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  2. Good luck dude
  3. Beard is important, thank you @Pablow <3
  4. Thanks friends , @crystal I didn't know how to thank you, you've always been there for me
  5. There is a requirement to write 2 players born in 1998 and after. @ Kamen :D
  6. Nickname: ShacLe! Real name: Halil Aslantaş Date of birth: 01.02.1998 Country and city: Türkey / Gaziantep Contact info: skype : shacle.turkish Previous clan(s): [TRF], |ED| (Eski Dostlar) WTF// (What The Fuck) SHC// (Small Hustlers Crew) Emp| (Elite Master Players) ~pS| (Pure Skillz |Dws| (Down With The Sickness) PiA| Pros'in Action Why do you want to join us? This community has a great atmosphere and I'm sure there are a lot of good friends I want to meet. How can you contribute to us? I want to do everything as much this family, want to help you all in clan wars and make special maps for it. Tell us more about yourself: (optional) : I play football and i can say i am pretty good at, i might get in U17 team of my country soon. I am studying for university and want to improve my english, with your support and help indeed. In my free times, i play chess on tournaments and i like to listen music. I also have guitar courses.