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  1. After reading v.1 i've expected at least some decorations , sadly there's nothing.. I don't accept to make track with no decorations as a volume.
  2. Although I have been here for a short time i'm absolutely not disappointed beacuse when you see such a nice and united family it's always something you need to be happy and at this moment even if we reached the end of the road we're still a family and thats what really matter , eP will always stayi n our hearts. About you Martis , after all that you've managed to build since the first day of eP you need to be proud of yourself also beacuse of the loyalty that you demonstrated in all those years. As i said you're one of the most loyal , friendly and skilled leader of all time , i'll be happy one day to be a part of your future project in case there will be one.
  3. Good to see CooN again! Lovely map , deco fits perfect with everything.
  4. Makes sense , ok thanks.
  5. There's just a video of a CW , i don't see any problematic arguments like you say xd.
  6. AiR closed honey, And also i've played for AiR as a member , not as mercenary since i've just played with my real name in-game [/AiR\cArMy] , i couldn't make a JR beacuse the forum was in maintenance. I had to play the one vs Project Beast too but i had internet problems and i couldn't play it. You can clearly see that i wanted to join AiR and i tried to let sFx too , right now that AiR is closed i got inspired by making a jr to eP. Also i don't have any problem on adding AiR on my previous clans but i wanted to add only the ones who really changed my "career" on MTA
  7. What's your nickname, age and location and tell us something about yourself: My real name is Carmine and i'm also known as CarmY in-game , 21 years old and i'm from Torre Del greco , Naples IT. My favourite hobbies are playing football with friends and Karate. On the last one I'm currently a brown belt, however since I had a bad injury sadlyi couldn't continue doing it so i had to stop. After a while I decided to start getting into the mechanical field with my father and i'm still learning a lot thanks to him and i hope to get his place as fast as possible. What are the most significant parts of your MTA career?: I can clearly say that after getting into the DM staff i changed completely starting with being mature ending with skills playing day by day. Talking about skills I started to leave a mark in 2014/15 when I joined in my first very DM clan called Firestarters Of The Land [FOTL]. Inside there i improved a lot also beacuse i was playing tons of CW's and more. Sadly after almost 2 Years there i got kicked due some reasons , Even after the kick I continued to keep playing there but after some months i decided to leave the server for new experiences. Another great experience i will not easily forget is ~[EPG]~ European Pro Gamers.There i had the best times beacuse i really improved as player and also as admin since i had to handle like 60 players per day. I surely managed to improve both things thanks to EPG, Talking about CW's there i can proudly say that i had the best times there also for the astonishing and surely best win of my MTA career against -ffs- with the final score of 11-9. After staying there for almost 2 years i got bored of EPG beacuse of several reasons , many person went inactive ,also the team was not like before and also lots of nice members decided to retire. Sadly at the end of the story I decided to make the final decision of leaving EPG. Have you been in any other clans? (if yes name them): Yes , i've been in: SHC// - Small Hustlers Crew [2012] [TPI] - The Panic Industry [2013] [FOTL] - Firestarters Of The Land [2014/15] ~[EPG]~ - European Pro Gamers [2015/17] Why did you choose Elite Players?: I will not deny the fact that I have been interested for a long time on being part of this great team since the first day but i never had the opportunity. Elite players got also great and mature members and the atmosphere seems to be lovely. Also i see this team united as one and the organization seems perfect to me and that's something that a great clan really needs. Will also mention the fact that this team is very stronger in WFF and DM, all these things really attracted me. How can you be useful to us?: I can be useful first as player helping the clan with CW's and tournaments , same goeas as mapper making maps for the clan and everything that is needed. I think i've got also a lot of experience as admin so i can be surely helpfull in that too , depends on the cases. Something to add: If you have any doubts about what I've written feel free to contact me on PM or Skype and i'll clearly give you all the info that are needed. I'd also like to share with you my latest DM map and also my latest volume , you can see them down below. - Skype: carmine.vitiello3
  8. After thinking a lot and after talking with a friend of mine i'm about to close my Join Request: Do you think you have the time and patience to try your luck here? Can you change our point of view by clearing things up and explaining why you acted in such a rush? I think after waiting 5 months staying active all the days in forum/server it's more than clear , long time ago i left EPG beacuse everyone inside the clan lost the interest in everything like playing ClanWar etc.. Honestly i feel exactly the same like when I was about to leave EPG , here , i'll go straight to the point now , i feel like this clan is not really interested on me , maybe beacuse my english might not be the best or i might not be so needed for the clan/community and i understand it. After these words you can close this JR without any problems. I am only a little disappointed , nothing more. P.S: Don't take it wrong or bad , maybe I know that it doesn't matter what i'm saying but i'll still say it beacuse it's my feeling at the moment and i don't want to hide it beaucse i'm this kind of person , when i have something to tell you i don't have any problems on saying it in your face. I could easily wait for the next trials [not sure if i was really going to be accepted] but there's no reason to wait i if i easily lost interest. I said after talking with a friend of mine beacuse we're thinking about to open a clan toghether so that's why i'm also closing my Join Request. We're not sure about it yet but maybe in future... Surely the fact that the server don't have lot of players didn't affected me at all , that's the last thing. At the end I think I've explained enough so hope you understand the situation and once again don't take it bad or wrong. CarmY
  9. - I'm Honestly playing there even if the server have 0 players beacuse i like how the server is structured. Surely the fact that i have to play alone makes it boring as fuck. - As i said i don't have any reasons to dislike the server beacuse of low ammount of players , maybe try to organize some interesting events [again] with good prizes that could bring players into the main server or something like that. - One more thing ,many communities [I will not mention them of course] are always putting Sixth Sense in a bad light for no reasons , all these things together surely create problems for the server itself and not only. - Certain communities and some players should stay in silent instead of annoying or creating problems. - About Gamemodes , maybe there's should be something really special that attract players [Trying to give you some cool ideas]. The fact that you are trying to understand what the real problems are it's something that you need to appreciate and i do , i'll promise that i'll be more active in the next days even if there's nobody , i'll try to do the possible to let other join there having some fun at least , something that this server deserves and it's not the first time i say it. I really hope that this topic could help to find out solutions to get players into the server like the first days.
  10. Great map & Nice Record.
  11. ㄈロロ乚 州凡尸 Gイ凡イ凡尺イモ尺モロ
  12. Not a complete fan of Rage's maps beacuse of the 0 decorations on it , liked few ideas only. Nothing much to say about record , nice song choice.
  13. Good map & record.