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  1. You are the one who is wrong. FiNN and I disagreed most of the time we have been developing together. But it was fine, because we both stated our opinions based on FACTS. This does not mean that people didn't have arguments with him, ofcourse he is human too, and as you already said being a human is ok. So may I ask YOU, what the fuck in gods name gives YOU the right to decide, who is allowed to act human and who not? That's bullshit... You and FiNN had some personal problems I don't want to interferre with, because it's not my fucking business. But the fact, that you try to turn everything on him shows me, that you are entirely filled with hatred towards him, and nevertheless you have no objective point of view on this topic. Comming to the thread topic: It's truley 100% right that 6s hasn't been innocent at all, we already admitted it... But neither have you been, which in case you didn't even made an attempt to admit some of your misplayed stuff, even though we have handed out some meaningful screenshots... And maybe it's not cool from our side, to do such a topic, but neither have you ever been cool towards us: SO WHAT? We just tried to make an final attempt to show people, that even the "great big ffs" has problems. We all went to far with this "war". Maybe we reached the point of no return, but as stupid as I am: I believe in humanity. And so the main goal (which is I am back) is, that we act as one big community, driven by fun, and not by money (just making a sidenote for ertan: asking for money for a server /forumslicence is something different than the stuff sniper did...). We should work as a bunch of people who want an enjoyable gaming experience... Whatever comes we all have something in common, we love to play computer games and how the fuck could we lose this so god damn important point out of sight? Of course donations and money are cool, but is it worth it to fight such a fight for maybe 500 bucks? To gather money there's a real world with real jobs, which in a normal case get you more than 500 bucks... But not a fucking game, which was developed over 10 years ago, and we use to mod to have it played as a multiplayer... The donations etc. are to keep everything alive nothing else. So coming to an end I just want to say. We all did shit in the past, and we will always continue to do shit because we are all human. But can't we focus more on communication instead of stupid bans, jokes and so on? Are we really this childish? I see a chance, where we all can play together, not on a server, more just a game. Hidin over and out. P.S: Ur mom gay LOL
  2. I will work my ass off by scripting in microsofts new version of Word (https://products.office.com/en-us/word)
  3. Congratulations to everyone who got accepted! Sixth Sense is love <3
  4. Happy b day! Bos

  5. DM: -1/10 Hunter: -1/10 DD: -1/10 Shooter: -1/10 Race: -1/10 Beeing Stupid: 100/10 Scripting: 7/10 Talking Random Shit: #INF/10
  6. Better Marry Me! PS: Happy Eid to everyone who celebrates it..
  7. Big shoutout to @Moldy who worked a lot on cinema system...
  8. nope me + my gurl <3
  9. Damn never expected something awesome from you since, I just remember you have a shitty computer ( which turned out to be wrong congratz btw.) I really look forward and can't wait for more of you work, which will be done by improving all the time
  10. @Zoilo Yes you blow up... So keep attention!
  11. Funfact about Catch: FiNN and me were trying to find a bug... then we started to hunt eachother and catch was Born, even though it was totally unplanned...
  12. Happy easter And congratz!
  13. Ghostmode is in OS1 always activated. Just in OS2 not.