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  1. goodbye, and yep take care, and yep comeback soon, and yep
  2. Actual April fool is that this is not an April fool
  3. Score: 13-7 for 6s MVP : F3NN 1. F3NN / F3NN 2. Driver / Partyz 3. F3NN / Driver 4. F3NN / Ronaldo 5. Ronaldo / Ronaldo 6. Ronaldo / F3NN 7. F3NN / F3NN 8. F3NN / Partyz 9. Driver / Ronnie 10. F3NN / Partyz
  4. Username: Canky Country: Austria Gamemode: Old School Contacts (Skype/Discord) skype: canky.31
  5. Hopefully free for non-donators ... Looking forward for this one
  6. I played many Clan-wars, and I learned 2 Important things. 1. Teamwork - When there is no teamwork, there is no success. I've been somewhere, where the people only cared about showing how good they are, talking all day they will rek the opponent team. But then failing hard. There are a only few Clans who cares about Teamwork nowadays. 2. Training - I think that training is really important. I saw some people who didn't even train the maps because they were good enough not to they said, in the end they only finished 2-3 Maps. There are also some kind of people underestimating their opponents and they are not training the maps, Following their teammates, which is a big pressure for the teammate. I like spectating, when the match is going intense I watch it with full attention. But then there are Clan-wars with a lot of drama. I mostly run away from these kind of stuff. I was referee in DM and OS Clan-wars. It's a great work to do.
  7. Overpowered Teams, looking forward for this one
  8. Ideas are awesome. I really liked them, " The Hunger Games " Is also a good Idea. I suggested it long time ago to another clan. And the last thing I heard that It was considered by them. I thought everything about that gamemode when I was suggesting it. I'd present my Ideas for that gamemode too.
  9. Hello Guys !! I am Canky and I am 16 years old, turning 17 soon. I live in Austria with my family. I like to play video games, football with friends and watch movies. I started playing MTA on January 2012. I started playing on a server called Team-NeO it was a MGM server without rooms, game-modes started randomly and Deathmatch was one of those game-modes. I really enjoyed Deathmatch and the maps were more Old-School style. About 1 year later they closed their server. I started to play in my friends Old-School Server I made my first experience with admin panel there. I started playing in TGs Old-School room for a long time I was 3 years long there during these years I joined to one or two clans and improved my skills. In the end I joined I played in a few Old-School ClanWars, 8 Months later I decided to leave TG. ( won't state the reason here ) And later I've been in a Clan where my friends from Team-NeO also were, we closed it today because of the less interests from Clan members. If you have any question don't hesitate - Skype: canky.31 Cheers!!! Canky'
  10. Good luck to both clans looking forward for this one.