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  1. Congratulations to the new&former members of 6s,seems everything will be better,can't wait to see new projects of Sixth Sense
  2. why should i record a video
  3. Hey everyone, As you know or if you dont know,My name is Buğra and in-game Geass.I'm 16 years old and I live in Bursa/Turkey.When I wrote my first introduction,I commented something to 1-2 topics and I became inactive on this forum.Now,truly I can say I'm back.Also I'm a talkative guy ingame or on social media but sometimes talk can be needless for me but I enjoy communicate with people in game.I like watching animes but I always look to plot and story,it is really necessary for me.You can contact with me anytime we can talk about animes or i can suggest some of good animes also I'm a big Formula 1 fan(#TeamLH) About in-game,I started 6-7 years ago in a Turkish server called Delta Force Xtreme.It was my first clan I joined.I had a good family there.Then I met with DST.(Dostlar Spor Takimi or Dangerous Skillers Team) and it became my second family after DST,I joined several small clans and joined LxG but I stayed very short there because I couldn't understand their languages and there was only Roslight I can communicate with.I can not remember very well but I joined sR.(Streak Racing) -Leon- was leader of this clan.After these clans,I became nolifer and joined FFG.(Fast Fire Guys a.k.a A clan banned from everywhere and include all of Turkish nolifers) It was really nice clan,I was liking atmosphere of FFG.It closed if I am right.I decided to join big clans and firstly,stepped to PiA.(Pro's In Action) I wrote two join requests and they accepted me.I was enjoying be a part of PiA.Atmosphere was great,members were great.I improved myself a lot about driving & hunter for clanwars.Then everything changed and I became clanwar manager.Discussions was rising when I be clanwar manager.After a while,I couldn't hold my emotions and left after a cw.(probably it was against Korn and we lost 9-7 to 9-11) then I was discovering WFF mode.I created BRO(The Brotherhood) with HyperioN.We leaded 3 or 4 months together after this I had a huge argument with him and I left and he closed the clan.After 1-1.5 months,Mirage invited me to PiA again.At first,I rejected him but he asked like 1 week and I accepted his offer.I became clanwar manager again.We joined to Lucky Seven and we won against TC 106-34.Now PiA is closed and the end of my MTA career history,at least for now. Thanks for reading!
  4. If I know right,MTA doesn't support the videos and gifs.Only you can merge the pictures(Example:dcoy's vol2 & vol3)
  5. Hello guys.My name is Buğra aka Geass.I am 16 years old and live in Bursa/Turkey.I like talking with people,watching animes and Formula 1. I am DM player.I am playing this game average 4-5 hours. That's it for now.You can ask anything about me.I hope it will be a good start.