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  1. Hello! Random thread here to show your pc specifications PC: Motherboard: MSI Z370 SLI PLUS CPU: I7 8700K with Noctua NH-15DS cooler GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming X PLUS RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16 GB DDR4-3200mhz Optional: Mouse: Razer DeathAdder Elite Keyboard: Logitech K120 (Will be upgrading to Razer BlackWidow Ultimate soon) Headset: Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum 7.1
  2. Good evening! Today we played our second match in the Lucky Seven tournament versus Mafioso Auto Drivers. The first time we played versus Mafioso Auto Drivers, we had won 73-67. Tonight was no different as we prepared for the match-up. We were on top of our opponents throughout the match as we battled our way to the final scoreline of 79-61. As a team, we played brilliantly together which is what I like to see from my team! We managed to take the lead on the third map and since then we kept leading the entire clanwar with a margin of ~10 points. It was not as intense as our last battle but it was surely entertaining! Thank you for the enjoyable clanwar MAD and goodluck in your other matches! Here's the list of maps we played alongside the map winner(s): Mapname 3 Points 2 Points 1 Point 1 Point 1. UPROAR Crystal FiNN Pablow Ronnie 2. Speedy Style III Zoilo Crystal Swalox Pablow 3. Parachute Partyz Zoilo Pablow FiNN 4. Chaos Theory FiNN Crystal Kamen Ronnie 5. Band The Rolla Ronnie Zoilo Cravel Kamen 6. Bastille FiNN Pablow Ronnie Kamen 7. Get Hyper Quadrak FiNN Partyz Ronnie 8. Dark Glare II Partyz Pablow FiNN Ronnie 9. Simas v9 Crystal Moldy Cykz Kamen 10. Dawn In The Ruins Partyz Crystal Kamen Swalox 11. Defenders Crystal SZB Cykz Pablow 12. Sincere Crystal Ronnie FiNN Kamen 13. Uncommon Partyz FiNN Moldy Zoilo 14. Breeze Ronnie Crystal Kamen Swalox 15. Phenomenal Crystal Ronnie Zoilo Kamen 16. The dark side of love FiNN Zoilo Quadrak Crystal 17. Time 2 Shine Airplane FiNN Ronnie Swalox 18. Adrenalinee PuRe 2 Ronnie Crystal FiNN Kamen 19. Move_Up Crystal SZB WinD Quadrak 20. Jamming II Crystal Ronnie Swalox WinD Here's the list of players alongside the points they achieved: 32 Crystal 21 FiNN 21 Ronnie 13 Partyz 11 Zoilo 9 Kamen 8 Pablow 5 Quadrak 5 Swalox 4 SZB 3 Airplane 3 Moldy 2 Cykz 2 WinD 1 Cravel
  3. Final Score (|6s - [MAD]): 71-69 MVP: RoNNiE
  4. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! This weekend we will have our second match in the Lucky Seven tournament hosted by FFS Gaming. This match will be our first challenge this tournament. In the previous Lucky Seven tournament, MAD has proven to be one of the toughest competitors out there, we are expecting to see a fair, enjoyable and intense battle. Goodluck to you! Date & Time: 03.09.2017, Sunday 20:00 CET Mode: WFF (Lucky Seven Tournament) Bets: .teamNameBlock { text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; white-space: nowrap; padding: 10px 20px; border-radius: 25px; border: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.1); background: rgba(15,15,15,0.85); } .teamNameBlocktwo { text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; white-space: nowrap; padding: 10px 20px; border-radius: 25px; border: 1px solid rgba(0,0,0,0.1); background: rgba(205,205,205,0.85); } Sixth Sense (|6s) Players FiNN RoNNiE Zoilo Swalox Partyz airplaNe Cykz Moldy Mafioso Auto Drivers ([MAD]) Players Kamen Derox Pablow Szabi Crystal Quadrak Japa Valentino Maplist:
  5. Thanks for the opportunity guys, I won't let you down! I am looking forward to playing and working together with you guys. Congratulations to the other trials as well!
  6. Well done bro's, looks fun to drive and the edit is cool as always.
  7. Simplicity is key, first time I joined I had no idea how everything worked (Userpanel and stuff). I still don't know how to do certain things in-game. Also what Zoilo said in first post.
  8. Hello, enjoy reading my join request What's your name, nickname(s), age and location? My name is Sam, in-game I am known as Swalox. I am currently 20 years old, born on November 25th and I live in The Netherlands. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career? There are only a few significant parts in my MTA career. When my real life friends told me about this game I decided to check it out and I started playing DD on -ffs-. When I started playing DD I was basically a clueless noob who played the map ''Random Luck'' all day. After some time I decided to start playing Cross and from that point I started improving my skill in DD. The first official clan I joined was -EF// (Extreme Forces) lead by Deamonik. Joining this clan lead me to improve my skill more in DD, however, the DD community basically went to shit and I decided to start playing DM. DM is basically the same story, I was very unexperienced at the beginning, but nolifing the gamemode has made me better in it. I really started to improve once I joined Upper Class, and later when I created the Essence of Speed (sub)team with ReaZzon. I am very proud to say that EoS is still alive and well under my and other people's leadership, it actually has a few |6s members in it. The most significant part of my MTA career was joining -ffs-, I improved as a player, but also as a person. TLDR; DD, DM, Upper Class, EoS & -ffs-. Have you been in any other clans? -EF// (Extreme Forces) -ffs- (For Fuck Sake) What are your expectations in Sixth Sense? I imagine the clan to have a friendly atmosphere, a place where people work and do their best to make it better. Besides this, I also hope that Sixth Sense will continue to improve their squads for clanwars as they are (at least for me) a very important part of the clan. In my eyes it is very important to give people work they enjoy, so I hope I will be given tasks I am suited for if I join. To sum it up, I hope to be in a clan with friends who work together to make it a better place and improve the team. How would you be useful to us? I could be useful to Sixth Sense in a few ways, I would love to be a part of your DM Squad, WFF in particular. Lately I barely had time to play due to University, which was also noticeable on the results in tournaments and clanwars. Now that University is done I have a lot of time to spend, which I can use to improve and hopefully help in clanwars. Something most people don't know about me is that I used to be a DD player, at the moment I don't play it, but I would like to help you out in DD clanwars if you need an extra clanwar member. I am very rusty, but training with a good squad should get me back up to my old level. I would also like to help with organizing tournaments and clanwars. I was a Clanwar Manager in -ffs- and it was one of the activities I enjoyed doing most. I also have a lot of experience in moderating, which can be useful. TLDR; WFF&DD Squad, organizing & moderating. Something more to add: I would like to thank you for reading my join request. If you have any questions, please contact me on skype (Swalox) or PM. Swalox.
  9. Hopefully this will actually be an exciting clanwar to watch, instead of a 6 hour backfly hunter clanwar. Goodluck to both teams!
  10. This is one of the main reasons lots of people don't enjoy DM clanwars anymore. Sad but true..
  11. Movie: Interstellar Series: Band of Brothers
  12. You are just showing once more how much of a sore loser you are. In the entire clanwar we made 1 mistake, not letting Partyz play in that 3v2 in round 1. You act as if we ''gave'' points to TfF while the rounds were fair and you could still easily win rounds if you prepared better. And let's not forget we we called on short notice (10-20 mins before the clanwar). How is this a mistake? There is no rule about this, you have so much rules that some things are unclear, like this case. Rule says ''If amount of hunter reached by each team is less than 4 players we move to closed map'' You may have forgotten, that later when Partyz died after picking hunter (flew into water) we also let him play because there's nothing in the rules about it. Didn't hear any TFF member complain about that, but still TfF won that round even though they were only 4vs5. This is the most hypocritical yet. The round before that you told us we did countdown too soon so I asked you when to activate it, we followed exactly what you said and you were complaining still. You were one of the cars that was behind, so it's your own fault, you said so yourself ''[2017-03-04 21:38:27] [Output] : -ffs-Swalox#: so how long do you suggest we wait with starting cd? [2017-03-04 21:38:43] [Output] : RoNNiE#6: if u see that everyone gets hunter then wait untill we group [2017-03-04 21:38:56] [Output] : RoNNiE#6: if there are cars behind you can cd earlier [2017-03-04 21:39:05] [Output] : RoNNiE#6: blow bugged [2017-03-04 21:39:05] [Output] : -ffs-Swalox#: Alright, I got told, 5 seconds after first car gets hunter'' Not sure if you used your eyes, but you can see the dude shooting on the ''Go'' sign. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TL;DR You are by far the worst clanwar manager I have ever seen, you have no respect for anyone, I don't know why you are even a manager, you make your entire team look bad. Do you have any idea how hard it is to make decisions with someone like you spamming/insulting/banning people? You can blame this on the referee all you want, but As said by your own teammate. Congrats TfF
  13. Why am I not surprised?