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  1. I'm from naples and we all hate juventus from here , bad that your name is dybala :DD Joking ofc , good luck.
  2. 50/50. Good luck
  3. Awesome JR , you seems to be a cool person , wish you the best of luck.
  4. Good Luck.
  5. CarmY vol.5 - Modern Physics [60% -In Progress]
  6. I'll become your personal pizzaboy hahah. Thanks for the support!
  7. Nickname: CARMY~ Real name: Carmine Date of birth: 24/04/1996 Country and city: I'm Italian and i live in the city of pizza called Torre Del Greco , Naples. Contact info: Via Skype , carmine.vitiello3 Previous clan(s): SHC// - Small Hustlers Crew [TPI] - The panic industry [FOTL] - Firestarters of the Land ~[EPG]~ - European Pro Gamers eP! - Elite Players Why do you want to join us? Mainly beacuse i have a lot of old friends that i'd love to see once again but also beacuse i love how the team it's structured and well organized , i won't hide the fact that i wanted to give a try long time ago but couldn't had the opportunity. How can you contribute to us? I can contribute and be helpfull in many ways like sharing some special maps for MAD for ClanWars and things like that , also beacuse i've got the right experience needed to play in CW's or tournaments , depends on the case. Tell us more about yourself: I started playing MTA back in 2009 and precisely in freeroam servers beacuse i didn't even knew it was possible to play Race with Infernus etc.. I've played for a really long time there trying to find out a good position for me , after a while a friend of mine told me to try out the DeathMatch mode which at start i wasn't prepared for it in fact I wasn't very practical with it and i had to improve day by day also with the help of my friend. After a while improving a lot i've got the idea to make a JR for SHC. After begin staying active in Forum/Server i got accepted and i was so happy about it , sadly after a while i decided to left it beacuse i had to stay inactive like 4/5 months and even more. I started to leave a mark in 2014/15 when I joined in my first very clan for me called Firestarters Of The Land which i improved even more in DM , i was so damn happy to be in team with all the pros like ShokkZ - Kamen etc... Also i've played my first real CW against -[TG]- on Nov. 22nd, 2014 which it ended up with the final score of 12-8 for them. After a while i got kicked due of bad behaviour. After a while playing on DDC i decided to left the server to do new experiences , in fact i deciced to give a try on EPG and successfully got accepted. In EPG i improved a lot not only as player but as admin too since i had to take care of like 70 players per day , i had the pleasure to reach the Level 3 that is only one level under the leadership. After i've seen a lot of legends like Tim3 leaving the clan and the team not like before i've decided after 2 years to leave the clan , sadly. After 6 months without a clan i trying to join eP! and got accepted , sadly the clan closed like 3 weeks that i was already there. About me i like to play games and my favourite hobbies are Karate football and boxe , i did like 10 years of karate and i reached the brown belt. Since i had a bad injury i had to stop karate and sadly couldn't continue it beacuse of my personal problems. I'm also playing football with my friends when i've got some free time and my favourite team is Napoli. Never tried Boxe yet but i love to watch matches and all those things , lately i started working with my father which consists in repairing cars and bikes , doing this one since 4 years and i love it. If you want to know more about me don't hesitate , just do it.
  8. Continue to put your heart on this beacuse I'm sure you can reach the top one day and honestly with such a solid team like this it's not going to be hard.
  9. After reading v.1 i've expected at least some decorations , sadly there's nothing.. I don't accept to make track with no decorations as a volume.
  10. Although I have been here for a short time i'm absolutely not disappointed beacuse when you see such a nice and united family it's always something you need to be happy and at this moment even if we reached the end of the road we're still a family and thats what really matter , eP will always stayi n our hearts. About you Martis , after all that you've managed to build since the first day of eP you need to be proud of yourself also beacuse of the loyalty that you demonstrated in all those years. As i said you're one of the most loyal , friendly and skilled leader of all time , i'll be happy one day to be a part of your future project in case there will be one.
  11. Good to see CooN again! Lovely map , deco fits perfect with everything.