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  1. Another Austrian why not? +
  2. I can handle it
  3. Nickname: Canky' Real name: Kaan Demir Date of birth: 29.09.1999 Country and city: Austria, Steyr Contact info: Skype: canky.31 Discord : Canky#2967 Previous clan(s): Xtreme Diversion | ~xD| | S-Moderator / CW-Manager | 2013 - 2014 | Closed Death on Approach | .:DoA:. | Leader / CW-Manger | 2014/15 - 2017/18 | Clan got closed and reopened 2-3 times - Left | Twisted Gamers | -|TG|- | OS-Manager / Member | October 2015 - July 2016 | Left xTreme Racers zCool | ~xRz~ | Member | December 2016 - July 2017 | Left Why do you want to join us? I think MAD is one of those clans which showed its quality over the past years. I would like to join this well organized and experienced clan and play with them. MAD has a lot of friendly and loyal members aswell which proves me how good it is inside the Clan. How can you contribute to us? I've made a lot of experience with WFF over the last few years, I've been playing only Oldschool DM for 5 years so OS-Type of tournaments were the only ones I was a bit succesful at, I've reached the semi-finals in WFF OS 6 and in WFF OS 7 I got knocked out in 1/4 with missing a few points. I've lead a clan in L7 OS aswell. I can only also help out in L7 too when there will be maps I can pass without problem. I can also offer managing stuff since I made that kind of experience in other clans aswell. Other then this I can assure a well activity, I don't have that much of a problem with school but that doesn't mean that exam phases will lower my activity a bit. Tell us more about yourself: (optional) Well, I'm open-minded guy, I like to take tasks I'm trying to be friendly always. Sincerely Canky'
  4. goodbye, and yep take care, and yep comeback soon, and yep
  5. Actual April fool is that this is not an April fool
  6. Score: 13-7 for 6s MVP : F3NN 1. F3NN / F3NN 2. Driver / Partyz 3. F3NN / Driver 4. F3NN / Ronaldo 5. Ronaldo / Ronaldo 6. Ronaldo / F3NN 7. F3NN / F3NN 8. F3NN / Partyz 9. Driver / Ronnie 10. F3NN / Partyz
  7. Username: Canky Country: Austria Gamemode: Old School Contacts (Skype/Discord) skype: canky.31
  8. Hopefully free for non-donators ... Looking forward for this one
  9. I played many Clan-wars, and I learned 2 Important things. 1. Teamwork - When there is no teamwork, there is no success. I've been somewhere, where the people only cared about showing how good they are, talking all day they will rek the opponent team. But then failing hard. There are a only few Clans who cares about Teamwork nowadays. 2. Training - I think that training is really important. I saw some people who didn't even train the maps because they were good enough not to they said, in the end they only finished 2-3 Maps. There are also some kind of people underestimating their opponents and they are not training the maps, Following their teammates, which is a big pressure for the teammate. I like spectating, when the match is going intense I watch it with full attention. But then there are Clan-wars with a lot of drama. I mostly run away from these kind of stuff. I was referee in DM and OS Clan-wars. It's a great work to do.
  10. Overpowered Teams, looking forward for this one