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  1. Finn when he saw all the likes given to his post and people writing #fuckffs: (Don't be offended, I am neutral)
  2. 6s -57 - 83 Z MVP: Simaserinobanditoschlambito
  3. Genau bei deinem Happy Meal PC wirds eh nichts spaggn
  4. Finally > :-)
  5. Hello, My name is Tim and i'm 17 years old. I like to play MTA (Hunter<3), go outside, go skateboarding, play Basketball and Football. Sometimes I meet friends in my freetime. My city, where i live is called Schwerin. Thats a little city in Germany. I played hand ball for 9 years, but I stopped with it because I got bored of this. And I had to concentrate on school to come at the grammar school. I made it. But I have many exams since then... I listen to Dubstep, Trap, Hardstyle. But I don't like these chart songs. They are just bullshit, in my opinion. I think it's enough about me. See you ingame! :b Picture of me: Oh m8, you was really thinking this picture shows me?
  6. perfect :b