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  1. Hi everyone! I heard about Sixth Sense for a long time, new updates/events and it got me thinking about doing my own try on becoming a part of that hard working community, hope you'll enjoy reading my join request. What's your name, nickname(s), age and location?: It's Hamma Ghobber, I'm known in the game as Girard (or Merkava) and I'm 18 years old living in Tunisia. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: My career started in 2012 when a friend of mine taught me about the game, my first pick was a racing server I really liked it and the way of playing was fine but I didn't really get along with it, after a week or so I tried another pick and randomly it was FFS Gaming server. I played there for months and I met some people who taught me Destruction Derby so it was my first experience in the way of playing DD, I was playing there everyday till the time when I joined Wild (Don't Mess With Us, We're Wild) it was a great experience I learnt even more about the game and I got new friends like JoinT, Reebok and more. After Wild was closed I joined AC (Associated Crew) and DD players would know that these were amazing clans back then. I was improving a little by little, got so much knowledge of my friends as I was surrounded with good ones. Tryhard became one of my best friends as we were in the same team on FFS so we joined RLX (ReLaX) and as known we played together with Master. We almost won every Destruction Derby team at that moment as well as winning a lot of tournaments and events. My last remembered moment is when I joined GF (Green Force) together with Tryhard, at that time we had our best form of playing and we proved really equally that we were worth it to join such a good old known clan. These were my remembered moments of all the time I spent on Multi Theft Auto hope it gives you image about who I was in the game because I didn't mention a lot of other things that happened during my career. Have you been in any other clans?: I was in 8 memorable clans during my MTA career, I'll list them below one by one. [GoD] Gladiators of Darkness (Left due to inactivity). SHC// Small Hustlers Crew (Left due to inactivity). [GoW] Gods of War (Closed). PiA| Pro's In Action (Kicked). [Wild] Don't Mess With Us, We're Wild (Closed). 'TC| The Crew (Left due to inactivity). [AC] Associated Crew (Closed). [RLX] ReLaX (Closed). What are your expectations in Sixth Sense?: As one of the best communities out there in Multi Theft Auto, I expect to be respected and have a good friendship from all the members, fellas that always up to help me or to ask for my help and the good attitude from the leaders. As one of the best communities for Destruction Derby I expect a good place and a well understanding for all those who are in the DD squad. How would you be useful to us?: As a Destruction Derby player I will be helping in clan wars and do a good history for Sixth Sense, help make the events and upcoming server a good place where DD players can actually go (since no one is really giving a shit about DD from all other communities) and I'm also a calm person, helpful and responsible overall, I can deal with whatever situations happen and I always have the desire to do my best. Sincerely, Girard.
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