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  1. co ty kurwa tu robisz cooo
  2. Hey its me 3years ago ayeeeeeeeeeeeee xDD
  3. fuck off i have 3:01:469
  4. Yes nigga!!!1!11
  5. gut gut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. well yeah thats right that i insulted you and i can agree with that but dont forget why i did that hard to say the truth just write that i was insulting okaay to make my opinion even worst but i was insulting your clan because they are making fun of me in everytime when im with them on server. When i just wrote to "fuck off" u told me to shut up because "easly i can settle for you a ban on tff so better shut the fuck up"
  7. Firstly DLF u wanted to help me with my jr to foxx and u know that im having a lot of problems with writing jr so i told you to help me with jr now you are posting that u wrote jr for me because u are rude toward me?
  8. Are u real.. u know my mute better than me.. I had 60days mute u can ask everyone + look at FFS Forum.
  9. I got this mute 60days ago so.. I changed a lot since this mute. Still thanks for opinion.
  10. Idk player join on nick xN#LUMINAIRE and was talking with me about Z# and he said thay darking told him this
  11. To TfF i didnt had chances because Nao and Shockwave... will dont say anything but to Z# Luminaire was talking with Darking and told me something so...
  12. Nickname: !xec[N]* Real name: Jakub Misztal Date of birth: 2002.06.12 Country and city: Poland,Kielce Contact info: skype : xenc.mta Previous clan(s): ~TS~ (closed) Member -RB- (kicked) Trial - Got kicked because was kid on 2013. xS// 2x (closed) Member -fts- (left) Member - left because members weren't grouped. PPS| (left) Member - Left because wanna join to better clan because my skill was better Q1* (closed) Member Why do you want to join us? I want to be part of your family cuz you are very friendly, you reminds me old gold times when I had nice, good friends in MTA. I think that we have same goals - you playing L7, last time I found wff skill in my mind! [MAD] is old clan and I could feel stabilized in. I really wanna change my attitude to get more friendly on MTA community. How can you contribute to us?: I can help you with L7 games and also with clanwars. When it's needed I can train hard to help my team with win! I fiercely strives for goals. I don't see limits for self-development. Tell us more about yourself:My name is Jakub. I'm 15 years old. I'm a student of high school, actually second class. I'm full of energy, I'm trying to get fun from every small thing. Every day on my face you can find smile! I'm optimistic. My free time I'm trying to spend actively, playing football, driving a motocross or driving a bike. Polish community have a bad opinion about me, I was like stupid kid before. I changed but they don't understand it.