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  2. Nickname: REKSQUE! / reksquebonafide Real name: Jakub (Jackob) Date of birth: 22.07.1998 (19 years old) Country and city: Poland - Wroclaw Contact info: skype: bananus1121 | facebook: Previous clan(s): Empire street Racers || EsR! || Leader/Webmaster/Trial || Closed/Kicked - inactivity Streak Racing || sR# || Trial || Closed Very Important Players || >VIP< || Trial/Member|| Closed/Left - boring clan The Same World || |Tsw| || Member || Closed Underground Racing || uR# || Trial || Closed No Fucking Way || -nFw- || Member || Left - fight with leaders and some others I can't remember... Why do you want to join us?: I really want to join MAD because it's a very nice clan. Your team mates are friendly and helpful. I'm sure that I will be fit to your team. I am beginner scripter so I can help you in scripts or something like that. I don't know what you heard about me but I'm not clanhopper :). I will stay in Seventh MAD for a long, long time. How can you contribute to us?: I am beginner mapper and scripter. I can make maps for you, help with scripts and play clanwars with you. I am loyal and honest so you won't be dissapointed by me and I am sure of that. I expect from you nice atmosphere, skilled and helpful team. I wanna learn from you something about hunters / dm etc.. Tell us more about yourself: Maybe I'll tell something about my mta career... My career started 4 years ago at Polish Pr0 Server. I have started played there with my cousin (SHAKER!) and he showed me DM. I was a SHOOTER and DD player too but I never been in any clan (SH AND DD). When DD made me bored, I decided to try myself and I moved to DM. I don't know why but this Gamemode made me laugh. Then I decided to back to DD. But again, DD made me bored so I decided to back to DM again. And I stayed for now. I think that I am pretty skilled DM player but really don't know how to play hunters. Still wanna improve my hunter skills. I was a Founder of many clans (~rS for example).