" and helping with whatever you throw at me. I might just not be used to being clanless anymore hah. How would you be useful to us?: As I already mentioned, I have quite a few years of experience, starting from administrating and organizing events, to leading clans etc. Can't say I'm too skilled in the game but I know (or at least did) pretty much everything this games' social aspects have to offer. Something more to add: As you may understand from my name, I'm not native Englishman. However, I've been living in here for the last 1 years and plan on staying in here. I'm a school graduate and currently working just a student. Should probably leave some conact at skype .. aliaiman.lelo123
  5. Really I won't close this thread!
  6. Frist I made this Join request and I won't close it and the last JRs I closed them for having some problems and inviting from clans.
  7. Never
  8. What?
  9. Yes @Liviu I meant another thing but you didn't understand me.
  10. Enjoy Reading . . . ! What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: My name is Ali, My nick-name in-game is NoOvL. I'm 12 years old, turning 13 in a few days. Now I'm livng in Egypt in a city called Minya What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: I started to play MTA at the end of 2013, at the beginning I couldn't find the meaning of the game, I tried my luck in a lot of game-modes, until I discovered Shooter, in that moment it seemed to be a competitive game and which it could be on my reach, with dedication and effort. Gradually I started to improve my skills, which it took me quite some time to improve in the game and get a decent standard on it. Have you been in any other clans?: Frist of all , I went to Divinity Gamers I thought that's it's a intresting clan but it wasn't I stayed in this clan from 1-2 months after that I went to Monster Gamers I went there because this clan gave me offer to join this clan and be a shooter leader I accepted ! But unlucky I was having some problems with the Owner then I left it but I'm upset for I made a big shooter team in this clan but I left it and at the end I went to Don't Worry It was a nice clan because it was containing my friends ; Danta , Pixlez and Somah But I left it to join another clan who's name is Shlyaping Gaming But it closed then I saw my friend Tw!x opend a clan and I joined it .. It's name was Lovers Challenge But he closed it and opened Positive Team But I don't want to join it. What are your requirements in Sixth Sense?: I am expecting from Sixth Sense a mature and so, communicative clan. Obviously, we will have our funny moments, because not everything involves maturity, we'll share for sure unforgettable things, which it can be possible by sharing our minds/ideas, and with those, take conclusions. Knowing how to control the decisions at the moment that those appear leads to another but not last requirement. How would you be useful to us?: Principally, I excelled in Shooter. I could say that I got the abilities needed to help the team in this specific area, maybe I am not the best on it, but as I said I could be useful there. I also play Death Match, I am not a great player, because I have never played a lot there, but lately, I found it most striking than some other game-modes. I also can help in the forums and server aswell. I have a proper English to communicate with the players and help them out if necessary. Something more to add:
  11. Dude this topred's scripts ... the clan have scripters that can make their own scripts
  12. Good Luck both teams but 6s more
  13. Closed.
  14. Hello everyone, how ar you doin today? First of all, That's my application, So yeah I will get tired cuz this application will be longer, So guys Enjoy readin my application, and @TurBo I just make this application to join with my family aka |6s, so yeah give me a last chance that I will not leave again, as you can see You will not leave the family, So I will stay with my family, and I will keep playin 6s I swear, secound of all, there's Insulters that they Insult me sometimes, I mean like drake do you remember? he said something not allowed to say, I really dont love this words, (dirty words), well next ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Let's begin. What's your name, nickname, age, and location? My name is Ali, My nickname in-game NoOvL & NVL I have alot of nicknames (old nicknames), Im 12 years old, Im from Egypt in City Called Minya How long have you been playing MTA:SA? First of all, my friend install MTA:SA game since 2010 I was playin (Host game), I was alone on this game, and I don't know anything about this game, when I click (server browser) or whatever, I found a server called Q.5 freeroam server, And It was amazing to play this server, this server was the best server I have ever seen, I was a friendly guy and I have alot of friends there, but sadly, now I don't play this server anymore, It's borin, anyways I still playin mta to since 2012, since 2012 I become an admin on Q.5 then someone kicked me, and Im still alone, since 2013 I just found a race server called SMD if Im not wrong, I was playin shooter there, and It's borin to play there so I leave the arena and I joined oldschool, I was so wonderin (how to play this game), then someone tell me (are you sure, u cant play this game?), I just tell him yes, so he tell me again (why ar you here if you can't play this game), and I tell him ok I will leave and then my brother was playin and in the moment he uninstall the mta, then I wonderin how to reinstall mta sa, (I will download it again), So I was going to download it, but I dunno how to download, I just tell my friend to download it again, then he download it, so now I become a great player here, and this is my family, alot of words I have, but I dont want to keep writin. What other clans have you been in? Sake Loco - sL Sake Gaming - sG Divinity Gamers - -DG| Monster Gamers - |MG| And many small clans What are your expectations in 6s?: When I first saw this... I was amazed, still am to this moment. I think that Sixth sense will grow in huge numbers. Some day even bigger than FFS, that's how big I'm thinking. What I expect of the team you may ask? I think that this team will grow bigger than it is now. I believe that the team will and is a powerful, mature and strong team. What can you offer or bring to 6s? Ofc help in SH CWs ,Photoshop, sony vegas pro & everything. Disigning etc. Skype Name? aliaiman.lelo123 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Oke guys, I hope you enjoy to readin my application Sorry for dat frag movie but it's not my skills it's just a fast video .... and I also have nice videos but i'll but them in frag movie 5 & 6 , And TurBo know my skills <3 my love.
  15. Closed. Sorry but i have some problems.