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  1. Infernus by NoHear. PS @Kamen watchu got problem with muh mod mate? kappa
  2. Firstly used NoFear nickname, then figured out that NoHear fits me better since I'm born deaf ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. How do you find video on YouTube with Slovenian subtitles LOL
  4. Care to explain what reaction to Matee? My point of view is that you started, out of nowhere, saying shit about my private life that you clearly don't even know about. Everything started once you said "How does x like being banged by two dudes? lmao". I clearly didn't take it as joke and then you proceeded by provoking in Turkish language with A guy, I had to do my job as server admin there, but you kept provoking more and more. You were lucky enough I didn't lose myself to ban you.
  5. You mean interesting live rape ( ͡; ͜ʖ ͡;)
  6. Clanwar information; Date: 30.04.2017 Time: 19 CEST, 20 MSK Type: WFF DM Server: MAD CW ( Contact: PM/FB/Skype (pm me) Referee(s): @Zoilo, @Darmos Players: Drunk Drivers Club Zurek NoHear Stieg Er1k Ludi Bronx Mafioso Auto Drivers Kamen CL Szabi Sniper Derox Japa kNASKRIPPA Maplist: 1. ElCrow Vol.3 - Taking My Time 2. Miketz ft. Darmos - Royal White 3. NitroN ft. Sealine ft. BriaN - Impel Down 2 4. Gteatero - BURNING 5. SebaS v18 - Miscellaneous 6. BriaN ft. CresheZ ft. BrokeN - Do You Even Sweep Bro? 7. Simas Vol8 - Defenders 8. Zebra - Opus II 9. Tomas ft. Gerc - Gradually 10. AsevenA - Lost Prophets (5 maps per clan, played twice) Rules: Anyone from both clans can play even if he's not written in playerlist. WFF DM, first to hunter wins. If hunter is not reached, furthest distance wins. No hunterfights.
  7. Been looking forward to this cw, unfortunately real life events stopped me from preparing for it better, hence the disappointing performance from myself, though I did well on few selected maps. Also felt weird playing in Blue as some things werent familiar (Electroshock bouncy parts) where I was simply losing more control whereas I don't in main. Can't blame everything if I haven't prepared for clanwar too well. Next time I'll be more prepared Also sad to see Fernando not being there, though he was last seen on LC Final, maybe internet issues... Congratz, Kamen for preparing well for this clanwar. Looking forward to more clanwars, hopefully in more calm atmosphere and less redos. That gamespeed bug on Magnetic Love tho!
  8. Goodluck my boys, go beat that slovenian twat(Miha)!
  9. Infernus Pickup Download
  10. Wasn't so hard to make it know it @REFLEX
  11. Hello community It took a while to fix every single bug I have found during previous unsuccessful release of infernus mods. However this time I am releasing two different mods with 16 different options for each mod. One mod has stock infernus from normal GTA SA, other one is more detailed and therefore it's HD version. Beware, using HD infernus may cause you lag. Now for the instructions on what options I have released. me - Monster Energy edition ns - No spoiler edition L - You can use your own lights on rear ref - Reflection included V1 HD and V1 SD are released below. Please be careful picking your choice, instructions above. How to install: Replace infernus.txd and infernus.dff in gta3.img using IMG editor like Spark or IMGtool, do not use GGMM as it reports TXD corrupt issue (it isn't). NoHear V1 HD Download in spoiler below, caution, read instructions above to pick your choice. NoHear V1 SD Download in spoiler below, caution, read instructions above to pick your choice. Now that's all I've got so far. In the future I'll add option to add your skin with Airplane's technique. See you around, NoHear
  12. Name of the map: Impel Down II Author(s): NitroN, Sealine & BriaN
  13. NoHear V1 Whole new mod, HD infernus (Infernus PFR 0.9) with additional R34 front bumper, BMW 250 tti rear bumper, Micra V5 sideskirts, Audi R8 headlights and Renault Talisman taillights. Also with selfmade spoiler. There are more download links based on different options. ------ ------ ------ Credits go to various creators, such as Infernus PFR 0.9, Mclaren P1 (wheels) and R34 front bumper. ------ In few days or even today, I'll also add editions with lower quality of infernus, with racing stripes, and your own taillights will work on it too. Ciao, NoHear
  14. Hello, how should I start? First time doing introduction here... oh boy this will be fun. Anyways, I started playing MTA back in late 2009 on Drunk server, friend Drift hooked me up there. Before that I played on Crazy Ass Stunters on SAMP, those were pretty good simple times. I liked MTA better than SAMP so I played there more, nolifed there basically. Through years I gained more and more reputation, even became server leader on two servers. In about 2014 I lost interest in MTA and played other stuff like Battlefield 3, PAYDAY 2 etc... I used to play as NoFear, then after comeback in 2016 I started using NoHear, because I noticed there were other players named as me, resulting confused people. About clans, I've been in many, actually I don't remember, but my first one was KRO, then got into FOTL, created TPI with Atmas, left FOTL due to inactivity, joined TPI for no reason, not even with permission from their leaders heh. Then I got invited to DDC this year and I'll stay with it. Oh I should begin with my life now... I was born on 22nd August 1996, with one disability, born deaf. In 1999, I got operation of cochlear implant, which made me hear once again. Since then I have gone through so many hearing devices, as they get technologically advanced each year with new models etc. However in October 2015, my inner device (yes, inside my head) broke due to old age, it was next to my skull, doctors removed it and planted new one, been completely deaf for 3 months, from September to November. Man those times were hell, I was hearing literally some whistles, national music playing non stop, nearly drove me insane. After successful operation I hear normally again...finally no more those stupid mind-sounds. Now I attend University of Architecture in Maribor, Slovenia, oh I forgot to mentoin that I am from tiny country called Slovenia, I bet nobody of you ever heard of that country, and no, it's NOT Slovakia. We're different. Barely going through these boring classes, I actually wanted to go 3D modeling, but there is no such university specifically for that in Slovenia, sadly. My hobbies are mostly modding lately, but nothing really special at the moment, and I love skiing. I used to train Taekwondo, kind of martial arts. Got black belt then it got disbanded due to not enough people attending. Hope you enjoyed my long introduction. I'll be here and there with infernus mods around... Cheers, NoHear
  15. RIP reflections. Man that thing fucks up everything. Any suggestions from you guys?